Fox News judge says 'no basis' to charge protesters with sedition: 'absurd'

Fox News judge says 'no basis' to charge protesters with sedition: 'absurd'

9/18/2020 5:25:00 AM

Fox News judge says 'no basis' to charge protesters with sedition: 'absurd'

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a judicial analyst at Fox News, countered U.S. Attorney General William Barr's reported advice to federal prosecutors last week.

Barr's rhetoric regarding protests against police abuse and racism often calls for prosecution. The attorney general also suggested the Department of Justice's civil rights division evaluate whether the establishment of Seattle's CHOP (an acronym for Capitol Hill Occupy Protest, or Capitol Hill Organized Protest) could warrant criminal charges against Mayor Jenny Durkan, the

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Timesreported.Demonstrations that began to surface after George Floyd's death in custody last May have persisted across the country into September, as police shootings continue to occur and clashes escalate between protesters and law enforcement.During Thursday's

Fox and Friendsappearance, Napolitano said the government"should" pursue charges against protesters who have damaged property or injured others, but noted that sedition refers to a different crime entirely.Demonstrators march toward the North Precinct Police Station in Portland, Oregon, on September 6, amid ongoing protests against police violence and racism.

ALLISON DINNER/AFP via Getty Images"There's nothing wrong with aggressive prosecution. In fact, in the face of violence in the street that is destroying government property, private property and injuring individuals, that's what the government should do," the judge concluded."But this is not the case for sedition. Sedition was the sedition laws which, by the way, go back to 1798, sedition laws written for those who plan and plot to overthrow the government either by violence or some other means."

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Dismantle BLM now!! Many openly declare themselves to be anarchists and they literally created an autonomous zone that excluded law enforcement by the state and resulted in deaths. Only fascists and authoritarian regimes would label those protests sedition or terrorism. Full stop.

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