Freelancers, More Ways To Achieve Your Goals: Making Money As A Newsletter Writer

Here's how to make additional income as a newsletter writer

9/26/2021 8:00:00 AM

Here's how to make additional income as a newsletter writer

Here's how to make additional income as a newsletter writer.

EB:Let’s start with fundamentals. There are three primary ways to earn money from newsletters: free subscriptions that you monetize via ads, low priced subscriptions, and high priced ones. Each can be a significant business. But together they're monster if you get it right. Building all three lets you diversify your income which is always a good thing. It also lets you grow the lifetime value of subscribers.

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JY: So, how and where do you start? Let’s take free newsletters first.EB: I notice three things that trip people up when they decide to start a free newsletter. First, how niche should it be? Second, what tech stack should I use? And third, how do I scale my audience? Here’s what I learned. First, the more niche, the better. There are riches in niches and a small audience can provide a serious cashflow. The tech choice, until you're sending thousands of emails per day doesn't really matter. Pick what’s easiest and affordable. On scaling, focus on quality and trust, and your unique voice. For example, one writer grew their newsletter to 10k subscribers in just a month. Don’t wait for perfect. Just keep going, create value, and don't get stuck.

JY: How do I know if I have enough readers to monetize?EB: The answer is"it depends." It's frustrating but realistic. It depends on your niche, engagement with your readers and other factors. Generally speaking, you are able to monetize a free newsletter when you have at least two of the three in place: a large audience (~75-80k+), high “unique opens” (at least 20%+ will open your email) and engaged readers who have at least some money to spend. An audience able and willing to spend money affects everything else you might do: products to advertise, what you can charge advertisers, and how much you can charge for paid subscriptions later. So build an audience that is engaged in the topic and willing to spend at least a little money!

JY: What’s the scoop on monetizing a free newsletter? EB Read more: Forbes »

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