France recalls ambassadors to US and Australia in response to AUKUS nuclear submarine pact

France recalls ambassadors to US and Australia in response to AUKUS nuclear submarine pact

9/18/2021 7:00:00 AM

France recalls ambassadors to US and Australia in response to AUKUS nuclear submarine pact

France has recalled its ambassadors to the United States and Australia in response to a pact signed by the two countries along with the United Kingdom that they referred to as a stab in the back.

previously made to send French-made submarines to Australia. Read more: Fox News »

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France Recalls Ambassadors To US, Australia Over Sub DealThe French Foreign Minister said Australia's cancellation of a big contract to buy French conventional submarines is “unacceptable behavior.” This statement reminds us what war is about: business 😔 the french submarine company overpromised on local industry involvement and costs Look, we just cancelled the insane diesel versions of the nuclear models. We'll pay, just don't get all pissy!

France recalls envoys in US and Australia amid submarine rowFrance said it was recalling its ambassadors in the United States and Australia for consultations following Australia's decision to scrap a big French conventional submarine purchase in favour of nuclear subs built with US technology. I’m old enough to remember the Rainbow Warrior being attacked by France & Australia was against nuclear testing… around & around & around we go 29shiraz The question is what Australia is gonna need these subs for!

China and France left fuming at U.S. nuclear sub pact with AustraliaAt a news briefing Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the pact “seriously undermined regional peace and stability, exacerbated the arms race and undermined international nuclear nonproliferation efforts.”

China and France furious at new U.S. pact with Australia, BritainThe AUKUS deal will make Australia the seventh country in the world to have nuclear-powered submarines, after the U.S., Britain, France, China, India, and Russia. Unlike those other countries, Australia does not have nuclear weapons. ... and how the French got stiffed! I don’t know what the fuss is about operating submarines with nuclear power? Tons of countries have nuclear power plants, but don’t have nuclear weapons. Indian stock market BSE NSE is overvalued hundred times and is on bubble going to burst anytime invest $100 now and get $1 after 1 month

France recalls ambassadors to US, Australia over sub dealFrance has recalled its ambassadors to the U.S. and Australia. Its foreign minister says Australia's cancellation of a contract to buy French conventional submarines in favor of nuclear-powered subs built with U.S. technology is “unacceptable behavior.” Liberals don’t see a problem cause their used to backstabbing friends and not even notifying them. Of course unless it’s China not our friend. POTUS

Why France is angry about the US and UK giving Australia nuclear-powered submarinesFrance stands to lose the equivalent of $65 billion US dollars from an existing deal to provide Australia with conventional, diesel-powered submarines. I would like to know why none of these kids in the Michigan area knows any Spanish or have Spanish curriculum in any of their schools This is greetings from the Mistrals! Forgot? Ahahahaaa!