Four People Shot at High School Football Game in Alabama, Video of Chaos

Four People Shot at High School Football Game in Alabama, Video of Chaos

10/16/2021 4:52:00 PM

Four People Shot at High School Football Game in Alabama, Video of Chaos

A high school football game abruptly ended Friday night after gunfire erupted and 4 people were shot.

It's unclear where the shots came from, but it appears the shooter was not on the field or in the stands. As you see from the video, the players dropped to the ground and people in the stands fled ... leaving the stadium in a panic.The shooter was not apprehended and it's unclear if police have any leads. A witness told cops 2 people and possibly more fled the stadium in a white sedan after the shooting, but it's unclear if they had anything to do with the shooting.

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By everyone having a gun there will be less killing? But if they all had guns they could have protected themselves. Everyone should have had guns. Why weren't the football players packing? Coach better condition that boy or he a goner So quick to gain attraction off people’s trauma and blood. NightCrawler vibes

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F’sad it’s so old Alabama. Lol probably need more cops/screening at events. Come on people do better *Take a 🔫 gun, start shooting & take innocent lives seems it has become a fashion statement in US these days* 🤷

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