From quitting to blocking: How to protect yourself on Musk’s Twitter

12/1/2022 5:30:00 PM

From locking down privacy settings to finding a new social network, Twitter regulars have many options for protecting their personal information.

After Elon Musk took over Twitter and hundreds of employees left the company, the social media platform might change or end altogether. Tech reporter Heather Kelly shares what to do to your account if you decide to leave Twitter.

From locking down privacy settings to finding a new social network, Twitter regulars have many options for protecting their personal information.

ArrowRight Some people have announced their intentions to decamp to competing services, while others stay to see what will happen next..Elon Musk says Apple threatened to remove Twitter from App Store “Apple has put Twitter at the center of their product launch efforts and they have produced epic events on Twitter,” said Lou Paskalis, a frequent Musk critic and member of the Twitter Influence Council, a group of advertisers who offer feedback to the company.Employees at tables inside Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California, U.

Whether they stay or go, Twitter users are wondering what a Musk-owned platform will mean for online harassment, misinformation and democracy.More immediately, they are worried about the their own data on the service , backing up or deleting their accounts, or staying safe while sticking around."I think Twitter needs Apple a lot more than Apple needs Twitter," Roth said at the Knight Foundation's"Informed" conference on Tuesday.If you’re concerned about your Twitter account, we have gathered some of the most important things you can (and can’t) do right now.Twitter is best known for being a platform that big corporations turn to increase awareness of their companies in front of a large and diverse audience through broad brand advertising campaigns.What to know.Musk declared war on the tech giant earlier this week, accusing it of censorship and of being a monopoly in a series of tweets.

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But how do we protect ourselves from Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post? Protect yourself from what? FFS, grow up. My feelings sometime get hurt and I need to take a break from social media. Thanks for the great reporting and always making sure people are in a safe space while consuming information Harriet_323 HIde from the truth at all costs

I'm positive you don't have to give the liberal sheep information on this they've been blocking people and Reporting and getting people banned since the day Trump announced he was running. I'm sure they know how to do it. It’s beautiful to watch reality destroy the delusional reality of the left. All of a sudden, without censorship, the ideology is failing spectacularly in the market place of ideas. Good luck! Reality is going to be a tough one for you to come to terms with.

is the darkness where democracy dies. Musk is an apex predator by ever definition observed by man. Unfortunately the fallout to the rest of us could damage our society irreparably. Just leave. I did it with my Washington Post addiction where I read it religiously. They went hard left, I walked away and won't go back.

Former Twitter exec: Twitter needs Apple more than Apple needs TwitterInsider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know. BREAKING 🚨: Rain is wet

MaxAbrahms Republicans have said forever that the media is biased, it’s an arm of the Democratic National Committee, our intel agencies do their bidding & lie to Americans ironically in the name of preserving democracy & countering disinfo The Twitter info is very validating. WP—What are you afraid of? Why do you sick your writers, with questionable integrity, on Elon? Better to have Twitter shutdown unfavorable exposures like the Biden’s corruption or quash scientific debate of virologists that didn’t prostrate at Fauci’s altar?

how often do you meet with government officials to censor information. Are you complicit in the collusion with the D.N.C. to censor information against a political party? That's what the Twitter files have shown. That the collusion extends to all media outlets ROFLMAO!! You guys are getting pathetic WP , make me throw up

I thought Twitter was going to literally disintegrate when Musk took over? Looks like it is better and stronger than ever. I see WaPo has moved from the anger to the bargaining stage of greif. Rags like the Washington post are the enemy of the people Amazing how you can personally set your block preferences instead of enforcing your preferences onto everybody else. Welcome to the real world!

Twitter needs Apple more than Apple needs TwitterApple holds the key to its App Store and its advertising budget, both items Elon Musk needs if he's to make a success of his Twitter purchase. And you need Twitter to say this! The Washington Post needs readers more than readers need the Washington Post. Apple uses forced, cheap government labor. Stop supporting Communism, WaPo.

The elites are so afraid of free speech it’s chilling Is Washington Post as one of the primier news papers in the World know that when Ethiopian strongman is making (make believe) peace with Tigray in the north is simoultenously carpet bombing Wollega in the south west, killing thousands of unarmed citizens?

What is your solution for this though? Wouldn't want the commoners exposed to different points of view, now, would we? How would we be divided against ourselves if that were allowed? cry harder Lol, Musk is the reason I joined to begin with ya doorknob. How to protect ourselves from MSM? Do you have a recipe?

What the hell are you talking about. The only difference with “musks Twitter” is you don’t get blocked for sharing an opinion that Libs don’t like. Posted on Twitter Just stay in your cry closets..

Users celebrate Elon Musk revealing Twitter 'interfered in elections:' ‘New Twitter rocks’Elon Musk revealed on Twitter Wednesday that the social media company 'interfered in elections' prior to it coming under his ownership. I love Elon Musk ❤ Madness, Trump was right ✅️ again!! I wish to believe so, but I feel shadow banned or severely ignored.

Incredible🔥🔥🔥 elonmusk Bus nayibbukele BuzzPatterson SebGorka DonaldJTrumpJr More importantly how do we protect ourself from WaPo propaganda? Do not criticize his cancellation of Kanye and other patriots and he will not block you. I really need my social media to agree with ALL of my thoughts. Freedom dies in darkness.

