Former officer charged in Capitol riot jailed after 'shopping spree' for dozens of firearms

A federal judge called his purchases 'a remarkable shopping spree for high-powered assault weapons.'

7/30/2021 8:02:00 AM

A former police officer in Virginia accused of entering the Capitol on Jan. 6 has been ordered to stay in jail after buying nearly three dozen guns online.

A federal judge called his purchases 'a remarkable shopping spree for high-powered assault weapons.'

04:18Robertson pleaded not guilty, and as a condition of his release he was ordered not to violate federal gun laws. But he was arrested earlier this month after the FBI said agents discovered last month that he ordered 34 firearms online to be shipped to a Roanoke gun dealer.

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Prosecutors said agents also found a partly assembled pipe bomb in their search of his home, which the FBI lab concluded could be used to make a functioning device. It did not contain any explosive material, but agents said they found several cans of gunpowder nearby.

Virginia National Guard Cpl. Jacob Fracker, left, and former Virginia police officer Thomas Robertson inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.U.S. Justice DepartmentRobertson's lawyer said the firearms were mostly World War II era weapons which he bought because he has an interest in antique guns. And he said the pipe bomb components were for a prop or dud device that Robertson previously had used to teach students in a law enforcement safety class when he was a police officer.

His lawyer also argued that Robertson never took possession of the guns he bought online, so he didn't violate the law forbidding people charged with felonies to have guns.Agents also found a partly assembled pipe bomb, which Robertson's attorney said were components for a prop or dud device used to teach students in a law enforcement safety class.

FBIBut U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper said Wednesday that the law also makes it a crime for someone charged with a felony to ship firearms. Previous court decisions have established that a person who causes a gun to be shipped is as legally responsible as someone who does the actual shipping.

Cooper also noted that since the arrest, Robertson"has expressed pride in his role" in the Capitol riot and"enthusiasm for the prospect of future political violence in comments posted online."The undisputed facts demonstrate a concrete risk that Robertson might participate in or provide material support to acts of ideologically motivated violence if released at this time," Cooper said.

The judge reached no conclusion about whether the pipe bomb components also violated the conditions of Robertson's bail.Pete Williams Read more: NBC News »

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Glad to hear the FORMER added in there. He should never again.hold any position of authority. You can have any views you want...expressing them aloud is a different matter. I guess this is proof that it's easier for a white man to buy 30 guns [WMD] online than it is for a POC to vote in America . amiright?

He looks like he’s gonna get whooped on the prison yard. What I kinda love about these nuts is in what tactical scenario does one person with THIRTY SIX GUNS do? Like…do they think you’re gonna live long enough to use each one individually? The actual worst case real world scenario is clandestine distribution to other nuts.

Good! Good. Looks like a bad guy What’s he going to do with all those guns if convicted? Don’t think he can legally possess them. Beavis and butthead.

Judge revokes pre-trial release of former Virginia cop facing Jan 6 chargesA federal judge on Wednesday ordered pre-trial detention of a former Virginia police officer who had 34 firearms on order at a gun dealership months after his arrest and initial pre-trial release on charges related to the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot. Republicans look into the Minnesota freedom fund that Harris was raising money for to get felonies out of jail, and her BLM Terrorist organization and make Pelosi answer questions Beautiful timing. So he was back in lock-up in time for Gohmert, Gaetz and Greene to arrive...

Deserves to stay in jail and are there additional charges they can bring? If so, do it!! Most Blacks and People of color have seen that smug evil look on many police officers during their life for no reason other than the Cops wanted to fk with them.. Keep him there. We have more than enough of these criminals in this part of VA.

For the uninformed. Purchasing a gun online does not mean it ships to your house. When bought it ships to a licensed FFL shop where they hold it until you pass a federal background check. Police officers like this are who taxpayers pay their hard earned money to PROTECT AND SERVE. They need to paint over that slogan that they have on the police cars, do investigates and FIRE them... PERIODT !!! Change has to begin in order for this country to be BETTER. 🤬

Lock him up and throw away the key. CherokeeNative3 Good ! TinaTmm9294 Good Like it's going to stick. Soon a slap on the hand and back into a society built in his favor. Get them off the streets and lock them up for life!

Trump made up injury to dodge Vietnam service, his former lawyer testifiesThe fragile pale boys calling Simone Biles weak are the same who happily bend over and spread their cheeks for a president who faked a bone spur injury to avoid duty. Please fall on your inadequately sized sword & let the competent journalists work

MalcolmNance I am ever sad that so man enforcement officers are part of trying to dismantle our Republic. When did they stop believing in country over party. They believed a person who encouraged violence as a sign of loyalty to him not country. Good! This is a terrorist. Treat him as one. Prison for life with no chance of getting out. We deport (or send to Guantanamo) no citizens but we can’t for him so prison for ever. This can’t not be allowed to happen, setting the example now will halt it.

