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From tubs to toilets, Vietnam hotel opens with gold-plated pizzazz

From tubs to toilets, Vietnam hotel opens with gold-plated pizzazz

7/3/2020 9:10:00 AM

From tubs to toilets, Vietnam hotel opens with gold-plated pizzazz

A five-star hotel in Vietnam ese capital Hanoi has opened with a twist that it hopes will attract guests with intimately expensive tastes: gold-plated bath tubs, basins and even toilets, all housed behind a massive golden exterior.

The hotel, owned by Hoa Binh Group and managed by U.S.-based Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Inc, stands in stark contrast to its surrounding weather-worn Soviet-era buildings.“At the moment, there is no other hotel like this in the world,” said Nguyen Huu Duong, majority owner and chairman of Hoa Binh Group.

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Hotel facilities include a 24 karat gold-tiled infinity pool on the rooftop, while inside guest rooms, bathrooms are laced with yellow metal. From $250 a night, the hotel is in the same price bracket as rival luxury accommodation in the city.“It has changed my mind about what luxury can be. Other luxury hotels usually use marble as tiles, but here everything is gold-plated down to the washing basin,” said 62-year-old guest Luong Van Thuan, himself a hotel owner.

Vietnam has been relatively successful in containing the coronavirus outbreak with only 350 or so cases and no reported deaths. Duong said if not for the pandemic, the hotel would likely be fully booked with international guests.Around a tonne of gold was used to cover the hotel, said Duong, a Vietnam War veteran and former cyclo taxi driver who made his fortune in construction and property.

He is planning gold-plated projects in Ho Chi Minh City and a resort in central Vietnam.Reporting by Minh Nguyen; Writing by Ed Davies; Editing by Christopher Cushing Read more: Reuters Top News »

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Vulgar ! Vietnam city development is not as good as China’s county. Is there any people who can afford to use that kind of hotels? Gold plated anything is not high clad or taste. It’s just tacky. Tacky tastes you mean Hoa Binh is also a member of hispanic chamber of commerce in D.C area. In early years, the owner used to ride his motocycle to buy lunch for his employees. Vietnamese growing economy reflects on its growth of motocycles. It's quite challenging to face the massive street bikers.

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