From Kellogg's to John Deere, who is striking right now — and why?

From Kellogg's to John Deere, who is striking right now — and why?

10/19/2021 11:47:00 PM

From Kellogg's to John Deere, who is striking right now — and why?

Workers across the country are demanding better pay and working conditions.

The union that represents behind-the-scenes workers in Hollywood, including camera operators, makeup artists, costume designers and more, announced in late September its plan to strike if negotiations with the union that represents major TV and movie production companies failed.

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It would have been the industry's biggest walkout since World War II. But on Oct. 16, the two unionsreached a tentative deal, averting a strike.Hollywood workers had been calling for improved working conditions, including meal breaks and rest periods, as well as better pay and benefits and diversity initiatives.

Thousands of health care workers authorize strikeNurses and health care workers in California and Oregon are threatening to walk off the job over pay and difficult working situations during the Covid-19 pandemic.More than 24,000 Kaiser Permanente employees authorized a strike earlier this month, amid bargaining between the company and the Alliance of Health Care Unions, according to

The Associated Press.

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Labor has made some noise of late. Imagine if most unionization hadn't been wiped out in this country. Ultimately, workers must own their workplaces. No profits for capitalists. Why? Idk... Seems that 'Workers across the country are demanding better pay and working conditions.'

Farmers and John Deere suppliers worry about strike's impactMore than 10,000 Deere employees went on strike last week at 14 Deere factories in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado and Georgia after the United Auto Workers... good luck

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Kellogg's worker describes strike; fight for fair pay, benefitsI'm striking at Kellogg. Our bosses are so disconnected, and we need to win to protect future generations.

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Supply chain shortages made farm equipment scarce. Will the John Deere strike make it worse?Some farmers are concerned that supply chain shortages could grow worse after 10,000 John Deere workers went on strike last week. Farm equipment prices are rising, affecting harvest and planting season. Yeah, farmers being paid or forced, if they don’t comply, to burn their crop will be related to food shortages, as well,….. but that story won’t make it to mainstream news. Those farmers should be real mad at the people running those plants than. Don’t get mad at the worker. Get mad at the men forcing the worker to strike. What's in the BBB bill?

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