From phone banks to pastries, liberal groups make last-minute push to stop Kavanaugh

The unexpected delay in the Senate's confirmation vote bought liberal groups extra time — but it also caught them unprepared.

9/29/2018 1:17:00 AM

Women’s advocacy groups are trying everything they can think of in a last-ditch effort to sink Kavanaugh’s nomination, from writing letters to newspapers to organizing phone banks — to bringing pastries to Capitol Hill

The unexpected delay in the Senate's confirmation vote bought liberal groups extra time — but it also caught them unprepared.

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Do ANY OF THESE WOMEN WORK ? WHOS MINDING THE CHILDREN ? I GUESS THEIR HUSBANDS HAVE TO COOK DINNER AND FEED THE KIDS . YOUR IN THE STREET DEMOSTRATING. IF I WAS YOUR HUSBANDS I WOULD LEAVE YOU . How much are they getting paid? And if they are extra, vulger,violent,and disruptive do they make more?can they get promoted?

Who’s organizing- funding? Many of them can't just get out the old checkbook to get the Senate to listen. I was sexually assaulted by my uncle when I was 15 and never told anyone till I was in my 30s I have no doubts ford was assaulted I don't believe that it was him this is a political shit show confirmkavanaugh

Kavanuagh has shown himself to be so politically partisan, that he shouldn't be the judge of a dog show, much less the Supreme Court. I believe Dr. Ford! Group think is just a byproduct of our dimished education system. We are a nation of sheep. I can assure you, 90% or more of those participating in such efforts do not care that the presumption of innocence is a bedrock of our legal system let alone required of them as citizens.

FakeNews. Fake allegation. Fake moral outrage. Did you notice during the questioning by Rachel Mitchell that she said there is no statute of limitations for sexual assault where the attack occurred on Dr. Ford? It was right after that they stopped her from questioning further. Jail for Kavanaugh? Dont forget the meme makers, brah.

I am not a liberal, and I actually agree with them about Kavanaugh. I also despise Trump. I am an American! What is going on the White House is damaging for all. I wish survivors didn’t have to spell it out in our own BLOOD to be heard. This Conformation Hearing has traumatized so many of us. We needed to bear witness, write & call w/ our own testimony, but the price was high. The day of testimony RAINN had a 201% increase in calls.

Kavanaugh is fair, he could go liberal vote just as easy. Should Kavanaugh not be appointed though I’m sure the successor would be in fact what these liberals truly feared. Agree 100% DNC, RNC and all set the example. Organizers, practice what you preach.👊🏼 By their actions, one would think that the USA was an oppressive country. I have never seen such hate and it saddens me. The left needs a timeout.

I dare them to call my number 🤣🤣🤣 IStandWithBrett HimToo I am so proud of my sisters. 1/2 of America is now under Communist inspiration and brainwashing because of out of control acadamia in the United States. Those people are easy to profile, as they talk from the same play book, dress the same are usually from upper middle class and wealthy families playing poor

These liberals are destroying America with their insistence of equal rights for women, gays and brown folks. It's terrible. Death of a Nation! So this is not about truth. It’s about destruction. Apparently ifyoudrinkbeeryoureearapist Good job people! These are not "liberal women", these are aggrieved lunatics with no where else to go. Why are the same freaks out for different causes? Because they're bored, angry and available. PaidProtestors

I believe the statistics say 1 in 3 women -- Republican, Democrats & Independents - are sexually assaulted in this country. Maybe politicians need to start listening to them - considering that they are Americans too. Oh & BTW, they vote. Mmmmm.... I love the smell of Progressive fear in the morning. Once the FBI investigation is complete, no more political posturing by the "resist, recruit, repeat" movement - it is time to CONFIRM Kavanaugh! 😃

FARCE!!!!!! I enjoy watching the left hang themselves. REDTSUNAMI JusticeKavanaugh They need to raise money. Bottom line. No one should be given them money. I hate when they use something of politics. To gain sympathy and money. Hollywood actors. Prayers that this man will not sit on our court. fakenews con job

Who's hoping for another Court vacancy courtesy of RBG right now? TWO would drive liberals NUTS! Huh? DOA What?! I thought they were waiting to see what the newest FBI report showed? If the FBI clears again, the Dems must vote yes! Right? Because that’s what they’ve been screaming for the past MONTH!! That explains the gridlock OperaticBot

Women if you still want to be able to stop that second heart beat you better back off! There are more people that don’t do it than do This does nothing. His crazy ass will get confirmed & we will suffer for this for the next 35yrs. All because we don't vote! The hell w/ 🍪 & 🍰 This Nov get ppl out in drives to vote. Bring 3 ppl with you to the polls. Do it in every election every yr. That's how this shit ends.

