Fox News will be 'loyal opposition' to Biden, Fox CEO says

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3/5/2021 12:03:00 PM

Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch says it is the job of Fox News to serve as the opposition to the Biden admin., stating clearly the political biases of a network that until 2017 billed itself as 'fair and balanced.'

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Lachlan Murdoch speaks at The New York Times' DealBook conference in New York on Nov. 1, 2018.Stephanie Keith / Getty Images fileMarch 4, 2021, 10:35 PM UTC/March 4, 2021, 10:37 PM UTCByDylan ByersFox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch said Thursday that it is the job of Fox News to serve as the opposition to the Biden administration, clearly stating the political biases of a network that until 2017 billed itself as"fair and balanced."

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Speaking at a Morgan Stanley investor conference, Murdoch said Fox News stood to benefit from Biden's presidency because the network would act as"the loyal opposition" to his administration."The main beneficiary of the Trump administration from a ratings point of view was MSNBC ... and that’s because they were the loyal opposition," Murdoch said of the rival cable network."That’s what our job is now with the Biden administration, and you’ll see our ratings really improve from here."

A spokesperson for NBCUniversal News Group, which includes NBC News and MSNBC, said in response that"our role, and the role of any legitimate news organization — whether it includes an 'opinion section' or not — is to hold power to account, regardless of party." Comcast NBCUniversal is the parent company of NBC News and MSNBC.

Murdoch's remark is an on-the-record acknowledgement of something that has long been obvious to fans and critics but never stated so publicly by the executive leadership itself — that Fox News is firmly aligned with Republicans and the right and intends to use its platform to fight Democrats.

Fox News has sought to cater to a conservative audience since Murdoch's father, Rupert Murdoch, launched the cable channel in 1996 under the leadership of Roger Ailes, the network's CEO for two decades. Up until 2017, even as its opinion hosts showed a clear bias against Democrats, Fox News

billed itself as a"fair and balanced"news organization.Fox News became an unapologetic bastion of pro-Trump rhetoric over the last five years and often downplayed negative news about Trump, choosing instead to attack his critics or stoke conservative anxiety about progressivism.

Many of the most notable hosts of Fox News and Fox Business Network also embraced Trump's lies and conspiracy theories. Three of them — Maria Bartiromo, Lou Dobbs and Jeanine Pirro — have been named ina $2.7 billion defamation lawsuitbrought by the voting technology company Smartmatic over false statements they made while trying to cast doubt on the integrity of the 2020 election. All three have filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit.

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Murdoch was asked about the network's ratings, which took a hit after the election."Our audience was disappointed with the election results," he acknowledged, adding that the ratings had already started to normalize and would continue to go up.

"Seventy-five million people voted for a Republican president, sometimes in spite of his personality at times," Murdoch said."That's what we represent. We're going to stick to the center-right. That's where our audience is."

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Betsy, how convenient of you NOT to think NBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS and CNN are all anti-conservative/Republican. publish that on your tweets. Eugene_Scott Then it is simply a propaganda network, nothing more. myfeldman Hmm, ResistanceGenealogy reveals a family trend in deception at FoxNews.👇 Is their a DeplorableGene at work?

So nothing is going to change then. Fox needs to be banned, fake news! Figures! Fairness doctrine. Wow! HC_Richardson Majority of Fox 'News' is opinion and should be stated as so. News should be based in actual facts and have sources to back them up. That would be Fair. Why is it your job to distort facts and perpetuate mis information to divide people. Just say your greedy assholes who want the half of a pie for themselves.

Foreign own media opposing our Government. What is wrong with this picture? shouldn't there be some standard for an outfit calling itself 'news'? Good to know- makes it easier to simply write them off as partisan, boldly forsaking rational analysis and objectivity. HC_Richardson Not fair, but rather, against!

thumppooh That means they will just tell more lies Watch out Lachlan ! Your wife is watching you. She’s another beauty “bullshit Democrats sympathizer and a RINO “. Fox News ratings are declining without Donald Trump. Trump’s supporters don’t need Fox News, vice versa ! I see nothing 'loyal' in their opposition.

