Fugitives arrested in South Carolina on charges of injuring NYPD sergeant in Bronx looting incident

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Two fugitives have been arrested in South Carolina on charges of mowing down an NYPD sergeant with their car after looting a pawn shop in the Bronx.

Calife Hough, 44, and Jason Velasquez, 21, were apprehended in Georgetown, S.C., Georgetown County Sheriff Carter Weaver announced Friday.

The incident involving the sergeant happened Tuesday near Yankee Stadium as the officer was responding on foot to a report of 20 to 30 people coming out of a looted pawnshop, according to reports.DE BLASIO CLAIMS SPIKE IN COVID-19 HOSPITALIZATIONS NOT LINKED TO MASSIVE PROTESTSThe sheriff said Hough and Velasquez were quickly identified as suspects. He said both men reside in the Bronx but have ties to Georgetown County.

“Intelligence suggested the two were fleeing New York to avoid prosecution and likely headed back to Georgetown,” Weaver said.Velasquez was arrested at a motel where Weaver said he was hiding out.The manhunt included members of the U.S. Marshal Service and the NYPD. Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox


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Murderers are also sanctioned by law. This time the rioting black people went to the shop to grab things. Can this character be respected by others? Black should protest Black,s own character, the bad behavior of the riots, and change oneself to be respected by everyone.

HiddenBiden activists


Straight to death row with these scumbags!

If they go back to NYC, they will be out of jail in a few hours. Why do tax payers let this happen. Vote law and order in November.

Good, 2 down at least 2,000 to go.

Blue Lives Matter,,the only true American cause worth fighting for,,,,


Kneel on their throats,the dogs

Xon't lie. All of Europe knows you're lying, you want to kill Trump. From Barcelona, ​​Spain

Good news!


To bad you won’t get to enjoy the new TV you stole while taking an innocent life. Enjoy your days in jail trash.

Everybody’s kissing black peoples asses in the black people are committing crimes.

Got em!!!!!!!!!!!

Just checked the feed and didn’t see the mug shots of the police officers who murdered George Floyd? 🤷‍♀️

where's the outrage?


Wait are these “PERFECT” black lives matter poster boys for the cause?

A couple more thugs that work for the Democrat Gangster Party!

👏 👏

Losers. So disgusting.


prioleaustreet The guy on the left looks like Lamont Sanford

and we're is black lives matter silent

Out standing individuals.

Good job!👍🏼

Firing squad

Truthteller1349 U can run but u cant hide!!

Yesss! Criminals belong to jail, not to our streets.


Unless I see it on CNN it didn’t happen 😅

Black lives are mindless to people that matter like David Dorn.


One on the left looks similar to Rev. Al.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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