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France's Le Maire says to propose more controls on some Islamist groups

France's Le Maire says to propose more controls on some Islamist groups

10/18/2020 3:25:00 PM

France 's Le Maire says to propose more controls on some Islam ist groups

French finance minister Bruno Le Maire said on Sunday he would propose reinforcing controls on the financial flows of some Islam ist associations, after the beheading of a teacher by a suspected Islam ist attacker.

He cited cryptocurrencies as an example were controls could be improved, saying they could be used to finance groups or fighters abroad.“Cryptocurrencies pose a real problem of terrorism financing .. we must reinforce our devices.”An 18-year-old man of Chechen origin beheaded a history teacher, Samuel Paty, on Friday after he had shown his pupils cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, prosecutors said. Muslims believe that any depiction of the Prophet is blasphemous.

Republican Governor Faults Trump For Sending 'Confusing Messages' About Masks Christie 'Surprised' Pence Will Campaign After Aides Test Positive For COVID-19 Election 2020 live updates: Pence tests negative for COVID-19, will campaign in N.C.

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Dodgers vs. Rays in World Series Game 4: Dodgers lead 1-0 in second

Live updates and analysis from Game 4 of the World Series between the Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. The Dodgers lead the series 2-1.

DissolutionCCIF + publication du CV 2011 de Castex Sarkozy recruteurs de terroristes AhmadaAgBibi Ansardine HCUA BilalAgAcherif MNLA AbdelhakimBelhadj AlQaeda Brigadedesmartyrsdu17février IyadAgGhali complotterroriste caché par les medias Let’s face it islamists and the BLM movement are one in the same. If you say, do or write something that they find offensive (which literally be anything) they destroy you. It’s time to squash them both like a bug.

Specially the one who are the worse Muslim in the world and are close friends of tRump and revived NU clear from US France cannot control their own citizens Some?!?! It's time to control all of Islam not just islamists. A little too late, I would say. This should have been done at least 30 years ago. France must stop killing Muslims in Iraq Syria and Libya. France must stop starving people in Africa Stop killing Muslims Stop killing Arab Stop killing Syrian Stop killing Iraqi stop killing Libyan

France must start with human rights here in France. Muslims suffer: There have been numerous raids on mosques, associations and Islamic schools, in addition to media campaigns against Muslims with the approaching elections - Former French President Hollande admits, The state provokes terrorist operations, organizing and implementing them in order to control the citizen and enforce its laws and policies) and then accused Muslim for terrorism

Don't vote to allow liberal in power. Don't vote for Biden Kamla Harris Learn from France killing was this translated? 'says to propose' is a very awkward phrasing there are no groups, there are citizen who are insulted by France and who can not stand it. Islamist are in the secret police, they are everywhere. google it before you bann me.

Turkey has offered humanity only wars, hatred, deaths, rapes and genocides. Turkey has filled Europe with its own hated imams. has funded new mosques and Islamic extremist organizations. Stop this situation. The face diaper is a joke... these people look ridiculous wearing them you mean, like a re-education center 🤣?

Don't give visas to Pakistanis,very simple BainzyC Stable door, horse. There’s something wrong with your link it keeps refreshing on the webpage. Bit late, most of ISIS that wanted to be in France are already in France , a ticking clock When are you going to do it after all the murders and attacks your government has done a big fat zero!!!!

France allowed 100s of French radicals to join ISIS .. The bitch France possesses the fourth largest reserves of gold in the world, although there is not a single gold mine on her land, while Mali 'occupied by France' does not have any reserves of gold in her banks even though she produces 50 tons annually. Don't talk about terrorism

Fair enough. France has had a too important sense of its own history and history in general. Why did she think that the import of a million Muslims when France was an antagonist, would not be a problem? P.S. Germany will get hers. Ouf. Nous sommes sauvés. As it should be About time good Just about time! Those groups are going to destroy France ..

Putin proposes Russia, U.S. extend New START arms control treaty for one yearRussian President Vladimir Putin proposed on Friday that Russia and the United States extend their New START arms control treaty that expires in February for at least a year without imposing any conditions. This works for me. DEAL - let's make world peace the goal. Now all of a sudden - restart SALT, he’s no fool + a significant number of Americans are very upset with the chaos he’s sowed. Russia’s in trouble + needs to be a participant in International trade. Making progress means growth + trade. Russian’s are growing restless no doubt

Watchdog group says Trump's 2016 campaign illegally coordinated with a super PACAn election watchdog group says new documents reveal illegal coordination between President's Trump’s 2016 campaign and a political action committee. Have you been looking for a way to earn extra money and interested in bitcoin investment and forex trading?send me a DM WhatsApp +436677967895 and get started Nothing new....

France's Macron says Armenia-Azerbaijan ceasefire must be respectedFrench President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday welcomed Armenia and Azerbaijan's agreement to a humanitarian ceasefire from midnight and stressed that it should be strictly respected by both parties. You are free to believe what you want! Believe or not! You can not be free to speak to attack believes!? Vous êtes libre de croire ce que vous voulez! Crois le ou non! Vous ne pouvez pas être libre de parler d'attaquer croit !? EmmanuelMacron Why didn't he just say, 'erdogan respect the ceasefire ' Terörist Ermenistan !

France's Macron says Armenia-Azerbaijan ceasefire must be respectedFrench President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday welcomed Armenia and Azerbaijan's agreement to a humanitarian ceasefire from midnight and stressed that it should be strictly respected by both parties. Now You know them 😃😃😃 there is a lesson that you can learn from china xinjiang. re-educate the muslims in the vocational camp, de-extremisize these islamic barbarians. You just posted the same news an hour ago. What about you post something informative instead of posting same thing again and again every hour?

Putin proposes yearlong extension of nuclear pact with U.S.Putin made a strong call to save the last existing nuclear arms control pact between Russia and the United States today, proposing to extend it at least for one year Good. That means even he thinks TRE45ON can't win.