Former Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson expected to be witness for surprise Jan. 6 hearing

6/28/2022 6:45:00 AM

NEW: Former @MarkMeadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson expected to be witness for surprise @January6thCmte hearing

NEW: Former MarkMeadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson expected to be witness for surprise January6thCmte hearing

The identity of a witness who is expected to appear for the House Jan. 6 committee's hastily scheduled public hearing Tuesday has been revealed.

Cassidy Hutchinson, who served as a senior aide to onetime White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, will testify in the public event and is expected to be accompanied by a suite of lawyers and other guests, according to Punchbowl News.Timing, Side Effects, Vaccine Selection: Everything You Need to Know About Covid Vaccinations for Kids Under 5 The prospect of having to get vaccinated, which Acevedo-Cosio objected to on religious grounds, caused her to have heart palpitations and anxiety attacks, so she want on medical leave in August, the suit states.Hulu's 'Only Murders in the Building' Season 2: TV Review The complaint details numerous instances of alleged abuse over the course of the couple’s 20-year marriage.| USA TODAY One of the women who sued Deshaun Watson and accused him of sexual misconduct also has sued Watson’s former NFL team, the Houston Texans, accusing the organization of enabling the quarterback’s behavior in massage sessions.

JAN.6 COMMITTEE TO HOLD UNEXPECTED HEARING TUESDAY AFTER ANNOUNCING TWO-WEEK BREAK Hutchinson was with Meadows during the events that surrounded the Capitol riot and had been considering publicly testifying before the Jan.The next month, the hospital released a discipline procedure for unvaccinated employees that started with a written warning and could escalate to termination, the suit states.6 committee after replacing her lawyer who had ties to former President Donald Trump, CNN reported.Adam Venit allegedly used the time she was away from home to destroy evidence of his abuse.She has already given private testimony to the committee, some footage of which was played during the hearing last Thursday."For her own safety, plaintiff called security and was escorted out of PIH," the suit states.As an aide to the White House chief of staff, she was likely in contact with a bevy of top staff in the West Wing and privy to all sorts of behind-the-scenes scheming about how to challenge the 2020 election results.” Watson, now the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, recently reached a confidential settlement with 20 of the 24 women who have sued him over his alleged sexual misconduct in massage sessions in 2020 and early 2021.

During the fifth public hearing on Thursday, the committee displayed a clip of Hutchinson's testimony in which she testified that six members of Congress pursued a pardon from Trump, claims that the named members mostly denied or diminished.15, according to the suit.” Adam Venit in March 2021 filed for divorce.Another nugget that she can possibly attest to is Trump's alleged"approving reaction to the U.S.Capitol riot," per CNN.Adam Venit filed for his own restraining order to undercut his ex-wife’s assault claims, the lawsuit says.Jan.The same woman testified before a grand jury in Brazoria County, Texas, in March, the second grand jury that chose not to indict him on criminal charges.

6 committee plays testimony revealing that Reps.Brooks (AL), Biggs (AZ), Gaetz (FL), Gohmert (TX), Greene (GA) and Perry (PA) sought pardons.Trina Venit is represented by Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae, which represented Crews in his suit.@RepKinzinger (R-IL):"The only reason I know to ask for a pardon is because you think you've committed a crime." pic.twitter.THR Newsletters.’” Those resources included rooms set up for him at the Houstonian Hotel , massage tables provided to him for private massage sessions and a nondisclosure agreement form provided to him from the head of Texans’ security, according to the lawsuit.

com/yrArap5rTd — CSPAN (@cspan) June 23, 2022 Last week, the Jan.6 committee announced it was delaying its previously scheduled hearings in June until July due to a trove of new evidence it had amassed.This included footage from filmmaker Alex Holder, who secured interviews with Trump and other top White House staff as well as footage of the events surrounding the riot, and a flood of tips in response to the public hearings.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER On Monday, the committee announced a last-minute hearing"to present recently obtained evidence and receive witness testimony" but was tight-lipped about specifics, prompting speculation about what evidence or witness could be profound enough to elicit such an abrupt reversal."BETTER BE A BIG DEAL: There was only one surprise witness during the Senate Watergate Committee hearings," John Dean, a star witness against President Richard Nixon in the Watergate hearings, tweeted Monday.“She even reported that alarming fact to the Texans, who did nothing about it,” the lawsuit states.

"On July 16, 1973 an unannounced witness appeared: Alex Butterfield, who testified to Nixon’s secret taping system — forever changing history!".

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Cassidy Hutchinson Testimony is a whole lot of BULL. The Secret Service Agents said it never happened, and therefore everything she said cannot be trusted. This is a SHOW TRAIL, and nothing more. What I'd like to know is why Nancy Pelosi refused the National Guard on JAN 4th? Breaking news The retweeting of this is actually pretty funny. You were so ahead of yourselves yet so far behind that you put out an editorial bashing Trump, even though most of us knew her testimony, just like the committee, could not be trusted. We were right. But you fell for it.

MarkMeadows January6thCmte I don’t even care at this point. MarkMeadows January6thCmte No one cares their charade is over now get on to handling stuff that really matters to us. MarkMeadows January6thCmte Will there be anybody from the opposing side questioning her or is this a continuation of the inquisition?

MarkMeadows January6thCmte Hastily scheduled = they finally were able to bully a witness into saying what they wanted to hear.

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Woman suing Deshaun Watson now also suing QB's former team, the Houston TexansThe Texans are being sued by one of the women who sued and accused Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct, saying the team enabled Watson's behavior in massage sessions.

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