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Former Secretary of State Colin Powell Dies at 84

Colin Powell, a four-star general and first Black secretary of state, has died at 84 of Covid-19 complications, his family said on Facebook

10/18/2021 3:44:00 PM

Colin Powell , a four-star general and first Black secretary of state, has died at 84 of Covid-19 complications, his family said on Facebook

Colin Powell , who as a retired four-star general and former White House national security adviser went on to serve as the first Black secretary of state, has died at 84.

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bozo RIP. A really honest ethical guy who got cheated in his last days by none other than his Boss & the war mongering coterie..... had the decency to admit his ' greatest mistake ' May his soul find eternal peace. May his soul rest in peace amen One of the best and honest four star generals the USA has ever known passed away today. He will be remembered as a hero brutality honest. It did not matter whether you were a republican or democrat. We will truly miss him.

What a great man Condolences. I'm afraid if secretary of state wasn't he at that time. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽RiP Even while fully vaccinated? Woooww So sad. What a great gentleman and leader Such a good man. A smart man. A real patriot! I had always hoped that he would run for the Presidental Office. He will be greatly missed. Why no words from our “President?'

Killed by unvaccinated. What a loss. Condolences to the family.

Live updates: Colin Powell's death at 84 Colin Powell , the first Black US secretary of state, has died. He was 84 years old. He died from complications from Covid-19, his family said on Facebook. Working with him Ft McPherson, GA a true honor and privilege. This was a man and a Republican that l could fully respect. Sadly those days are long gone. May he Rest In Peace. This guy use the washing powder to invade Iraq?

Throw the race card out in the first sentence. Media doesn't do that for successfull folks from Asia or India do they? Colin Powell and the Beltway Press Corps . . . Ahh finally this animal died Rest in peace 🙏🏼 War criminal. Terrible headline Sorry to learn COVID-19 took his life. RIP. Meanwhile, I thought that vaccinated people are safe

Colin Powell also had blood cancer and was immuno-comprised! His death was a direct result of the many GQP cult American's that have refused to get the vaccine and caused the virus to proliferate! Colin Powell was Part of Bush’s Iraq Destruction Team that their hands are are deep in blood of people… killing of American soldiers…and promoting Islamic fundamentalism …❗️❗️❗️

Former Secretary Of State Colin Powell Dead After COVID ComplicationsPowell, the first Black U.S. secretary of state, was receiving treatment at Walter Reed National Medical Center, his family said. He was 84. How many people died by his lies. Impunity is the name of his legacy. 😭😭😭😭 RIP

Jesus y’all love making arguments, just say rip and keep it moving 😂 My condolences to the family abd friends. He was 84, he had a long life with outstanding experiences to be proud of. R.i.P. General War Criminal. rip The lie about covid 19 vaccine is the biggest that was and will ever be told That being said all those behind the covid pandemic must be and should be punished, the world owe the dead that moral obligation

A war criminal! The man lied to the UN about Sadam having weapons of mass destruction in order to invade Iraq! Secretary Powell was the epitome of what it is to be a Statesman. An inspiration to me as a soldier, a leader, a family man, but as a black man who broke barriers who was excellent in his accomplishments based on his intellect, character and force of will.

ColinPowell will be remembered, among other things, for getting the first Iraq war right and the second Iraq war, and Afghanistan, wrong. HE WAS FULLY VACCINATED; LET'S GO BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell dies from Covid complicationsBREAKING: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell , the first Black Secretary of State, died Monday due to complications from Covid-19, his family said in a statement on Facebook. The world is a long way from a cure to COVID19 RIP, sir. I hope your passing isn't for naught. I hope all the vaccination protesters grasp the concept of the mitigation of a GLOBAL pandemic. A friend has a deadly disease and cannot be admitted to hospital because there are no beds which have been allotted to Covid patients. Lol apparently to trump geniuses… a 90% effectiveness of the vaccine means you are 100% covered from serious illness

RIP Colin Powell RIP Sir. YOU served your country well. However, Iraq was a war you were misled into believing it was for a cause that has proven to be nothing but a smokescreen. That's a legacy you shouldn't have taken. Om Shanti 🙏, may his soul RIP🙏 A Great Man! Covid Complications…sure😏 RIP... Rascal, fraud who killed millions of people in Iraq, Somalia, Philippine and Panama.

With a saddened heart, condolences are sent. Thank you for your service to this nation. It’s not an easy task leading the human race. You certainly have done your best, May the Good Lord receive you into His Peaceful Arms.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell dies from COVID-19 complicationsHis family said that the former secretary of state died after suffering from Covid-19 complications. He was fully vaccinated against the disease. WoW sorry to read this .. RIP i can hear fox whitewing product journos comparing george floyd's life with transnationalism faster than a trade embargo My cousin worked closely with a few years back. He was a great man. RIP

These posts 😞 Is this what you people ask when you show up to a funeral? “Was he vaccinated?!?” RIP General Powell I guess he's vaccinated right? But prayers for his soul and his family. I cried Let’s not forget, he was a member of the central ring that maliciously mislead the entire world into invading Iraq on false pretexts, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi. History will remember him as a war criminal!

Fully vaccinated and 84. What's your point? How old are you? Are you 84? Oops... fooled me. Remember to get vaccinated. You may live to see 84. Sorry for your lost, but he is really a washing power cheater. War Criminal I guess he just knew too much. Four-star general. First Black Secretary of State. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. National Security Advisor. Vietnam war veteran. Best selling author. Father. But yeah….George Floyd was a hero.


Colin Powell dies from COVID-19 complications, family saysGen. Colin Powell , the former secretary of state and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, died age 84 from COVID-19 complications, his family said Monday. Wow Did he find the WMDs in Iraq before he left us? RIP Wow. My deepest condolences to family and friends. He left a great legacy to this nation and those who served in uniform. Hooah!!!

Loved this man....always wanted him to be president 💛💛💛 And it’s thanks to people like this LIRR RIP great person ,respect . I couldn’t find the part that states he was also Vaccinated…

PHOTOS: Colin Powell through the yearsA look back at the first African American to serve as secretary of state and on the Joints Chief of Staff, Gen. Colin Powell . 😢 Thank god he got the shot, things could have gone badly for him otherwise...