Former RNC chairman on 2020 election: Y'all better buckle up!

'You cannot approach this election from a conventional perspective,' @MichaelSteele says. 'Donald Trump will play you for a sucker in a heartbeat if you do, because as we've already seen, he has no rules.'

8/2/2020 7:29:00 AM

'You cannot approach this election from a conventional perspective,' MichaelSteele says. 'Donald Trump will play you for a sucker in a heartbeat if you do, because as we've already seen, he has no rules.'

Donald Trump has said regarding whether he will accept the election results in November, ‘I will have to see.’ The 2020 election outcome possibly becoming chaotic is discussed by former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, who tells host Jonathan Capehart, ‘Democrats wake up. You cannot approach this election from a conventional perspective.’

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MichaelSteele Me MichaelSteele Soros has rules, tow the line MSNBC or you will be cuttoff!! MichaelSteele Amen MichaelSteele It’s gonna be ugly. MichaelSteele MichaelSteele MichaelSteele Pass the Walker to shuffling Donald. MichaelSteele its all up to us we the ppl. w/biden;s mental decline n dementia n do nothing-dems' extreme left-insanity (lawlessness, defund police; medicare for illegals; open borders; more taxes), we r not taking any chance w/our future.

MichaelSteele Time to clean up the mess! LetHerSpeak Jorgensen4POTUS VoteGold stop VoterSuppression LPNational LPIllinois LPNH LPofMN LPofRI LPTexas MichaelSteele All Trump supporters out there.... VoteBlueNoMatterWho End The Fuckery MichaelSteele You sore loser MichaelSteele MichaelSteele Did the hearing of AG Barr any rules Reclaiming my time That showed their contempt for rules once one asks a question one should be given a chance to respond

MichaelSteele Don't let Donald Trump steal your joy... Vote Blue all the way. MichaelSteele Hey buttercup, Biden’s no snowflake. Word to your mother!! MichaelSteele Just one... the rule of LAW. Be ready FakeNews MichaelSteele He actually plays BY the rules. That's why the pedo-satanist party is TERRIFIED.

Barack Obama's eulogy for John Lewis signals pivotal day in 2020 election: OPINIONThere are often pivotal days and moments in the midst of election campaigns. Yesterday definitely felt like one of those days, matthewjdowd writes. matthewjdowd matthewjdowd The president of the shadow government. Traitor!! matthewjdowd Not biased at all again, right? I mean who would guess the MSM would want to give their opinion instead of just reporting the news 🤦🏼‍♀️

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