'Fresh Air' Reflects On The Psychedelic Movement

'Fresh Air' Reflects On The Psychedelic Movement

10/23/2020 8:40:00 PM

'Fresh Air' Reflects On The Psychedelic Movement

We listen to a 1983 interview with psychologist Timothy Leary, a 1990 interview with spiritual leader Ram Dass and a 2018 interview with How to Change Your Mind author Michael Pollan.

We listen to a 1983 interview with psychologist Timothy Leary, a 1990 interview with spiritual leader Ram Dass and a 2018 interview withHow to Change Your Mind Read more: NPR Health News »

President-elect Joe Biden suffers fractures in foot

President-elect Joe Biden suffered hairline fractures in his foot while playing with one of his dogs and will probably have to wear a protective boot for several weeks, his personal physician said on Sunday.

i hate psychedelics and dislike entitled snob peoples who dose other people without consent as weapon meant to intimidate and cause bodily and psychic harm. shame on those people. karma will come for you.

Fresh Data on Women in VC Paints a Picture of Both Urgency and Opportunity'If these women-led firms are unable to close their first fund, or raise sequential funds to continue building their franchise, the industry is at risk of losing all the growth and progress that women-led firms have made over the past 5 years.' women2

Twitter Users Take The Air Out Of Trump's Bizarre Wind Boast'I know more about wind than you do. It’s extremely expensive, kills all the birds,' the president told Joe Biden on the debate stage. OMG!! This is doubling down on dumb!! Can’t be hotter than the wind CrackheadHunter, HunterBiden inhales on the reg When it would only do the same to the WH-bunch of criminals!

Apple's iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and new iPad Air are now available in storesThey're here.data-page-subject=true People are dying in Congo. No one cares Meh!

Air Canada puts its all-business class jets on holiday routesFrom Dec. 12 to Jan. 6, Air Canada will operate its Jetz aircraft -- configured for a business class only experience -- on routes between Canada and popular winter sun destinations at regular business class fares CRIMINALS!!! come soon Bangladesh Tacko Falls supports Biden for prison

Trump Hits Day Three of Whining About Yet-to-Air 60 Minutes InterviewPresident Trump continues to hammer home an issue that will surely resonate with undecided voters: his supposedly unfair treatment at the hands of Lesley Stahl Still struggling with becoming A Profitable Forex trader? I can help you out,Make $3000 In Just A Week,No need to pay for Signals,Learn how to invest and generate income all by yourself.Become a successful forex trader today📊💰.DM for more info petersadelbert Shouldn't The President of The United States Of America be asked tough question in a time of crisis and two weeks out from an election? What am I missing here? “Will surely resonate with undecided voters” huh? Such a lame, unsubstantiated claim.

Off-colour IAG points to prolonged air-sicknessThe owner of British Airways lost 1.3 bln euros in the third quarter. Rising infections and new lockdowns mean the next three months will be little better, dashing new CEO Luis Gallego’s hopes of breaking even by Christmas. He won’t be the only airline boss feeling queasy.