Business, From Offices To Restaurants, Companies Are Requiring Proof Of Vaccination - Cnn

Business, From Offices To Restaurants

From offices to restaurants, companies are requiring proof of vaccination

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8/1/2021 12:13:00 AM

In the last week, companies from Disney to Walmart to Google have begun mandating their employees get shots to protect against Covid-19.

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I BOYCOT them all. It are NAZI companies. No money in Hydrochloride so legislators, family and close friends won’t promote it. Here come the litigations, many of these employees will be paid out soon. “A society that trades freedom for security deserves neither “ Fauci: 'I don't think we're going to see lockdowns' with the Delta variant surge, but more 'pain and suffering' is likely

Good, more need to follow suit. All u people are brainwashed by these mainstream media listen to this dumb B lets hear who you can trust. Could interest you in USA how we Germans COVID-19 😷 developed a pass certificate. For travel in the EU. Here in the EU Germany 🇩🇪 we have COVID-19 App: First pic: information about fully vaccinated person…

Dr. Stella Immanuel, Hydroxychloroquine advocate, sues CNN, Anderson Cooper for $100MDr. Stella Immanuel claimed 'You don't need masks, there is a cure...You don't need people to be locked down.' we need demon sperm! Not me though ..Goosebumps or Ghostwriter? 90s dreams? Is she a graduate of Trump University?

Require a vaccine that doesn’t work… good idea. You’ve said the vaccines cause variants and 74% of people in MA who got covid were fully vaxxed, that’s not considered a vaccine failure anymore? 🤔 I guess discriminated is ok now. Why force people to get medicine they don't want? And i care about their virtue signaling because…..

Disgusting All my co-workers who are refusing vaccinations are all liberal African Americans who simply do not trust it! Infact, the Trumpers in my office are the only ones vaccinated .So we will see a rise in unemployment in minorities and they will some how blame white privilege. Truth I’m vaccinated but this scares me. Sounds like biblical Mark of the Beast. No vaccine, no work. Why doesn’t the FDA approve it? We don’t have the freedom to choose not to get the vaccine without sacrificing being able to feed your family. God bless us All.

Bravo saks will continue to shop with you 🤑🤑🤑

#LoveIsNotTourism: Covid-19 travel rules keep couples an ocean apart - CNN VideoUS-UK couples who have been separated for over a year due to Covid-19 travel restrictions have joined an online movement, Love Is Not Tourism, to petition governments to speed up the visa application process and allow them to reunite. Not just couples, and not just the UK. Families and Europeans are also concerned by these restrictions. They affect more people than you think. LoveIsNotTourism liftthetravelban IT'S ALL AROUND THE WORLD!NOT JUST US/UK!Our movement LoveIsNotTourism is INVISIBLE to ALL our governments🤬 They REFUSE us to LIVE with our loved Ones ONLY because they are FOREIGNERS! Suicides,Deaths,Sickness,Lost of Babies,we R completely DESTROYED by this PoliticalTravelBan Guess that shoots the hell out of 'Love Travels.' Try this: 'we promise we won't go anywhere as long as we can be within actual elbow distance.' It'll reach deep into the hockey love in everyone. Wink.

Lol good luck with walmart they will loss 80% of there work force atleast here in ky all the redneck dushbag that walmart Employes they will just quit i know of 5 in one store said they will leave and thats Is management Lol. Wal Mart can’t keep employees as it is…now they’re going to try to force them to take an experimental drug that doesn’t protect against the disease it’s designed to combat? Hilarious. Good thing they invested in all those self check lanes.

Way to go👏👏👏👏👏 All places that employ people should require employees to be vaccinated as a requirement for employment. If they are not vaccinated, they should not be allowed in the building! This virus is no joke!!! It is life or death. I don’t know about you all, but I want life! Therefore I But I am just glad that all these companies will be filing for Bankruptcy within 2 years from now. Because they are going to lose so much money over this Communism

BrianPallister can we add Manitoba government, Healthcare workers, schools, community colleges and universities to this list, please! Can't wait to see the narratives when they say the vaccines do virtually nothing God bless them all. More more more!!!! And these are the companies that will be losing business for supporting clot shots clotshots

Man's 'Schitt's Creek'-inspired toys get him a Netflix deal - CNN VideoA Canadian man used his old toys to recreate scenes from 'Schitt's Creek,' and Netflix has taken notice. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been caught without a mask numerous times in the U.S. Capitol after the return of a mask mandate and threatening anyone who opposes — even those who are vaccinated — with being arrested. You can never make our AMERICA happy, healthy & peaceful....can never reduce Crime-rate & Health-care budget....UNTIL every AMERICAN feels guilty conscience after having Smoking, Alcohol, Drug, PORN, Premarital sex / Extramarital Affairs....without fear of any punishment.... You can never make our AMERICA happy, healthy & peaceful....can never reduce Crime-rate & Health-care budget....UNTIL every AMERICAN feels guilty conscience after having Smoking, Alcohol, Drug, PORN, Premarital sex / Extramarital Affairs....without fear of any punishment..

COVID19 CovidIsNotOver is of the devil. rolltide WHCOS It’s your move kroger If the blood of Jesus forgave you and you fasted 1x week Christ sees the Holy Spirit in you and uses you to anoint with oil and break the bread of the 3rd year with the orphans and widows and raptures you. To help this word starting in Brazil Nubank pix30576180300 or prayer amen!

What a crossection of America Same people just believe Doctors, got pain here have these opioids. Can’t sleep here have these Ambien. Have anxiety take these benzos. Research and use your brain. The answer is not always pharmaceuticals. They can all SUCK it Mandate them now! As the list grows longer, the MAGAts are going to have a much smaller list to choose from and I am here to watch. 😂

Foxnews has a vaxx passport in place. That list should be way longer

'The Simpsons' is doing something it's never done before - CNN Video'The Simpsons' is doing something it's never done. The show will kick off its 33rd season with an all-musical episode. elcroochio I don’t like musicals. The family says get ready, the world will celebrate the end of the epidemic, a song in which all American singers will participate, the name of the song is (unknown)😁🎶🎶

wonderful PaulSweeneyYYZ A lot of people are really going to be losing their jobs Good on these companies. Antivaxx fucks can enjoy their 'choice' on the unemployment line. If you’re on the same side of literally any issue as these three evil mega-corps, that should give you pause. costco_USA please get on this list!

boycott Wrong , as employee of Walmart, we got memo stating they’re not mandating us getting vaxxed but are doubling incentive to do so. Statement says: can’t mandate cuz some employees can’t get vaxxed due to medical or religious reasons. So how about you actually report the truth I knew there would be peeps on here saying I would sue … they can’t tell you what to do with your body while wearing a pro-life shirt and heading to an anti abortion protest 🪧 GET VACCINATED OR STAY IN FLORIDA !!!

Hey just wondering how many hours of coverage you'd have given this disgusting display if Trump had done this instead.

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