Why do you call them “liberal” groups? Why can’t they be “feminists,” or “believers in women,” or “supporters of women.” Your language use has grown increasingly irresponsible recently. I won't read the article but I hope it clarifies that this is about RoeVWade not the allegations. As they should. This guy lied and got caught. He is a belligerent bad apple. The ABA has requests to disbar him. Resistance Resist Resisters ResistAndWin fight on.

They did a pretty good job of delaying it with (false) sexual assault allegations. They're all bought and paid for So ranking liberals blatantly lied on national television. If this doesn't prove their abominable character and blatant disregard of anything truthful nothing ever will. That's the AMERICAN way!

Awful, hateful people. Yet for 53% of them the one thing they could have done to avoid all this was vote for Hillary The worst in our imperfect American democracy brings out the best in our democracy. Grateful for the bravery of American men and women who Resist. WomensMarch Justice DelayTheVote How much did Soros pay these thugs? Ford is a millionaire for her stunt

To lying to falsely accusing people of sexual assau---oh wait, we know, that was already done Good. This partisan scary, ill-tempered guy does not belong on our highest court. Is this true? SenJeffFlake May bring charges against sexual assault survivors? BelieveSurvivors StopKavanagh If indeed legitimate advocacy groups are advocating for this woman with such limited evidence then the current era will be remembered as one in which far left zealots took over legitimate institutions and ruined them.

Think of the alternative. A squeaky clean conservative justice that doesn't force them to defend a rape-o with every new hearing in the house, on every new accuser. Kavenaugh is one bad accusation away from impeachment, and it is coming.

NBC News @NBCNewsLIVE: US Senate returns to session Friday morning ahead of a procedural vote on advancing the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.

As shutdown looms, a last-minute push for a dealVP Pence and top White House officials moved back and forth between the House and Senate Friday afternoon, hours ahead of a possible partial government shutdown. Just tell Trump he won, he will sign anything after that. All he wants is to say is the wall is built, he doesnt really care The funding needs to go towards enforcement of Visa overstays if you want to see actual immigration enforcement. Most folks here illegally came in legally and just overstayed their Visa. We have no real enforcement of overstays so that's where the core of the issue is. TrumpShutdown

Airbus bags orders for Canadian jet in last-minute sales pushAirbus finalized orders for a total of 120 of the former Bombardier CSeries jetl... 'bags' is such a poor choice of word. Thanks for elevating journalism! Family enterprises subsidized by colonized governments & their international fascist conglomerates produce such brilliant innovations! Boeing found better Nazi leave behinds in Brazil. New (cough!) elected GOVT!

Progressives To Put Up Last-Minute Fight To Stop 'Pay-Go' Budget RulesSome progressive members of Congress are leading a revolt against 'pay-go' rules they worry could hamstring their legislative agenda. Two. God forbid we get our spending under control...

Kavanaugh vows 'last-minute character assassination' will not force him to withdrawKavanaugh called the accusation 'grotesque' and said he would 'not be intimidated into withdrawing' his nomination. unfortunately when a man gets away with something for 35+ years it feels like that, sore He should vow that he wants an FBI investigation into the matter if he is so certain "it wasn't me" "THAT SCOTUS SHOW - Highway To Hell" StopKavanaughNow StandWithBlaseyFord BelieveSurvivors

Family makes last-minute plea for 9-year-old girl on ventilatorCNN News, delivered. Select from our newsletters below and enter your email to subscribe. Prayers KIND CANNOT see the pis God bless this child

The White House makes a last-minute proposal on drug pricesDonald Trump wants to reduce drug prices. Good Did big burly pharma execs break down in tears? I heard something called universal healthcare it works wonders for reducing drug use & acts to prevent need for medication in the 1st place! He's just a last minute kind of guy

Sears wins reprieve from liquidation as Chairman Lampert makes last-minute bid on bankrupt companyFriday was the deadline for buyers to put in their offers to save Sears. The owner of Kmart and Sears filed for bankruptcy in October. What can he do that isn’t already being done to save it? Amazon killed sears. Anything they have I can have more choices and just as fast sitting at home. Eddie belongs in jail However, he is a prime suspect in putting the company into bankruptcy in the first place!

Sears Chairman Edward Lampert Makes Last-Minute Bid to Save ChainEdward Lampert’s ESL Investments moved forward with an offer to save Sears stores on Friday, but the retailer’s survival isn’t guaranteed. Hedge fun How much fun could a hedge fun have if a hedge fun could have fun? That’s great sincerely!

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