Former GOP congressman Joe Walsh announces he's running for president

'We’ve got a guy in the White House who is unfit, completely unfit to be president,' Walsh said. 'And it stuns me that nobody stepped up.'


NEW: Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh announces 2020 presidential campaign, saying he's running because 'we can't take four more years of Donald Trump.'

'We’ve got a guy in the White House who is unfit, completely unfit to be president,' Walsh said. 'And it stuns me that nobody stepped up.'

Aug. 25, 2019, 2:19 PM UTC By Allan Smith Former Rep. Joe Walsh, R-Ill., announced on Sunday that he is running for president, giving President Donald Trump another primary challenger as several other Republicans weigh jumping into the race. "I'm going to run for president and I'm happy to be on your show announcing my candidacy," Walsh told ABC's George Stephanopoulos on"This Week," adding,"We’ve got a guy in the White House who is unfit, completely unfit to be president. And it stuns me that nobody stepped up. Nobody in the Republican party stepped up." Walsh claimed"everybody" in the GOP believes Trump is"unfit" for office. Walsh, a conservative radio host who served one term in Congress, also announced his candidacy on Twitter . "I’m betting you’re tired of having an unfit con man for a president," Walsh says on his campaign website."A president who sides with foreign dictators over our intelligence community. A president who spews hate virtually every time he opens his mouth. A president who is teaching millions of American children it’s okay to lie and it’s okay to bully." "See, Donald Trump doesn’t represent us — he represents the worst of us," Walsh continued."He hasn’t delivered on his promises, he thinks he’s above the law, and he’s tweeting us into a recession, as we speak. You know it, I know it, we all know it: We can’t afford four more years of Donald Trump. No way." Walsh joins former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, the Libertarian Party's 2016 vice-presidential nominee, in the Republican primary field facing Trump. Read more: NBC News

KSL5TV Can’t vote for this guys doppelgänger. Sorry Joe. Are you going to help people or business? He must be tired of winning! Check his Twitter account and see whose the racist and only dems will vote for him, further dividing their field and weakening their support. Good for you! He needs the money to pay his bookie.

Says the guy who thinks he's Mighty Mouse - 'Here I come to save the day' & claims he helped create Trump, blah blah blah. JoeWalsh doesn't speak for me! KAG2020 KAG2020Landslide Didn’t he play in a band? He will be playing to crowds of 100 while Trump woos 70,000.

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Walsh announces GOP primary challenge against TrumpConservative firebrand former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh announced Sunday in an exclusive interview with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos. Oh look they've found a way to keep themselves afloat. Also Joe Walsh: On November 8th, I'm voting for Trump. On November 9th, if Trump loses, I'm grabbing my musket. You in? Yes!!! A Republican with a backbone.

Tom_Winter He's gonna raise enough money to pay off his $114,000.00 plus in back child support and then bow out..Watch! He’ll get primaried and then hopefully run as an independent during the general. He’ll pull enough “republican classic” votes from trump to hopefully put the dems o we the top. We’ll see.

Flash in the pan single issue candidates who can’t pay child support or find their way around Capitol Hill while vehemently supporting Trump for years and then last week apologizes for support and then the next week throws his in hat in the ring are dead on arrival. lol 😂 I would never vote for him, but this is exactly what needs to happen. R’s should be standing up to trump and challenging him in a primary.

I liked his rock music but not so much his political rhetoric. What exactly has former RepublicanRepresentative WalshFreedom done for AmericaFirst while in Congress? NOTHING! This United States Armed Forces Veteran will VoteRedToSaveAmerica but also VoteTrump2020 bc realDonaldTrump cares for AmericansFirst MAGA2020

753112jma Conservative values or a lying, cheating, racist, misogynistic crazy person? Glad you so happily choose the latter, General. RepDonBacon Bahaha Maybe he needs campaign money to pay child support.

Joe Walsh to take on Trump in 2020 Republican primaryConservative radio host and former Illinois US Rep. Joe Walsh will challenge President Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination in 2020, he announced Sunday. Good. I might not agree with this man on politics but I can at least not be ashamed to call him President if he wins. He seems sane, not a sexual assaulter & not a Putin/Hitler fan so Go Joe Walsh! Kick Crazy Pants Out for all of us.

Good luck Deep State Lol At least he has the right idea!! 🤢 Another globalist looking to seize power whenever Trump moves on. So his campaign is primarily 'vote for me because I'm not Trump'. Nope. JoeWalsh So same platform as the crazy democrats? At least Republican voters who are party over country will be split now and forced to hear an opposite view of their chosen one.

Wow I can’t even stand u for a day. Lol

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Walsh announces Republican primary challenge against President TrumpConservative firebrand former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh announced Sunday with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on ABC's 'This Week' that he's launching a long-shot Republican presidential primary challenge against President Donald Trump. 'I'm going to run for president I guess he's tone deaf! BlueWave2020' nvrdrmp; 99% hes a never trumper 'Conservative firebrand?' Lol, Joe Walsh is like a cold cup of weak coffee.

Will he run as a Republican? Because if not, how will he get votes? Kimberly_FedUp Just out to make money. This greedy Racist Party guy same as the others. He’s as right wing as they get. Anyone that “claims” to be Republican after July 18,2019 is actually a Racist in the Racist Party. Republicans have left the party.


