Former Google engineer gets prison for stealing robocar secrets

Former Google engineer gets prison for stealing robocar secrets

8/5/2020 9:33:00 AM

Former Google engineer gets prison for stealing robocar secrets

Anthony Levandowski, who helped steer Google's Waymo self-driving-car project before landing at Uber, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

A former Google engineer has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading to guilty to stealing trade secrets before joining Uber’s effort to build robotic vehicles for its ride-hailing service.The sentence handed down Tuesday by U.S. District Judge William Alsup came more than four months after the engineer, Anthony Levandowski, reached a plea agreement with the federal prosecutors who

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brought a criminal case against himlast August.Levandowski, who helped steer Google’s self-driving car project before landing at Uber, was also ordered to pay more than $850,000.Alsup had taken the unusual step of recommending the Justice Department open a criminal investigation into Levandowski while presiding over a high-profile

civil trial between Uber and Waymo, a spinoff from a self-driving-car project that Google began in 2007 after hiring Levandowski to be part of its team.Levandowski eventually became disillusioned with Google and left the company in early 2016 to start his own self-driving truck company, called Otto, which Uber eventually bought for $680 million.

AdvertisementBefore leaving Google, Levandowski downloaded a trove of Google’s self-driving-car technology, resulting in him being facing 33 counts of intellectual property theft. He wound up pleading guilty to one count, culminating in Tuesday’s sentencing.

The accusations turned Levandowski, once highly regarded for his early inroads into self-driving cars, into a notorious figure “almost synonymous with greed run amok in Silicon Valley,” his own lawyers acknowledged in court documents filed last week.The lawyers argued Levandowski deserved some leniency because there was never any evidence that he used Google’s trade secrets while overseeing Uber’s self-driving-car division.

He lost that jobin 2017 while asserting his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination when Uber was still defending itself against Waymo’s civil lawsuit.Uber settled its case with Waymo for $245 million a few days into a trial that featured Uber’s former CEO, Travis Kalanick, speaking about some of his discussions with Levandowski about the ride-hailing service’s desire to win the race to build self-driving cars.

AdvertisementLevandowski, 40, faced a maximum prison sentence of 10 years and a $250,000 fine. Besides sentencing Levandowski to 18 months in prison, Alsup fined him $95,000 and order him to pay Waymo $756,499 to reimburse the company for the costs it incurred in helping the government with its investigation.

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It appears uncertain whether Levandowski can afford to make the payments. He filed for bankruptcy this year after another court upheld an arbitration ruling requiring him to pay Google $179 million, most of which consisted of a bonus he received for his work on self-driving cars.

In its victim statement, Waymo told Alsup that Levandowski’s “misconduct was enormously disruptive and harmful to Waymo, constituted a betrayal, and the financial effects would likely have been even more severe had it gone undetected.”In documents arguing why Levandowski deserved prison time, U.S. Atty. David Anderson called his theft a “brazen and shocking” act that seemed driven by ego as much as greed.

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Former Google Engineer Anthony Levandowski Sentenced to Prison in Trade-Secret Theft CaseAnthony Levandowski, the former Google engineer at the center of a yearslong legal battle between the company's self-driving unit and Uber, was sentenced to 18 months in prison on one count of stealing trade secrets mattbilinsky this has your name written all over it 18 months? He could do that standing on his head knowing he has a pot of money waiting on him when he gets out. buried the lede: 'After losing a $179 million judgment against Google in March 2020 he was forced to declare personal bankruptcy.'

Ex-Google engineer Anthony Levandowski gets 18 months in prison for stealing filesA federal judge sentenced former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski to 18 months in prison for stealing a trade secret from Google related to self-driving cars months before becoming the head of Uber's rival unit. Uber y’all almost got played with lol all is fair Get it how you live

Levandowski gets 18 months in prison for stealing Google filesA U.S. judge on Tuesday sentenced former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski to 18 months in prison for stealing a trade secret from Google related to self-driving cars months before becoming the head of Uber Technologies Inc's rival unit. Bayern are gonna struggle next season Freaking dilettante. Screw him. Glad he's doing time.

Ex-Google, Uber engineer Levandowski sentenced to 18 months in prison for stealing trade secretsOne of Silicon Valley's most prominent trade-secret cases in recent years came to a close Tuesday, as former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski was... Stupid ass clearly corrupt judges tryna shill dat 18 months equaling 1 month served appeal with easy parole enough to deter plebs from multi millions in bribe money with green lit foreign citizenship & guaranteed 6 figures fake job glorified early retirement in China ffs 18 mos?!?! That’s a joke. This guy probably has 10’s of millions $$ sitting in offshore accounts from that. How about 18 years ?!?! That might make them think twice

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