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Four-year-old boy bitten while trying to pat a crocodile in zoo enclosure

Four-year-old boy bitten while trying to pat a crocodile in zoo enclosure

11/24/2020 4:25:00 PM

Four-year-old boy bitten while trying to pat a crocodile in zoo enclosure

The child reportedly put his hand through a fence in an attempt to pat the predator.

while reaching into an Israeli zoo enclosure.The child reportedly put his hand through a fence in an attempt to pat the predator when the animal attacked on Saturday."We were hanging around the park and having fun, and he probably wanted to go back in, I didn't really see," Hanan, the boy's mother, told N12 News."I heard screams—I went over and his hand looked like it had been torn off".

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The boy was pulled out of danger and treated at the scene by paramedics at the Crocoloco Crocodile Farm before being airlifted to a hospital to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba."When we arrived at the scene, we saw a 4-year-old boy in his mother's arms," MDA paramedic Gadi Gohar and MDA (Magen David Adom, Israel's emergency medical service) paramedic Danny Aviv told the

Jerusalem Post."He had suffered an injury to his hand and was in pain. We saw bite marks. People at the scene gave him first aid at the remote direction of an MDA paramedic and stopped his bleeding.""With the help of an IDF medical force, we provided him with life-saving medical treatment along with pain medications and transferred using an MDA helicopter that landed nearby and evacuated him to Soroka Hospital when his condition was moderate-to-severe."

Surgeons were able to regain feeling in his hand, mend several of the broken bones and repair tissue, Dr. Yuri Kalasov, from Soroka's orthopedic surgery ward, said.Downplaying the incident, the head Security Officer for the Central Arava Regional Council, Uri Lev, said the boy's hand was merely scratched after"defying the safety instructions" at the park.

Newsweek subscription offers >"The instructions given at the entrance to the site are not to approach the fence and the pools and to watch from a distance of at least one meter," he said."The instructions were translated into Arabic for the child by his mother."

"The boy wandered alone for a few moments, approached the young crocodiles' pool—defying the safety instructions—and put his hand through the fence. One of the young crocodiles grabbed his palm with his teeth and scratched it."The park manager described the injury as being"equivalent to a dog bite, a bite along the hand. We put a bandage on him," telling N12 that"there is unnecessary hysteria here."

He has since been questioned by Dimona police over concerns of negligent endangerment and operating without a business license. Read more: Newsweek »

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You don't pat crocs. Crocs pat you. Don't blame the croc. Not its fault that the child is an orphan. Did Trump build that enclosure? They are friendly, because we can handle them. That is why the fence allows you to reach them, because we can handle them. That park is too keeper! There's a strange, new, strength to that on the flip side too though. We can handle crocodiles.

Winner of the mother of the year award 👏 “The child wandered alone...”. Great parenting there. His parents were...where? It's not an Alligator. Crocs have you on their meal list, period. 'No comment' Don't 'pat' crocodiles And who thought that was a good idea? Even if the gator was named Cutie I would still not mess with it.

that will teach him to keep his hands to himself Literally wtf how is a four year old able to pet a crocodile? Such neglect. Now there is great learning lesson Where tf were his parents lmao