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French Lab-Grown Meat Startup Makes Foie Gras More Appealing Than Ever

French Lab-Grown Meat Startup Makes Foie Gras More Appealing Than Ever

7/25/2021 2:46:00 PM

French Lab-Grown Meat Startup Makes Foie Gras More Appealing Than Ever

Controversial French delicacy foie gras could see a future market expansion; as a Paris -based start-up raised $ 10 million to develop a cruelty-free and lab-grown alternative.

AFP via Getty ImagesControversial French delicacyfoie grascould see a future market expansion; as a Paris-based start-up raised $ 10 million to develop a cruelty-free and lab-grown alternative. France is the world's largest producer of the fatty meat, trying to satisfy the national and global demand with over 40 million duck and geese. However, within the past decade, concerns on animal health and welfare consequences of foie gras production, shaped consumers’ opinion and policies.

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Launched just about 2 years ago,Gourmeyaims to perfect their recipe, able to recreate the fattened duck or geese liver within labs and without guilt. The founders want to “honour culinary traditions and heritage while looking to the future”: the cells for their flagship alt-meat foie gras comes from duck eggs, which are then cultivated in their labs. 

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