Frontier Airlines making passengers pay 'Covid Recovery' surcharge

The fee offsets costs like cleaning aircraft and PPE for Frontier's employees.

6/23/2021 5:28:00 AM

Frontier Airlines is now asking passengers to pay a 'Covid Recovery' surcharge.

The fee offsets costs like cleaning aircraft and PPE for Frontier's employees.

Democratic lawmakers Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., and Rep. Jesús García, D-Ill., sent a letter to Frontier CEO Barry Biffle calling the airline's middle seat guarantee policy"outrageous given the spread of the coronavirus" insisting that"the flying public should not be charged extra to stay healthy on flights." The proposed fee was rescinded.

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"We recognize the concerns raised that we are profiting from safety and this was never our intent," Biffle said in a letter to lawmakers at the time."We simply wanted to provide our customers with an option for more space." Read more: ABC News »

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They should’ve been cleaning and sanitizing their filthy, germy friggin planes all along! Don’t charge extra for something you should have been doing all along but we’re only forced to start because of a pandemic. Clean your dirty ass planes because it’s the right thing to do Wasn’t their fault. Not right!

We already paid ridiculous Davidlaz Who's next? Because the billions US taxpayers were forced by Congress to give airlines tax free wasn’t enough. Foreign airlines should be allowed to compete domestically. Meanwhile, boycott FlyFrontier cc SenatorHick RepDianaDeGette SenatorBennet POTUS VP AOC What?

Why the Airlines was bailout during Covid? Money should have never had gone to corporations. The Money should have all gone to the people. The People would have spent the money with those same companies. Didn't the US government just pay for the airlines to keep people on staff all year? FlyFrontier is by far the WORST airline in the US. Just when you think they can’t sink much lower, they do.

I thought we already paid the covid recovery surcharge.

Have they not been sanitizing and cleaning their stinky planes even before Covid There is federal funds for PPE and cleaning plus shouldn't sanitation and cleaning be normal procedure. Here comes the sea of companies adding charges and hiding it under 'Covid' We should be able to charge Frontier every time they depart and arrive late. They would go broke in 1 week!

They should have to give every dollar of PPE back Point of information; New Yorker's, Think twice about voting for Curtis Sliwa; As you can see who his Partner is? Yes, Trumps so call Lawyer who's under investigation. Curtis sliwa will run NYC like a police state! And like trump. Don't make the same mistake twice! Wake up!

FlyFrontier what next? Paying a quarter to use the bathroom on board the plane? Unbelievable! There planes were full of toxic germs way before covid

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