Americas, Brazil: Sexual And Physical Violence Against Women On The Rise - Cnn

Americas, Brazil: Sexual And Physical Violence Against Women On The Rise - Cnn

Four girls are raped every hour in Brazil, study finds

In Brazil, four girls under 13 are raped every hour and every two minutes police receive a report of violence against women.


Four girls under 13 are raped every hour in Brazil and every two minutes police receive a report of violence against women, according to a study by Brazilian Forum of Public Security, which found violence against women and girls is worsening in the country

In Brazil, four girls under 13 are raped every hour and every two minutes police receive a report of violence against women.

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By all means let those same men flood across our border!! Common sense says no. Who the heck conducts all this studies? Does this study seem plausible to a reasonable human? Are you trying to tell the public that 720 women are physically abused each day(i.e 262,800 women each year) and 96 girls of age 13 are raped each day(i.e 35,040 a year).

Brazil been breeding a sex culture for decades.... When will you report the thousands of sexual assaults and rapes committed by ILLEGAL ALIENS in America Disgusting people in this world. Is Brazil becoming next “rape capital” after india? This is horrifying scissors for self defence and soon it will have an end

In Brazil, land of beaches and samba, a sumo wrestling academy thrivesMie Nishi bills itself as the only gym outside Japan solely dedicated to sumo. It’s a vibrant, and sweaty, reminder that Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside the homeland and its culture has become an ever-present part of Brazilian life.

Does anyone in Brazil care? 😠 Are rapes a BRICS Phenomena ?🤪 You think that's bad? In The United States, women have every single right and opportunity that men have, yet still rally and march for 'Women's Rights.' :( FAKE NEWS Hosting Olympics there was fine though👍👍👍👍 They should carry a gun and they wont get raped

This is an absurd statement. In one year, 35K girls. In four years, 140K, and you would believe that in a continental democratic country, with free press, we would never hear about the phenomenon? Or it started to happen suddenly when a new right-wing government was elected? Sigh. Whaaaat?!?!? I am Brazilian. This is not to be believed without major checks. The press here is completely armed against a 9-month- old government and this Forum is owned by one of the most fiercely militant media company.

Neymar's Accuser Hit With Criminal Charges In Brazil For Lying About RapeThe model who accused Neymar of raping her in a hotel has been hit with extortion and fraud charges. Was she tho.. 🤔

BREAKING NEWS What is liberties? When gay can be laud conservative free of Radicals attacks. Simple but Radicals not allowed to learn- Chinese can cut them off payroll SundayMotivation Hong Kong live now Dear God Democrats - let everyone from Brazil come to the U.S. Fake news. Homicides dropped by 25% in just 6 months with Bolsonaro in power, and every crime rate is falling dramatically. You the lying left said there would be a holocaust of gays, blacks and women, where is it?

And we always talk about Asian countries, going by this South American countries seems to be the worst. Malala can you use the power of your voice for real atrocities on women like these? Why waste a Nobel Prize with a narrative built on falsehood? Wow....too bad....not only in SA....this is really bad PSeretlo watu68550651 kabelodick

Moral values have long fallen. The family across the world is nonexistent. The freedom to mis-have is alarming hence no end to these dirty news. just like Arab countries girls r disposable objects

FIBA World Cup results: U.S. earns Olympics berth with win over BrazilThe first mission for the U.S. is complete: The Americans are going to the Tokyo Olympics. And now the World Cup quarterfinals await. And now the main mission: leadership in the medal standings. Come on! L.A. Olympics coming soon. Time goes fast. Show what you are capable of!

😢 :( Horrifying Everything is worsening here since Bolsonaro was elected It's all because of drugs جانب من المعارك التي خاضها حراس العقيدة شاهد Whoa. Six out of ten African girls do not finish school for reasons of Gender Based Violence. They are a commodity used by all...where did our humanity slither off to?

The same thing is going on in the USA. Illegal immigrants are raping women everyd and the Democrat's will not do anything about it. In fact they encourage it by trying to eliminate ICE. I wonder how many Americans are raped each day in America by illegal immigrants?

Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Brazil in November for BRICS summitBrazil's Vice President Hamilton Mourao said on Monday that Chinese Preside... Winnie the pooh heading to Brazil! Wrong pic. Ahí tienen al principal recolector de los frutos del incendio.

Countries should take care of their own problems. Why can't these countries solve their own problems? Why does America have to step in on all abuse cases? They have rulers of their own. I can't help everyone in my neighborhood because I would go broke. Oh...! sad HOW HORRID A MAN HAS TO BE TO RAPE A CHILD? IF THESE STATISTICS TELL A TRUE TALE WHAT THE HELL ELSE ARE THEY GONNA DO NEXT? START CASTRATING GUILTY MEN SEE HOW THAT WORKS!💔💔💔

Rapists are rare in China Why do liberals want that kind of evil here unless they are coming out as evil like we didin't already know? It’s really sad that you can’t trust CNN as a news source. They are ANTI AMERICAN Open the border and let 'em right in. We needs more DemonRat voters! It should be obvious that Trumpsonaro doesn't care about the Climate, the truth, or women's issues.

Almost like Europe 🤔

China clears 25 Brazil meat plants for export, lifting sharesChina granted export licenses to 25 Brazilian meatpacking plants, Brazil's ... The meat company is named barf? so much winning! he has decimated the farmers. the Chinese are NEVER coming back and the U.K. doesn't want our genetically engineered foods

Wearing sexy revealing cloth is partly or totally responsible for rape. According to the US department of justice 1996 every 32seconds 1case of rape take place in America.islam prescribe hijab to protect the chastity nd modesty of a women.adoft the system the rape will reduce. Now do India Young girls missing everyday in Jamaica 😢

Smh wild جانب من العمليات النوعية لدولة الإسلامٌٌٌ It's so embrassing.😢 :( Can this be said of all the South American Country's? Rape It's amazing, 8 children raped in Montgomery county, by illegal aliens in a month. This gets more attention. Both are terrible Women in America are Raped Everyday also. It's not just in Brasil. America founded on Rape, Murder, and Enslavement of the Africans in Chains for Free Labor for Money and Profits. It was probably the same in Brasil where the African Slaves first arrived here from African.

Brazil, Mexico begin trade talks amid Bolsonaro push for export dealsBrazil and Mexico have begun talks on a free trade deal, officials said on Monda... Japan has dolphin hunters driving two pods of dolphins into a cove RIGHT NOW where they will be kidnapped or slaughtered. End the Demand for Dolphins! Tell the fans 'Don't Buy A Ticket'!! annastolichnaya I cannot see how this is surprising, since he ran on trying to revive the Brazilian economy. it seem 'unhappy face' , try smile with sour

The worse president that brazilians already had. Maybe will be the next Hitler. Violence against Women is Terrible in Brasil. But it's probably like that all around the World. Brazilian president is the principal cause of that. CNN sells heroin to opioid addicts, study finds YES IT IS . I BELIEVE THAT AS THE TIME IS GOING BY THIS SITUATION WILL BE SOLVED . GRACE AD PEACE .

by who and in which areas? Leave and flood America with ur pretty faces and move to Freedom...... hope they start killing the rapists Horrible news. Women deserve better. Fucking horrible but thank you for actually reporting on important things finally

Oof This people are sick. Why do they do to the kids? They need to be locked away for years. This is deplorable and go figure another extremist president. Governments refusing to be responsible for law and order anymore. And are incapable of any decent leadership all stemming from globalization and corruption. I have never seen so much corruption in my life.

Four girls under 13 are raped every hour in US and every two minutes police receive a report of violence against women, according to a study by US Forum of Public Security, which found violence against women and girls is worsening in the country nytimes FinancialTimes el_pais Did you share the new numbers of rape in Sweden? Perhaps you should...

Just look into the report of Employment, WhatsApp usage and cheap data plans across countries, and you will get the answer...India must be the first on this list.... And yet you ignore the children being raped by illegal aliens here in the US on a daily basis Only to make it clear a consented kiss in a girl under thirteen is considered rape by our law, whatever who commit it!

