Four injured, gunman dead, after shooting at Heidelberg University in Germany

Multiple people have been injured in a shooting at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. Police say the gunman is dead.

Germany: Shooting At Heidelberg University Leaves Several Wounded, Gunman Dead - Cnn

1/24/2022 4:24:00 PM

Multiple people have been injured in a shooting at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. Police say the gunman is dead.

A lone perpetrator injured several people in a shooting in an auditorium at the University of Heidelberg, in south west Germany on Monday, police said.

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😱 Quick! What’s his name? What gun was he using? How many dead, injured, maimed? That’s how you report on incidents of mass violence right? Just incase anyone needs to know the WORLD is going to hell. Trump created all of this mass terror in the US. Lies. Hate. Stress. Everyone has something to fear. Prayerfully the injured will fully heal both physically and emotionally.

🙏🏻 SOB! Maybe the shooter was a targeted individual But they cant have guns? How is this possible? 🙄 Sunni or Shiite? NATO attack Trying to push Germany into joining their little military gang Send love and best wishes to the innocent lives who were hurt There's a big difference between working with someone reliable and one who's not. This is really amazing I just got another $15,000 with a little investment of $2,000 within a week. i really give thanks to God for making me come across your platform stellafxjeffrey

Several wounded in shooting in German city; gunman deadGerman police say a lone gunman wounded several people at a lecture hall in the southwest city of Heidelberg

That's a lie. Germany has strict gun laws that protect people from this kind of thing. the keyword is lone - he became insane because of loneliness, but nobody helped him socialize. that's the point. 👀 BREAKING on CNN: Europe doesn't need these crazies killing people right now. Baby world pop Why does CNN report a shooting in Germany but ignores the pandemic of homicides in Liberal gun restrictive cities?

Police Heidelberg neuenheimer feld... da wo erfolgreiche krebsforschung zuhause ist. Make Deutschland Great Again

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(CNN)A lone gunman opened fire in an auditorium at Heidelberg University in south west Germany on Monday, injuring four people, police said. The perpetrator, described as a young man, is dead, a police spokesman told CNN. Police said the lone gunman began shooting while a lecture was taking place, before running outside. A police spokesperson told Reuters they believe he killed himself.One of those shot in the incident was seriously injured, according to CNN's German affiliate n-tv. Read MoreAt this stage, officers cannot determine a motive for the incident in the Neuenheimer Feld area of the city, the police spokesman told CNN.A large-scale police operation is underway:"Police and emergency services are on the scene," Mannheim Police said in a tweet.Heidelberg University is Germany's oldest, according to its website.