Tom_Winter NeverTrumpers are promising a return to a consensus that voters have already rejected, not only in 2016 but in 2012 and 2008 as well. Instead of mounting a doomed campaign out of resentment, they should ask themselves why this is. Walsh was the biggest crook in Congress. He is a joke Wait, now Walsh is running? Was his twitter account not enough for him?

Joe Walsh Confirms He Will Challenge Trump for Republican NominationCalling Mr. Trump ‘completely unfit,’ Mr. Walsh, a conservative radio host, will adopt a television-centric strategy to try to rattle a media-obsessed president. Can you please tell us the difference between Walsh and Trump? Both were backed by the Koch's. Both were birthers. Perhaps the difference is Walsh was a tea party Congressman? let them kill each other 😂😂😂

🤪 He has a better chance of seeing jesus walk across that street. This guy thinks he is the answer? This is a publicity stunt, at best, and will end poorly for WalshFreedom Here is a headline wasted on a fool’s statement!!! That's great... now tRuMp has to stand on stage in front of his supporters as another Conservative challenge him on his lies and corrupt administration of the past 3yrs.

If he speaking the truth and this isn't a set up I'm glad a GOP is standing up to trump. However, I still believe we have to VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO! There are too many GOP ENABLERS AND THEY HAVE TO GET OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE & CAPITOL! You helped put him there, we're not rewarding you by making you the next biggest mistake.

Interesting to see idiots believe media lies. Trump said since he is president he is the chosen one to deal with China! As long as he can pull enough votes away from Trump as an independent i 2020, it's all good. We all know he won't get the republican nomination

Trolling Trump, Joe Walsh Tries to Recruit George Conway for Nascent ChallengeJoe Walsh, a conservative radio show host and former Tea Party congressman, is wooing the husband of Kellyanne Conway, one of President Trump's longest-serving aides, for a senior role in his nascent campaign seeking the Republican presidential nomination Waste of time. America wants Trump. FridayFeeling MAGA despite being a toxic, ignorant sophist, i endorse WalshFreedom's campaign Very interesting. Just how’s that going to work out?

LFG. Lol. Bad hombre ! Finally the deep state swamp will step out from the shadows for all to see. 2020forgedinthefire Former swamp rat from a corrupt state? Exactly why trump won Has life been good to him so far ? Who ? Lol Is there anyone, on either side, who can say 'I'm running because my qualifications are...', as opposed to 'I'm running because I hate Trump', or 'I'm running because everything is racist'? If there is, I haven't seen it.

That's GovBillWeld and WalshFreedom. I think JohnKasich gets in too. 2 more people and we might see trump have his LBJ moment before Christmas.

Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh to challenge Trump in 2020 GOP primaryWalsh has a history of inflammatory statements about Muslims and others. Just before the 2016 election he said if Trump lost, 'I'm grabbing my musket.' good thing we built the wall!! He’s better than Trump but, remember he’s a soulless Tea Party favorite and a serial loser in his prior bids for public office.

Paid for by the DemonRats party DeadBeatDad—DumbasaboxofRocks Sorry about his luck , hard to beat the best there is It is amusing the left is pushing an 'anyone but trump' mentality... Guess they don't like undoing policies that fail and swamp draining. Sad! Laughable Is this the guy who spoke in a video about giving gradeschool kids semiautomatic guns for school self defence?

And so now Joe Walsh needs to go on FOX and say that! Great bc DudeGottaGo AnyoneButTrump2020 Since Trump has hijacked the GOP, the core republican values are out of the window. Now Repugs are for Pedos, mass murdering gun slingers, KKK Nazis and for racism and bigotry. Is Joe going to restore the core GOP values?

The Republicans just can’t find a decent candidate.

William Weld of Massachusetts is the GOP’s best chance to knock Donald Trump off of the presidential ballot. This is why big corporate media does not show his campaign statements or events very often. I must stop the Chosen One lol An EpsteinTwin is running for office. Better trade deals and record low unemployment numbers are horrendous for this country!

Let's get some GOP debates rolling and watch 45 get trashed by his own party. Fair is fair. Looking forward to the debate over arming kindergartners. The moderates -- the Trumpkins -- will argue that guns should only be given to first graders and above. But the Walsh forces will go all in with their Kinder Guardian plan. Maybe even little brownshirts for the tykes.

Not a fan of Walsh, but if realDonaldTrump isn’t on the ballot in California (because he refuses to release his tax returns), then WalshFreedom would get a huge delegate boost. How is he any different from Trump? He was an open racist the entire time Obama was President. All he did was talk bad about Black people and Muslims. Some of the racists things Walsh said makes Trump statements look like nothing. Walsh is just another racist....FOH


Well he's wrong bc GovBillWeld stepped up but OK... Well... that was a short campaign... His Tea Party politics started this era of hate, lies, and party above people bullshit. He can run, but words and actions have consequences. The criminal pedophiles can't take another 4 years of realDonaldTrump !!! Pedophiles Rule the World via YouTube

The more the better. Trump is the'Chosen One'. Laugh all you want, but it's true. No one's beating Trump in 2020. Running for the money Great lol Useless appendage

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