So they admit they aren’t news then HC_Richardson It shouldn't be called news then............. HC_Richardson Loyal to whom and to what? At least he had the balls to say unlike this news outlet and others who claim to be object but instead pull the string for the Democratic Party. HC_Richardson Well, that was honest! Not that one needed telling.....

KrisKetzKMBC Paint me uninformed here but why does a news organization serve as a personal opponent or proponent to anyone or anything. Basic news reports? Rebrand Fox as a personal reporter and not actual news. HC_Richardson I never liked that Murdoch clan. Ratings = they spin the news to say whatever they need it to for an increase in profits. Dirty, corporate greed.

What a surprise!! Smh Ohh come on leftists media. Reaching a bit on the hypocrisy train If they are a “news” channel, shouldn’t they actually cover the news? faketertainment 🤣🤣🤣 Inculcating fallacious reasoning is not loyal opposition, it's propaganda. 😡😡🤬🤬. Definitely NOT for The People !!! Boy they all say the quite stuff out loud now! gopshamelessgene

You can be loyal opposition but should it not be based upon truth? In this day and age if you spew enough lies you end up with Jan. 6 and lawsuits and forced retractions. You’ve first got to be loyal to be the “loyal opposition.” They forfeited the use of the word loyal by supporting the former president regardless of his words or actions.

FoxNews is an oxymoron. It jettisoned its public responsibility to support a twice-impeached and seditious former president. Support authentic news outlets not FoxNews. Same goes for NBC. You definitely were not unbiased during trump reign. That’s rich, coming from you. Lachlan Murdoch, time to shut up! You were riding the wrong horse!

🦊 News, is an oxymoronic phrase! 🦊 is a propaganda machine for the CON serving CONservative GOP = Ghouls of Politics, Group of Perpetrators, perpetuating 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥💩 CONSpiracies, race bating, fear mongering, LIES, hysteria, with sparsely injected news in between! How are these people allowed to operate stating full and well their evil intentions? And people fall for this mess.

So FoxNews opponents are not other outlets like CNN or MSNBC. Their opponent is the government itself. Okay....? Knows nothing about our democracy Hnhb22554210 More the traitorous, disloyal opposition. It's not the job of an network to support or oppose any political party. Their job is to tell the truth and state the facts. Fox is right-wing propaganda. Nothing more.

LeaBlackMiami Murdochs r evil bastards! NBC News reporting political bias at FoxNews is like a bank robber complaining about shoplifting at the store. no, it's the job, the duty, of the news to report in an unbiased manner. that goes for any network. If they call themselves news. Frankly I think Fox News should be sued for False Advertising since their are more of an opinion based network.

ThomasJToner Of course it is because fox is controlled by FORMER GUY Time to get rid of the traitors ...because they absolutely don't know how to pay the bills by simply telling the truth...amateur hour... Republicans once stood tall. Once. Republicans are virtually the new ISIS. Republicans drove the attack on our nation's Capitol and is irrefutable. Republicans desire political unrest at any cost because unable to win by merit. Don't be duped.

By continuing to spew biased and unfounded rhetoric rather than reasonable opinions and criticism? Well at least they’re not pretending to be unbiased, fair and balanced anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Now if only they’d publicly announce/admit that 95% of their broadcasts are filled with lies, disinformation, conspiracy theories mixed w/equal parts manufactured outrage and imaginary culture wars

That biased BS, folks is exactly why I only watch two people on FoxNews who present as fair/balanced. MPOV, FN is as responsible for the spread of Covid 19, as dtrump is. They know their audience, what they said/how covered mattered since 2015. F~FN I really didn’t need him to say it out loud, but ok.

Right wing Conservative asshole family from South Australia The minute someone tells me they got their info from Fox or saw a story in Fox, I'm out of the conversation. I know there's no point in debating and wasting my time. It’s the “fair and balanced”statement that reeks of hypocrisy...what about “truth and facts” in reporting

Then FoxNews is not an independent news network. It is a propaganda machine at par with Pravda Fox & Facebook have brainwashed and ruined many people and families. Ppl died for listening to Fox & Facebook they are guilty of helping organize terrorist attacks in the US and the Jan 6 attack. These companies need to be dismantled and forever shut down, no mercy!

