Free speech, gun rights on collision course in United States, some legal experts say

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The robust American traditions of free speech and gun rights are clashing at anti-racism protests this year in a way rarely seen before in the United States, legal scholars and law enforcement leaders say

that certain"fighting" words fall outside the protections of the First Amendment as well as others on what law enforcement owes public speakers.

They say that armed volunteers protected non-violent Civil Rights era leaders and point out that Martin Luther King Jr. in 1956 applied for a concealed carry gun permit in Alabama, shortly after his house was bombed. His request was rejected. Zick and Magarian acknowledge it is difficult to measure exactly how free speech is being chilled by public gun carriers. Firearms at contentious public political rallies may “inhibit people from coming out and speaking and participating and making their voices heard” in the first place, Magarian said.

Houston city ordinances forbid protesters from carrying metal rods or pipes at demonstrations, Satterwhite said, “yet you can bring a firearm. It seems a little counterintuitive to us as law enforcement officers.”

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Robust freedom of speech as long as you don't say something they don't like or criticize apartheid Israel...

Lawless Democrat-run cities are hotbeds of violence and destruction, with police not being allowed to do their jobs to protect. What do you expect in the middle of such chaos? Voters have a chance to make their voices heard, loud and clear, in November. Trump2020Landslide

Unitedstatians have a weird fetish for guns

Free speech doesn't including eioting and throwing shit at police. Dont wanna get fucking shot then follow the godamn law. Fucking animals. Tired of them being arrested and released the next day. A live round fixes that

It’s trump and misinformation... he wants to divide Americans. We already can’t talk because of our total diff view of the world due to the media we consume. Dems are NOT coming for your guns or. Eating the blood of your children. We need to come together to fight this virus!

Open-carry laws are just wrong. If these guys want to strap on a long gun to go to the grocery store (most likely without a mask) they should, instead, join the military.

Black men commit 53% of all VIOLENT crime caused by 77% fatherless families TEN TIMES their demographics Whites do crime at HALF their demographics The ONLY people getting DISPROPORTIONATELY killed by cops AND black people, are white people Marxist BLM is an immense hoax

Fake news! Guns were used to defend from rioters and mobs! Never needed for peaceful protest

Gun rights? until the NRA hijacked it there was no fucking tradition

Due to domestic terrorists pretending to be Patriotic Militias.


Both will last, I say.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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