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Formula 1 Champion Nico Rosberg: Governments Must Do More For Electric Vehicles

Formula 1 Champion Nico Rosberg: Governments Must Do More For Electric Vehicles

7/24/2021 10:33:00 PM

Formula 1 Champion Nico Rosberg : Governments Must Do More For Electric Vehicles

Formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg explains how sustainable racing can raise environmental awareness but governments still need to do more to promote the rollout of electric vehicles.

However, although Rosberg invested in Formula E, he has made a much more proactive commitment to the new electric motorsport, Extreme E. This is an off-road series that involves races held in some of the most endangered environments in the world, using hugely powerful “Odyssey” electric SUVs and a racing team with one male and one female driver paired together. Rosberg has not only invested, but he is also an Extreme E team owner. “It’s a sister race series to Formula E but built around a social cause,” explains Rosberg. “That’s what I like about it. It’s built around equality, and that’s really exciting to see.”

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Rosberg particularly likes the way Extreme E is not just about the racing, but how it raises awareness around the threats to the areas where the racing takes place. “Extreme E is involved in local initiatives to counteract threats and to slow down and stop climate change,” he says. “In Senegal, we planted one million mangroves. Extreme E involves campaigns driven by purpose.”

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Extreme E for racing fans, however, is how it rekindles the longstanding rivalry between Nico Rosberg and former Mercedes F1 teammate Lewis Hamilton, who also owns an Extreme E team. However, so far the Rosberg X Racing team has the upper hand over Hamilton’s X44,

winning the inaugural eventand the second race in Senegal, with a current healthy team points lead. Rosberg doesn’t seem to think the rivalry holds any bitterness, though. “It’s really exciting,” he says. “It’s great to see that Lewis has joined the path of sustainability. Fans love watching the battle of Rosberg against Hamilton. It makes the competition more intense.”

Rosberg also drives an electric car himself, anAudi e-tron, backing up his public promotion of sustainability with his own choice in personal transportation. “It’s a great family car and is nice for the conscience!” he exclaims. “I use an eco-friendly energy provider, and that saves going to the fuel station. It’s a normal car.”

However, Rosberg also reckons that for electric vehicles to catch on enough to help prevent the climate crisis, governments need to do more, including in the UK. “The UK government has taken a great step by promising to phase out fossil fuel cars by 2030,” he says. “That’s a big commitment. However, they also need to encourage a faster roll out of electric charging stations with more grants and more support. They need to take any way they can to further subsidize electric cars.”

Nico Robsberg draws a pint of lager at the Heineken Greener Bar.Matt CrossickNevertheless, Rosberg is still optimistic that we can solve the climate crisis. “This will be a decisive decade,” he argues. “But countries are doing more and more, forcing the hands of companies on CO2 emissions. The companies know they have to get behind it. This is why I’m super proud to be associated with Heineken and the Greener Bar.”

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Rosberg’s commitment seems to extend to his own health. When I ask Nico Rosberg what his favorite beer is, the answer is not Heineken’s famously red-star-branded classic lager, but the recently launched non-alcoholic 0.0 version. It seems that after making his name in a sport that burns energy at a prodigious rate with considerable risk of personal injury, Nico Rosberg’s commitment to sustaining his own body is as strong as his desire to sustain the planet.

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