Thats cool. Its our job to boycott all advertisers on Fox. Enjoy. Also the loyal opposition to truth, reason, rationality, logic, consistency, and integrity. Duh 🙄 Renew the Fairness Doctrine. Revise and extend the laws to include cable and digital delivery systems. FOX News is the propaganda wing of the GOP. That is not news.

BetsyHodges Clever at assigning themselves roles they imagine afford them the dignity of the higher moral ground than those elected by the majority of citizens. I avoid anyone who watches Fox News. Then they need to stop calling themselves news FOX NEWS ARE AN EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO AMERICAN DEMOCRACY. THEY KILL PEOPLE WITH LIES UPON LIES AND THEY DISTRACT WITHOUT HESITATION. A COLD BLOODED NETWORK THAT SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!

Because we have know how objective NBC News is 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That’s because fox lost their ass when they briefly started doing the right thing, now they have to go back to state media for Trumper‘s. Loyal opposition for delivering Fake News to the American people. Never forget the many thousands of lives lost because of the lies and conspiracy theories Fox News airs to the nation.


That was a type error. It meant to read: Fox News: Absofuckinglutely Insane. Somehow it came out 'fair and balanced'. We have since fired that unpaid intern. Like we couldn’t figure that part out. So this is so crazy This is why we need to ignore Fox News. They thrive on liberal outrage. Don’t feed the trolls.

Sucks that FoxNews and other “news” networks spin stories for ratings instead of just simply providing the facts. It’s simple entertainment now and that’s a scary thing. The “news” should be just that. News 🤷‍♂️ The Murdoch family, FOX & News Corp are one of the single biggest threats to democracies around the world. They have somehow become “kingmakers” of political landscapes in UK, US & Australia. They need to be broken can’t have one family deciding who will win elections.

Then itnis not a new channel network, but instead a political propaganda network. These Murdochs have been given a pass by the left to destroy America anyway they see fit. It’s about time they got theirs. guess that makes it trump news...another reality show.. Xcept its now not jus a show...The Greatest Showman... wheres the f-in light at the end of this tunnel

They need to remove “news” from their name and add a disclaimer before every program then The last job they had was to support the bullshit of DJT admin. Now I understand their tactics No your job is not to be in opposition. Your job is to report the news in truth and to be fair and balanced. Not to perpetuate a lie. Take a page from a real news source like MSNBC

You can still oppose someone with fairness and balance! And you guys will be his loyal support So there you go! Their give a shit level is pretty much at zero these days..... MSNBC and CNNPolitics should refuse to cover the GOP other than to point out that they are are Domestic Terrorist Org on a mission to breakdown Democracy. BipartisanshipIsDead

Judging from his temple hair, he will go bald Petty comment I know, but was just just blocked from a couple of ‘masculine’ men for saying the same Inadequate masculinity on their part Oh this is good stuff coming from NBC “News” the most bias Democratic network! The lives this single family has ruined I thought their job was to report the news

By making up stuff? Loyal to who or what? Certainly not to the United States or Democracy. Even that rings hollow when they don't carry any of Biden's events live and neither do they broadcast WH press briefings 'Outrage', 'Whataboutism' and 'own the libs' seem to be the constant themes Honest reporting will go a long way not an editorial bias

Except they’re not loyal. It is not loyal opposition, it is racist, endured radicalized idiot's, for white supremacy. They must always be independent America is not a dictatorship mister Murdoch Why does Trump lie? To protect himself from shame. Why does he make it all about himself? To protect himself from shame. Is there a method to his madness? Yes, to protect himself from shame.

Can they at least use FACTS to oppose instead of conspiracy theories and outright lies? Scare and unbalanced Any US news calling out bias of other news networks is the height of hypocrisy. They are all blatantly biased. NBC/MSNBC gave glowing coverage to Obama like FOX did for Trump. All bias. All the time.

At least he is more honest than his old man..... Wild at last fox said something true Wtf Nice that he cleared that up