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Fourteen killed after Turkish strike in Ras al Ain

Fourteen killed after Turkish strike in Ras al Ain


Fourteen killed after Turkish strike in Ras al Ain

The Syria n Observatory for Human Rights said a Turkish air strike on a convoy in...

Observatory Director Rami Abdulrahman said the strike had hit a gathering of civilians who had come to Ras al Ain from the city of Qamishli to show support as the town is targeted by Turkish forces attacking Kurdish-led forces in northern Syria.

There were no details available of who the colleagues were.

It then showed images of people panicking with bloodied faces and trucks burning after the convoy was hit.

Reporting by Suleiman Suleiman Al-Khalidi in Amman and John Irish in Paris; Writing by Tom Perry; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky and Frances Kerry

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real_farmacist When will it stop Is any of the fourteen's last name Khashogji? ? No Then no one cares. It's just a number of nobodies who don't matter much. Ten million killed by Asad, terriost PKK,pyd,SDF ten million refugees.look at a few thousand terriost more important for western.these r no good U?

ELINTNews The United States admits that it supports the terrorist organization pkk. Fourteen terrorist killed!!!🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 Prove it. Stop fooling people. You always make false news. Pkk terrorist group kills 9-month-old baby with bomb. Why don't you write this right news? PKK terrorist organization took pledge civilians. You don't care about innocent people. 😡

I do not need a play-by-play on what's going on in Syria. How about what's going on in Ecuador or in Haiti or in France protest or the Hong Kong protest. Why not report on that media? Fourteen killed 'after' strike? How long after? Was a serial killer following the military? 😢😢😢😢😢😡😡😡😡😡

Turkish-led forces enter Syrian border town Ras al Ain, fighting ragesTurkish-backed Syria n rebels advance into the border town of Ras al Ain as Turkey pursues a cross-border offensive against a Syria n Kurdish militia despite an outcry from the United States and European Union and warnings of possible sanctions Turks, Kurds, Arabs and Assyrians lived in this land for peace for hundreds of years. you are evil and do it for oil and Israel

clean work... Fourteen civilians of course :( OperationSpringPeace BarisPinarHarekati TurkeyJustKilledTerrorists Kurds and Turks brothers. Pkk not honest. We lived in this land for hundreds of years brotherly, we will continue to live. Turkey against PKK. Because PKK is a terror organisation. Liar bitch

Adding a picture taken on top of a city is not convincing. see the source below (Reporting by Suleiman Suleiman Al-Khalidi in Amman and John Irish in Paris; Writing by Tom Perry; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky and Frances Kerry) Fourteen killed terrorists. This will be better. What happens if terrorists surrender. This is the Turkish humanity attitude. We never hurt civillians even we feed surrendered terrorists.

No no no no fake news as usual and as always. The only truth is 14 YPG=PKK terrorists has been killed for the sake of our country as well as for the region.

Turkish-led forces advance into Syrian border town, fighting ragesTurkish-backed Syria n rebels advanced into Ras al Ain in northeast Syria on Saturday, saying the town center had been taken. Kurdish-led forces denied this and said they were counter-attacking What’s left to be taken? You’ve destroyed everything already Your allies... Yesterday

not sure why they are still a Nato member, maybe i'll ask vlad. Not fourteen killed , killed fourteen teroeristypg Turkish Army wishes good flights to terrorists fourteen terorist 👍 Where do the convoy of civilians go there? There is a gun fight in the region and guess what let’s get together and go somewhere with friends right? Damn this is shallow.

What were you expecting? Strike with flowers? THIS WAS a RussianSyrianTrumpSETUP. This was the PLAN ALL ALONG. TrumpBetrayedOurAllies TrumpPutinGenocide TrumpIsAWarCriminal TrumpIsARussianAsset DethroneTheMadKing GOPAccomplices CountryOverParty ImpeachAndRemoveTrumpNOW

As new Syrian exodus unfolds, some fear they will never go homeKurdish doctor Farid Mustafa was one of the last to flee Ras al-Ain as Turkish b... Lovely, gentle people. Put the rest of us to shame with what they have endured. Was that ever even a possibility for them to go home? I never thought they would.

Turkey-backed Syrian rebels seize Ras al Ain town center: officialTurkish-backed Syria n rebels seized control of Ras al Ain's town center in ... Turkish Genocide 2019 = ancient Armenian Genocide

Turkey-backed forces seize control of Syrian border town as offensive continuesTurkish-backed Syria n rebel factions overran the Syria n border town of Ras al-Ayn on Saturday, officials said, securing a strategic passageway for Turkey ’s offensive against a U.S. Just as Trump knew would happen. And somewhere Putin smiles. Sleep well America. Lord Browne liza Leslee Lambardi.

74 Kurdish-led fighters killed in Turkish offensive: monitorThe death toll among Syria n Kurdish-led fighters battling a Turkish offensive ha... Vrrryy rare ? Live example of US's use & throw policy! LindseyGrahamSC this is what you wanted realDonaldTrump you too

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