Free access to Times journalism for high schools.

From April 6 until July 6, every high school across the U.S. will have free access to all New York Times journalism.

4/6/2020 6:10:00 PM

From April 6 until July 6, every high school across the U.S. will have free access to The New York Times. It’s our hope that our journalism will help students stay informed and engaged, even as they’re studying remotely. Learn more.

From April 6 until July 6, every high school across the U.S. will have free access to all New York Times journalism.

Who can participate?U.S. high school students, teachers and administrators are eligible for three months of free access to The New York Times online, unless any of the following apply:The student is under the age of 13.Consent has not been obtained by school administrators for students in states that require it, in accordance with the

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The administrators, teachers and/or students are in a homeschool program.+I’m a high school student. How do I get access?First, your high school administrator or teacher must register with The Times at they are verified, they will upload student email addresses to our secure portal.

You’ll then receive an email invitation to sign in and access The Times.It’s important to note that you must use the email invitation to get the three free months. If you create an account directly onor in the New York Times app outside the email invitation, you won’t be able to access the free offer.

+I don’t have access yet. What should I do?School administrators or teachers must first register and invite students using If you haven’t received an email invitation yet, please contact your school administrator directly.

+I’m a school administrator/teacher. How do I participate?School administrators and teachers are responsible for inviting students. Follow these steps:Click on “Invite Your Students” from the main landing page at an account. If you already have a New York Times subscription with your primary email address, you’ll need to create a new account with a different email address.

Enter the required information to verify that you are an administrator or teacher at your high school.Once verified, you’ll add students’ or teachers’ email addresses. Once your invitations are sent, you’ll receive an email confirmation.Students will then be invited via email automatically to access The Times online.

Access for school administrators, teachers and students will last until July 6, 2020.+What access is included?U.S. high school administrators, teachers and students have access to all journalism on or the New York Times app.+How long will access last?

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Free access lasts from April 6 to July 6, 2020. Read more: The New York Times »

Just what we need WEHSBluePrint Please extend to universities! Great Initiative!! TalkoftheSound Your “add school” function doesn’t work and my school is shut out. JOURNALISM? Since when Haha 😀 lbrentdmd mollycraft I will do everything I can to make sure my local school district does not share even one word from NYT with my kids. All you will look to do is warp kids with your ideological blather. Do us all a favor and stay behind a pay wall that no one in their right mind would ever pay 4.

Spare the students Great!! What more lies You don't do journalism, you do activism Good job! But also uproot fake news which could misguide them! Hahahahahaha... this has to be a joke, right? No way in hell will you be brainwashing my kids with your propaganda. But more positive journalism that critiques something to lift them up

Bravo ! A proud member of the LSM ..... Indoctrination continues... Don't forget to include the disclaimer ' read at your own risk, propaganda and fake news inside' Will make sure nobody I know reads your propaganda. The young masses are being spoon fed liberal propaganda..nice Can you include college students too?

Desperately looking for new customers. A wonderful idea No thanks lying, failing ! All are hoping & praying COVID19 will be the final nail in the coffin of FAKE NEWS! Re-elect realDonaldTrump Trump2020LandslideVictory Please inform tRump about this, it will drive him absolutely crazy 😁😁😁 Your contempt for all, but high schoolers, is NOTED!!

Cool. Now I hope these high school kids can read. And it may sell newspapers for a few years to come if they get in the habit of reading from paper instead of their phone. Down side, kills more trees. Upside ? The lib media’s cheerleading against hydroxychloroquine is grotesque & they have no idea the rage brewing because of their efforts to undermine a possible treatment. If Trump said “hydroxychloroquine sucks” they’d be selling it as a miracle cure. It’s pathetic. They’re pathetic.

Collecting their data though right? NYT is highly respected around the world. 40% of Americans though believe it’s fake news. They are a lost cause but the next generation can learn the truth for themselves. Compare NYT with articles from all over the world and see FOX news for what it really is. Why not all students? Please include Middle school they are capable to read and understand as well.

Our future society is doomed if they are taught that is real journalism. Could you please extend that offer to middle schools? 😊 child abuse! They can’t even give their shit away. Lol fake news Hopefully, they will respect the special talents of hose who rose to work for the New York Times but aspire to other careers that not in jeopardy.

It should be free for all — at least on topics regarding COVID-19 what about international high school teachers in China? Excellent. Giving direct CCP indoctrination access to the little skulls full of mush. I hope all high school students will exercise critical thinking and not get corrupted by the leftist propaganda garbage from the . Remember, nothing is really free in life.

DavidSTLhss got to put your stuff on snapchat or whatever other look at me app kids use or they ain't ever going to see your interpretation of the days, weeks events Free because nobody wants to pay for shit Thank you! OMG No. how about they already have free access to Twitter Prices have dropped fom a dollar a week to free. Interesting business model.

Where are the Editors of the dailynation StandardKenya TheStarBreaking The worst president. Ever. Lol free social engineering for the youth! We gotta keep them on the fast track to being a capitalist slave and never questioning their overlords! Free access or opportunity to write/share their thoughts?

They are all fucking closed or should be. How about a free subscription to people under a certain age? mfers Trying to indoctrinate the kids even before college, where sadly many will be indoctrinated. When you are in an emergency, you land anywhere !! Cuz HS kids read the paper on summer vaca! 👌🏻 I wouldnt let my son wipe his rear with your b.s. newspaper.

What war will you be pushing this time? US politics teacher here in UK. Any access for British students? Failing readership is the real reason of free access Hey kids, make sure your ignorant GOP parents read it as well. Try to washed their brain. Free liberal propaganda! Yay Great job keep trying to help the young people gain knowledge in this tough times..

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