Free Trip to Space Offered as Prize at BTC Conference | CoinMarketCap

This Bitcoin conference is offering a free trip to space to one lucky attendee 🚀

1/17/2022 11:08:00 PM

This Bitcoin conference is offering a free trip to space to one lucky attendee 🚀

Everyone who attends the North American Bitcoin Conference, which is being held in Miami from Jan. 17-19, will be entered into a draw.

A Busy ConferenceA Bitcoin conference is offering a rather novel prize to attendees: a free trip to space.The prize is being offered by Space Perspective and Astranaut — and instead of blasting off on a rocket, the lucky winner will be lifted by "a balloon large enough to encapsulate the Statue of Liberty."

The project began performing test flights back in June 2021, and is scheduled to start ferrying tourists to the edge of space by late 2024. More than500seats have been reserved so far.In an announcement, Space Perspective pointed to NASA scientists who have said these journeys transformed the way they think about the planet. Karen Nyberg, who traveled on the Space Shuttle Discovery back in 2008, said:

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