Former GOPer laments masks becoming political battleground

Donald Trump ‘allowed masks to become political’ renounced GOPer and former Republican congressman David Jolly tells Tiffany Cross in for Joy Reid.

7/5/2020 2:32:00 AM

.DavidJollyFL says President Trump let mask-wearing 'become political and encouraged it at times.' 'He had the opportunity to lead us in public safety and he chose not to.'

Donald Trump ‘allowed masks to become political’ renounced GOPer and former Republican congressman David Jolly tells Tiffany Cross in for Joy Reid.

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DavidJollyFL If the GOP are so against masks, then they should also be against dresses, suits, shirts, skirts, shoes, pants, pumps, underwear, high-heels and undershirts.!.!.! Basically all forms of clothing!!!!! TappinTerence DavidJollyFL We know the president is doing a good job when MSNBC has to bitch over masks.

Oh bebettter ...u & calling the race card on everything Trump is getting old & lame ... get some better staff ... ❄️ while BLM cause got hijacked & our being Terrorist spread evil & hate .... PsssssT go out to the beach and get some negative ions so it balances you out DavidJollyFL DavidJollyFL Trumps plan the more people die the numbers of Americans voting against him will be reduced,trumps a serial killer 😼

DavidJollyFL 95% of the masks people are wearing are useless DavidJollyFL Nope. DavidJollyFL Trump's Covid Plan Let the virus run like wildfire through the population, killing millions;. hopefully mostly Blacks and Latinos. He will take credit for saving millions more & restarting the economy he destroyed. Then label all Democrats as traitors. All to be re-elected.

DavidJollyFL I was wondering why Trump isn't wearing a mask.Maybe he's having trouble choosing one.Maybe someone could show him in a variety of masks, including a BLM mask, just to help him decide. That could be put all over social media until he chooses one and wears it. Help Trump choose. DavidJollyFL Masks & social distancing isn't the answer, but you fools can think so! The answer is getting the virus and getting a doctor who will treat you with all available medications, IF you get symptoms! And only 5% will have symptoms! Or you can stay home!!

DavidJollyFL Trumps COV-19 response, Worst Presidential Failure in 50 years+, maybe all time.

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