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From Moving Cities to Starting a New School, This Is How 1 Family Unit Adjusts to Change

How to help your family deal with big changes.


Dealing with change and getting things done. This family is 🔥. HM ad

How to help your family deal with big changes.

"The biggest transition for her will be being in a real school environment," Ernest explained."Her [last] school was really small and close-knit — 50 kids total. This is an actual school with an actual playground." That being said, Ernest thinks the transition will somewhat handle itself."She's already excited about getting on the bus and getting to school," he said."Everything she learned in pre-K is still sharp. So that will be the biggest transition — being around other kids, a real school environment."

"You remember your first day of school, that first outfit you were so excited for," Ernest said."When you lay it on top of your bed and just can't stop looking at it."

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This genius school lunch idea actually changed my lifeWith a kid about to start kindergarten, I was stressing about school lunches. This one piece of advice changed everything. Wow! I did (and still do this for my oldest) -- I give her the same sandwich and cycle the fruit. It's been five years now and no complaints. My youngest, on the other hand, complains if she gets the same thing twice in a row.

Back-to-School Outfits Inspired by TV CharactersStart the new school year strong in fashion-forward outfits inspired by the coolest characters on television right now. RT Love ❤️ Zendaya in Europhia ❤️❤️❤️ The finale has me really ready for the next season! Wait!! Am I too old to watch😭😭😭 SO WHAT! 😭😭😭😭 Barbies bondage gear especially!

Seven-year-old in St. Louis is 11th child shot and killed in the area since JuneA 7-year-old boy in St. Louis was shot and killed Monday -- the latest in a recent string of deadly shootings of children in the St. Louis area. racially motivated? Is this city run by democrats? Another Democratic run city?

New York City’s Latest Restaurants and Chef MovesA plush lounge in Harlem, a reopening for one of New York's oldest African restaurants, and more openings and chef moves

16 New York City-based startups that are changing the way we shop for clothesWhile influenced by New York’s rich history of fashion, these 16 startups are also challenging the traditional ways we think about and shop for clothing Seems like 'fashion' increasingly connotes 'an unbounded, unreasoning loathing of women, largely manifest by the urge to compel them to dress in completely and humiliatingly idiotic garb.'

NPR Choice pageGunControlNow Not here our kids have had deputies in the schools and secure entry points for years. No students are in fear because around here even the teachers are excellent shots. Candy ass liberal land never do what it really takes ..its too scary Don't hear much about the Dayton shooter from MSM

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