😂 Just grow up and you’ll be protected. You treat people like children. It’s pathetic. As long a block and mute are unlimited, I'm fine. 🤣🤣🤣 'protect yourself'? Jeez, you ppl are truly the weakest of heart and mind this country has ever seen. Is robust debate, truth, and genuine challenges to your fragile ideologies really that threatening Smh

Hahahaah what a joke Main stream media is crying their eyes 👀 out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Elon Musk’s Twitter is full of people swearing off TeslaSentiment about Tesla’s quality, reliability, service and brand values have all turned more negative over the past few months. But they’ve already purchased them… and so will others. So, it’s irrelevant.

I dunno... maybe try going for a walk? Riding a bike? Yoga? You guys like yoga, right? Anything to avoid catastrophizing online... but, then again... that's what generates clicks for you guys. QuElon is making Facebook look good. Please tell me WaPo this post was made to be comical. 🤣🤣 Protect yourself with MUTE and BLOCK

🙄🤦🏻‍♂️🤔🤦🏻‍♂️🤨 Hahaha, hysterical! Let's all just live in an echo chamber. No need to ever hear something that we disagree with. Democracy dies in darkness. Right, Washington Post? This is some dark anti-speech shit you are putting out.

Twitter no longer enforcing COVID misinformation policyTwitter will no longer enforce its COVID-19 misinformation policy, according to a note posted to its website. Good news for the corporate media. Most of their news about COVID has been false. Covid misinformation came from the whitehouse and the CDC What exactly is Covid misinformation Masks work? Vaccines prevent infection? Covid originated w a bat in the Wuhan Wet market? Explain. Lol

How to protect yourself from hearing any news or information which would contradict the lies and propaganda of the Washington Post, and all other mass media! truth is disinformation ConceptualJames lol This is the sound of WaPo's relevance leaving the chat Stop being a puss for starters and grow a backbone. Most of the crap people block on wouldn't even warrant a pop in the face in the real word.

Adults... adults. Please lead by example and leave Twitter I can't believe people pay you to read this juvenile puerile nonsense. LMAO You buried major news stories you're a corrupt instrument of the left. Nobody trusts you. People just read your garbage because it's what they want to believe.

Elon Musk plans to publish 'the Twitter Files' on free speechElon Musk says he plans to publish 'the Twitter Files' about free speech suppression on the social-media platform Easier to publicly focus on second guessing past decisions than to address Twitter’s current problems. Excited to see these

how to have the second richest person in the world's news company shut up about the richest person in the world's constant fumbles next fake news like you should just leave than keep spreading disinformation like this one. Hahahaha. Pathetic Twitter accounts that attempt to harm Twitter's business model should be banned. It's no different than walking into a store and trying to convince customers to not do business there.

A traitor 101 guide. Lol…”protect yourself from twitter”! What on earth is going on? In case you forgot, you have ZERO credibility. Time to delete, and unfollow this garbage newspaper. “Paying Elon $8/mo. is dangerous. We’ll protect you from him for half of that.” Temptation is desire Of daily vivid dream When a desire expired Dream becomes mortal sin

I muted SpaceKaren, next is to block him. I had enough of his childish tantrums, his narcissism, his big mouth, his lack of seriousness and his complete lack of leadership in Twitter. If he kicks me out for exercising my freedom of speech then you know how hypocrite he is. Block yourself elonmusk they’re upset we have better journalism on Twitter and you’re the owner of it.

elonmusk they can’t be serious… How to protect yourself from big bad keyboard warriors!! Oh no!!! Someone help me!! 🤡 Whatever you do, don't listen to opposing opinions than yours because they may convince you you're wrong! step 1: block wapo There, now you're protected. The third option is to read the puerile advise from you and laugh uncontrollably.

Lolololol The new Twitter is shining a light on suppressed news stories. Freedom of speech is a good thing.

Protect from freedom of speech? Everyone on the planet should be free from the elites’ pawns ignorance and/or evil ploys. WaPo are you free? Did you have to retract several articles by TaylorLorenz Your fragility breeds fragility. Musk's Twitter. Ooooo....sounds scary! Oh, wait. I've noticed 0 difference.

We should all start by blocking the pathetic WaPo leftist propaganda site. But then it’s always interesting to see how stupid and pathetic the left can be. And how do I protect from Washington post and New York Times. Please advise leave N Q: how can I protect myself from WAPO banality lol?

'Utterly False': Musk Blasts NYTimes For Hate Speech Report On Twitter 'This reporting is such garbage' ElonMusk ElonMuskTwitter NYTimes HateSpeech Better yet: There's a HUGE life outside of social networks. Quit social networks (I'll be doing so fairly soon) Remember that 'social networks' are in fact data mining networks and vehicles for advertising. They add NOTHING to our lives except for some illusory communication.

Weeding out the riff raff. Good riddance. Only cowards mute and block opposing voices. Not coincidentally all those who do that are democrats and other leftists. From locking down privacy settings to finding a new social network, Twitter regulars have many options for protecting their personal information.

Butthurt much?