Buying guns isn’t illegal, this headline is complete bullshit I believe most gun collectors have mental problems. geoff9cow See you at trial So here’s an idea….BAN ONLINE GUN SALES!….In person gun sales only is not too much to ask in a sane world. Getting vaccinated and buying masks for each day would have been cheaper. But seriously, there is something driving his fear. What does he think will happen to him that he needs to get guns to protect himself?

Let him rot in prison!!!

Former Slipknot Drummer Joey Jordison Dies At 46He was a founding member of the influential metal band in its most popular period and helped write many of its best-known songs. wow …why do you push totalitarianism & leftist ideologies that are corrupt? Is it because you receive funding from left wing sources so now you do as your told so you don’t lose funding. In fear you are controlled “journalism”…which is anti-free speech. RIP

BlackKnight10k Slap 'em on the wrist, send 'em home... & expect them to be different when they get there? Too right. What do you need 36 guns for? Solitary? Guantanamo? That’s a little scary. I wonder what he was thinking. Please don’t let my common sense get in the way of my stupidity. Freakin’ psychos, man.

Gee a domestic terrorist ex-cop, trying to overthrow the federal government, gets caught buying 3 dozen guns...why shouldn't he get bail? He's just another tourist... Aren’t these the officers who protect your communities?🤔 The January 6th attack on the US Capitol, was America's first, lynch mob' of the 21st century. We pray that it will be the last. The primary instigator of the mob Donald Trump, continues to praise these traitors to the US Constitution; as patriots.

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I wonder if he's pro or anti vaccine. You should credit wdbj roanoketimes for first reporting this. Good! Trump's buddy GOOD!!! Three dozen guns? Think maybe we might need stricter control? So IF he’s convicted he’ll get what, maybe 5 months of time served and busted to patrolman for a misdemeanor? DOJDoYourJob and get serious about prosecuting ad penalizing traitors.

Good . Who the hell buys 30 guns except someone wanting to start a war Where the hell do they get this money from to buy so much guns?

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Smh! You can not make this stuff up! Wow. There has to be a disconnect between what goes on in there mind and REALITY! SparrowOnTheEye Thank you Lord. This still what you guys are reporting on? It’s a complete distraction from what a failure the Biden administration is. You know what affects Americans way more than Jan. 6th? The highest inflation in 13 years. Or the $2 billion in insured property damage in 2020 from BLM riots.

Blue pills would have been cheaper. Maybe people should not be able to buy three dozen guns online. Good people always do things like this, lol Do you think after the first 2 dozen he was like “whoa, slow down me ….what am i doing exactly. This is nuts”…. Then paused and said fuk it it I need 12 more!! Trump's terrorists lockthemallup

Let him play with his unloaded guns in prison for a long time. Let him rot in jail.

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How does he buy guns online in jail? why on earth would 2 very handsome mayo men do such a bad thing? what drives what deviance and rage among mayos? I’m sure this guy and others are being deterred by the small fines and suspended sentences Serves him right. Yet here in NY we can’t even keep people in jail that get caught with illegal guns. Makes sense.

Keep him in there. Wonder why he wanted so many guns. One gun's not sufficient? Or does he have 35 friends that need one? erasmusbluewave Good, that's where he belongs. Just think. A year ago he was interacting with the public as a police officer. Who knows what kind of nonsense he pulled while in uniform.

tiffanyclay 😂😂😂 donald took his guns

'Show me who you hang with and I'll tell you who you are'. This guys extreme views and stockpiling of firearms clearly puts him in the fringe group of wackos, but he wasn't alone. Check his emails, search history, and phone records. There, you will find his accomplices. I’m glad it says former 👋 Is it true that felons can’t own guns?

banditthor 👏👏👏👏👏 Hope his blatant disregard extends his sentence. Their posturing is so nauseating. How that must be, huh? A little taste of his own medicine! Yep. Full-on nutter. Shows how much I know about guns, you can buy them online? What could possibly go wrong? This former cop broke the provisions of his bail big time. He's right where he belongs.

LatestAnonNews This guy should lose the privilege of being a law officer. Uuuuuhhhhhhh.......

How many BLM protesters brought guns online again? latstetter CapaTosta122 RJohnston815 lisaenglishsays Troydiscospider keidekay RPhaqo grannysidney BernieBitch420 Becca2400 RedBison john_brumjo Download tiktok and use my code I will give you extra $100 Click here Good. Sounds like a twisted puppy.

Where are the guns headed/located? Who sold them? Brilliant Move!