Formerly incarcerated woman runs to be 1st Black woman in Congress from Tennessee

A formerly incarcerated woman runs to be 1st Black woman in Congress from Tennessee.

8/1/2020 3:00:00 PM

A formerly incarcerated woman runs to be 1st Black woman in Congress from Tennessee.

Keeda Haynes served over three years in prison for a crime she says she didn’t commit. Now, she’s challenging a 17-year Democratic incumbent for a seat in Congress.

Along with supporting criminal justice reform and the Black Lives Matter movement, the 42-year-old Haynes is also passionate about issues such as providing access to affordable housing, raising the minimum wage and reducing student loan debt."We are reimagining each and every system so that Black lives can matter across every single spectrum," she said.

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Haynes, who is from Franklin and later moved to the state's capital of Nashville, was the second of five children. She graduated from Tennessee State University with a degree in criminal justice and psychology. But just two weeks after graduating college, she had to turn down a position as a legal assistant because she had to report to federal prison.

Keeda Haynes, a 42-year-old former public defender who was previously incarcerated for a crime she says she didn't commit, is running for Congress in Tennessee.Keeda Haynes, a 42-year-old former public defender who was previously incarcerated for a crime she says she didn't commit, is running for Congress in Tennessee.

Courtesy Keeda HaynesAt 19, she started dating a man in Nashville for a few years and began accepting packages for his cellphone and beepers shop, she told ABC News. She later found out that those packages actually contained of marijuana. She spent three years and 10 months in prison -- on what was initially a seven-year mandatory minimum sentence -- on charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

In 2006, Haynes was finally released from prison while continuing to maintain her innocence. She went on to pass the bar exam and work in a public defender's office for over six years. Read more: ABC News »

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Stop her now before it's to late. Freeedom to change who you are. Upward mobility. American dream! Lots of formerly jailed people are in public office If it dont work out she can go to work for black lives matter with all the other criminals That sounds about right. If she loses I'm sure biden will make her apart of his cabinet. What a joke!

So now being a criminal is supposed to be a qualification for being a Democrat politician? Seems pretty 2020 to me. ABC news now advertising for criminal.Color me shocked. Is that racist too. A drug dealer...great! good for you Mz.Peace Amen!!!!!Do It!please!🤗God got your back! and not because you're a black woman!The cause is you know the Business!Amen!!✌

Still, much better than any single republican anywhere, current or currently running for office. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! Now this is what I’m talking about! Success of a woman who isn’t a victim! Just say no! I’m rooting for her! Now we are allowing felons to run for office! Hahaha! She dont stand a chance! And you should be ashamed for even showing her face

I'd vote for her if I lived there. Convicted felons can’t vote let alone hold office. I hope she does not get elected! Incarcerated for pot. Please. Is she a decades-long friend of Epstein, Maxwell, or Dershowitz? Democrats supporting criminals? Not suprised. Noooo we are done with BS people like you WE ARE DONE

She committed a crime. Served the time. Reformed her ways. Running for Congress. Great American story left or right. This is an inspiring story about courage and grit!!! This should motivate many to get up when they fall and to arm themselves with education and boldness ..keep rising my sister my prayers are with you!!!!

I’d have liked to be her cell mate She is a criminal so it makes sense to get into politics. Nope she’s th worst. She shanked a woman in prison for no good reason kit_myster She’s such a great story… I’m rooting for her in everything she tries. mandersonville Eh, stop criminalising cannabis. She should have never went to jail for it.

This is inspirational. She broke a stigma and many barriers. Hoping she has continued success. Never give up. 'Convicted felon runs for office which is totally cool because she's black and we're woke' Wow a cutie pie!! at least she already has 'convicted felon' on her resume, I guess it saves a step. First, I'm proud as an American to see record numbers of black women running for office. One thing I would like to make clear , though. I'm getting fed up with the RACE CARD coming up everytime one loses. I hope you WIN, but only because you ran a great campaign.

Go for it What does the black have to do with it Don’t we have enough criminals in Congress? A felon runs to be first black woman in Congress from Tennessee. There; fixed it for you. Powerful woman. America does a shit job of allowing folks out of prison to rebuild decent lives: I hope her actions can help us to change that.

why are you doing oppo research on this lady? As if she is not qualified to run. Please, leave that for her opponent and she can retaliate or explain herself if she has teeth in the game. You MSM suck sometimes Is this a transgender story? I do believe I see some chest hair. Boy is she beautiful, too 'She later found out that those packages actually contained of marijuana.' ...packages actually contained of marijuana.. ... actually contained of.. ... contained....of... Was the draft for this story written in crayon?

I hope she wins! A lot of these politicians have criminal histories that get whipped away with money so everyone talking shit needs to have several sits. Damn haters. 😂 sHe PaYeD hEr DuEs GuYzzz Since when did running determine who gets to be in Congress? I thought people had to vote on it. I’m worried about a few arrests and she actually did time... 😂🤣👍🏾

Good for her. She did her time. Her crime does NOT warrant a life sentence. I’ve seen white southern men with 2-6 DUIs (even while in office) still run and get elected to office. We know the real reason...KneeOnHerNeck A future incarcerated man is President of the United States because abc news would NOT say it, this woman is running as a DEMOCRAT. If she runs as a republican, abc news would be all over it.

Seems lots of people would rather pick and choose which laws we should follow. She broke the law? Some would say its no big deal if she snorted cocaine one time. But if she got caught with it....🤷‍♂️ The media will chew her up She paid her dues so what's the problem? Why is this news? A life saved, a life earned

Rooting for u 🙌🏿 God bless America 🇺🇸 'Formerly incarcerated' is a euphemism for CONVICTED FELON. psst, don't tell anybody but there just may be a fraudulent vote cast in tn, holla! Vote for her! KeedaHaynes A convicted felon. Well at least she admits to being a criminal...unlike the present Congress, full of crooked, cheating, scheming, undehanded backstabbing politicians that lie about the good that they thought about doing not telling the truth about all the bad already done in plain sight.

A convicted felon? She’ll fit right in on the left! 🤦🏼‍♀️ WE NEED HONEST PEOPLE, she gets my vote Why would you reference her as black? Black is listed as a adjective & not a noun. Firstly; what is this “woman” you speak of? Odd how you don’t tell the story of a formerly incarcerated black woman running for Congress as a Republican.

I hope she gets an opportunity for change No that's impossible. This is a white supremacist country. The poor black people dont have the same opportunity as evil white people. Sorry, but either YOUR rhetoric is B.S, or this story is. (I'm going with BS rhetoric) Okay but why this lowkey look like jesshilarious

Give her a sweet deal SHE CAN RUN MY DISTRICT, ANYTIME She looks like a babe. Only felons should run for Congress So, now only race means her credibility?

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