Joe Biden will solve this problem. Give me a few minutes and I will compute these numbers. CNN, is the two minute stat included under the 4 girl under 13 raped stat? That is violence against women. Also, does this factor in unreported acts of violence against women? Every hour, four men are commiting atrocities deserving a death sentence. Anyone capable of participating in such acts (13 year olds!) should not be allowed to walk among us!

Where there’s hatred for women, there’s hatred for the Earth (Amazon fires) Trump was right What is it in the US Now do Central America and consider 80% of the ‘ migrant ‘ caravans are young men. Legalize guns. and you rape the public with fake news Why don't you mention that in President jairbolsonaro 's 6 months in office there are 22% less violent deaths in 2018 compared to 2017?

Why don't you mention that under President jairbolsonaro ‘s government, there are 6.7% less intentional homicides of women in 2018 compared to 2017? Why didn't you highlight that the study was conducted in 2015? Are you going to erase again my comment ?

Latin America notorious, & Dem Repub of Congo 'Rape capital of the world' & we're getting migrants from these countries by the hundreds or 1,000s? daily- we know nothing of these ppl or previous criminal histories So how are You going to Blame Trump for this ? Like you Normally try to do It is problem of people mentality. We can not control crime till we make change mentality of people. Brazilian goverment need to think what is going wrong in there's culture and education system which making people that much brutal.

And the Democrats wanna let these rapist just come into our country free-for-all no questions asked. Ridiculous. WTF BRAZIL Take a look in South Africa....Same watsapp group...!! divas_diary Do you talk about those that are raped in the United States by illegals? How about the MS13 rapes and killing in the Maryland sanctuary city of Montgomery county? Nope! SpeakerPelosi and the gang won’t let you!

So it’s like Minnesota ? ColeOutFoxThem 🤬

This is consequence of 15 years of leftism in Brazil. And NO punishment for criminals. This that mariadorosario defends every day. There is no safe place in South America it's a dump The side effects of TV was such that India has altered her basic traditions of dressing up, eating, speaking, sleeping, etc. The pitfalls of internet is killing the innocence of children. Most pornography comes from the US just as weapons. Obviously POCSO Act is ineffective.

And with the BR president, jairbolsonaro , promoting sex tourism... dPcDmyt3eiI0lQE 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 We have the same here in the UK but we call them Pakistanis..😐 I have a feeling a whole lot of trump supporters are about to book vacations to Brazil. That's Socialism for ya ..... Wait..... Don't we have like 10 Candidates running on A socialistic platform ?

But America is amongst the top ten worst nation's for women to live in, got it Venezuela and Brazil are murder and rape domains of the world.

seriously?.. its a great shame to the country and south America Sounds like liberal run cities in America. There's no way there's enough women in Brasil to support those numbers. FakeNews EPSTEIN & HIS DEMOCRAT GLOBALIST PEDO BUDDIES DID MORE So let's not move to Brazil. And let's allow Brazilian women to seek asylum here. Our rape statistics are lower.

S hole place is why Que democracia? A do STF?Um cabo e um soldado já 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 No. More than that per second but.... You cultivated only criminal Men, shun non criminals, genuinely aren't worth fighting for or caring about. This madness should eventually stop! Someone should take actions 😓

In Brazil, if you get a 100 years sentence, you can only be compelled to serve 30y. Statutory rape here is a felony sanctioned with 8 to 15y. If the offender has no priors, he will be on the streets in aprox 5y Yet bizarrely CNN wants open borders Not surprised it is human nature. and we Goff at it, try to deny it, but it has always been in man to be the dominant species, to dominate it's lesser counterpart Women! This is the reality of life.

Why the police don't take serious action about that. 😬 What makes one human greater than another human? How much $ we have or skin color,religion? I believe in Humanity. We are all the God we put our Hopes,Faith in. All are given life w/ the choice of what kind of human we’ll be. Isn’t how we treat each other decides our greatness

7 people were raped in a month in MontgomeryCoMD by recently released rapists because ICE “didn’t pick them up in time”. Start executing the rapists.... that will deter and eliminate repeat offenders.

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