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FULL Drama Actresses Roundtable: Anya Taylor-Joy, Elizabeth Olsen & More | Close Up

Anya Taylor-Joy (‘Queen’s Gambit’), Elizabeth Olsen (‘Wandavision’), Gillian Anderson (‘The Crown’), Cynthia Erivo (‘Genius: Arthea’), MJ Rodriguez (‘Pose’) ...

6/7/2021 9:00:00 AM

On our Drama Actress Roundtable, PoseFX actress MjRodriguez7 talks about being both optimistic and worried about the future “as far as my Blackness, my Latina-ness, and my trans-ness go.” Watch the full roundtable interview on YouTube THRRoundtable

Anya Taylor-Joy (‘Queen’s Gambit’), Elizabeth Olsen (‘ Wandavision ’), Gillian Anderson (‘ The Crown ’), Cynthia Erivo (‘ Genius: Arthea ’), MJ Rodriguez (‘ Pose ’) ...

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MjRodriguez7 Bravo... she is brave and graceful and I too fear for her future. The road won’t be easy... but being in the Ryan Murphy camp hasmany advantages 🏳️‍⚧️🎉❤️ MjRodriguez7 Yeah, that's really is a huge step for mankind 😆😆😆

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls COVID 'Chinese made bio weapon'The Georgia lawmaker spread the conspiracy theory about origins of the virus following the release of Fauci's emails. Can she just disappear? Another Newsweak bullshit! Who gives a shit what she has to say? You MFs have to highlight IGNORANCE! mtgreenee

Joe Jonas Says He'd Re-Record the Jonas Brothers' First Album “Like What Taylor Swift Did”He called Taylor's re-releases “really clever.” taylor invented that. just sayin Stupid boy band BS. Can we move on?

Marjorie Taylor Greene reignites feud, says AOC should care for grandmotherGreene's comments came after the New York Demcorat tweeted about the plight of her grandmother and Puerto Ricans following Hurricane Maria in 2017. Why was US taxpayer money going to a virology lab in China, one capable of weaponizing a virus? Did the NIH monitor the Wuhan lab or just send it money? What caused the MSM to endorse the 'Bats done it' theory so quickly and without real reporting? Fauci needs to answer these! Accurate. 🤔

'Very dynamic': Marjorie Taylor Greene praised in Georgia despite fears she'll hurt GOP in midterms'If that were me up there, I'd be doing the same thing,' said one attendee at the Georgia Republican Convention. 五輪で来日した外国人がもし感染した場合の病院を選手村に作って、すべて選手村で完結できるようにしてほしい Yes! A very dynamic potty mouth.

Taylor Swift Is 'In My Feelings' Over 'Evermore' Returning to No. 1 on Billboard 200Taylor Swift is feeling all the emotions this weekend, as 'Evermore' tops the Billboard 200 albums chart again. taylorswift13 that went quickly taylorswift13 Queen taylorswift13 the music industry

Taylor Jenkins Reid Was A Romance Writer. Now, She Creates Celebrities. Where Does That Leave Her?As the bestselling author releases the much-anticipated follow-up to ‘Daisy Jones and The Six’, she's forced to confront the makings of a star.