Fresh Ink! Demi Lovato Gets Spider Tattoo on Shaved Head After Rehab Stay

1/9/2022 9:45:00 PM

Fresh ink alert! 🚨

Fresh ink alert! 🚨

Demi Lovato showed off their brand-new spider tattoo days after Us Weekly confirmed the musician had returned home from rehab — see a photo

following their 2018 overdose and subsequent hospitalization.Demi Lovato has unveiled a brand new tattoo on their skull and the special meaning behind it.Demi Lovato Completed Rehab Stint End of Last Year And Returned Home During the Holidays By 4:43 PM PST, January 8, 2022 This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors.People, , "Demi is committed to their well-being, and throughout their life, they plan to do regular check-ins to make sure they are putting themselves first.

“I called [my recovery case manager, Charles Cook ] and was like, ‘Something’s not right.I’m living one side of my life completely legalizing and this other side following a program that’s telling me if I slip up, I’m going to die,’” Lovato explained during a Glamour.Taking to their Instagram Stories, Demi, 29, showcased a series of clips and snaps of their head - half shaved - as celebrity tattooist Dr Woo worked his magic.“A one-size-fits-all solution does not work for everybody.According to multiple reports, the 29-year-old singer went to rehab late last year as their self-care journey continues.Any path that is right for someone else does not mean that it is an effective, meaningful, safe path for you.Sharing a black and white image with their 123 million followers online, the American singer proudly showed off their latest piece of ink - a huge Spider Grandmother.… What I’m encouraging people to do is just make choices for themselves.In the video, Demi while hugging Madison is heard saying, “I tricked you, I’m sorry.

Autonomy, for me, is what changed my life."She taught us about pottery and weaving.” Us.

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Demi Lovato shows off huge spider tattoo on head and special meaning behind itAdding to their collection of 25 plus tattoos already, Demi Lovato revealed their boldest tattoo yet on Saturday afternoon - a huge spider etched across their skull The meaning behind it is she craves more attention. It's sad when people crave attention!

Demi Lovato Completed Rehab Stint, Returned Home During the HolidaysThe 29-year-old singer recently said they no longer support being 'California sober.' They sound confused. I wonder if she’s seen this

Demi Lovato Back Home After Rehab StintThis news comes after the star announced she's no longer 'California sober.' Demi uses they/them pronouns Yawn 🥱 They ***

Demi Lovato Quietly Completes Third Stint in Rehab, Reports SayDemi Lovato quietly completes third stint in rehab, reports say She cuckoo. Oh come on. Lets not do this. May you find the strength and guidance to live your best life demilovato

Demi Lovato 'commits to wellbeing' after ditching 'California Sober' lifestyleIt's been reported that Demi Lovato has privately sought additional rehabilitation treatment - as they continue to maintain their sobriety following their near-fatal overdose

Demi Lovato unveils large spider tattoo on their head following rehab stintThe singer took to their Instagram Stories to debut a large black spider they had tattooed on the side of their head following their recent rehab stint. K so not to be rude This person has had a great deal of transitions over the last few years since her overdose What kind of mental health treatment are they getting beyond substance abuse rehabilitation? They need more - takes one to know one ThePerezHilton See…look. I told you Poor thing. She needs a lot of help. I mean they.