Stroke, Heart Rhythm, Marijuana, Marijuana Smokers

Stroke, Heart Rhythm

Frequent Pot Smokers Face Twice the Odds for Stroke

They're also more likely to be hospitalized for a dangerously erratic heart rhythm, according to the second study.


Frequent pot smokers are more than twice as likely to suffer a stroke compared with those who don't partake, a new study warns.

They're also more likely to be hospitalized for a dangerously erratic heart rhythm , according to the second study.

People aged 25 to 34 who compulsively used cannabis were 52% more likely to land in the hospital suffering an arrhythmia, the researchers found, while those aged 15 to 24 were 28% more likely to be hospitalized for an irregular heartbeat.

"The risk of cannabis use linked to arrhythmia in young people is a major concern, and physicians should ask patients hospitalized with arrhythmias about their use of cannabis and other substances because they could be triggering their arrhythmias," Patel said.

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Where can i get this kush that will literally break my brain hit my DMs with the details please notupforgrabs Bad headline. Young people who smoke cigarettes and have other lifestyle or health risks may increase the chance of stroke. Variables? No links to original research and who funded it. Linked to the AHA who give shoddy dietarguidelines to keep us sick and dependent on big pharma.

Fatalistic Behaviors, all for that high. Let's get Baked Man ! If you read the study it does not say that. They looked at people who had a stroke and saw that 14% of them admitted to having used mj recently. Those stroke patients were also cig smokers. That proves nothing about mj use and stroke risk. Correlation does not prove causation.

TheGenAboveMe Yes but they won’t know they had one Trace that study and it will lead to you pharma companies. People need to be warned. Stoplying DrCSWilliam thoughts?

Officials list pot vape brands reported in U.S. outbreakHealth officials investigating a nationwide outbreak of vaping illnesses have listed, for the first time, the vape brands most commonly linked to hospitalizations. NEVER BUY FAKES We used to have government regulations that were enforced by government departments which were properly funded and actually worked to keep Americans safe.

Or possibly even brain cancer... need a study on that one. Well, I hate to break it to ya' Holmes, but, I guarantee this study is bullshit.

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