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Jim Mattis, Donald Trump

Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Says Trump ‘Tries to Divide Us’

Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Trump 'tries to divide us' and that troops shouldn't be used for a 'bizarre photo op' for the president

6/4/2020 1:53:00 AM

Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Trump 'tries to divide us' and that troops shouldn't be used for a 'bizarre photo op' for the president

Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis , in a statement Wednesday, said: “ Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people.”

Updated June 3, 2020 6:58 pm ETFormer Defense Secretary Jim Mattis criticized President Trump’s threat to deploy active-duty troops in response to civil unrest this week, marking the highest-level former cabinet official to speak out against the president.

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“Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try,” Mr. Mattis said in a statement Wednesday. “Instead he tries to divide us. We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the...

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Trump tries to keep useless politicians like you as far away from the White House as possible. VOTE POTUS OUT THE BEST SOLUTION 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Got a little too much botox under the eyes....must of went to china.... Strange he only has criticism for Trump....not a peep against all the other disgusting action of others...not a peep for Gen. Flynn. Turn Coats everywhere.

Typical WSJ biased socialist BS. Go pound sand. Protesters do not have the right to destroy other people's businesses and property nor do they have the right to gang up on people and beat them up! If the police won't stop them then send in the military Mattis falls on deaf ears. He’s not doing the job and shouldn’t criticize. Mattis stooped to a new low.

A true Patriot! He's had enough! He resigned. He was NOT fired! The lies!!! nypapajoe No competent Executive would have the rate of turnover Trump has had in 4 years (starting with campaign.) Most of you know, in your best reasoning, that it can’t be all these “bad’ people & Trump is the injured party when his staff resign. Ask yourself why the pattern exists.

nypapajoe I imagine the general is concerned that if the army are brought into a domestic conflict morale will be degraded, perhaps forever, and the US's defensive capabilities will be harmed. Me, I'm delighted. Neo-liberal US imperialism must be ended. Not ur call General! nell_hunt Mattis is the one dividing people ! Wonder what he got promised in return A presidential backing? Gunna run after Joe steps aside? You worthless traitor. You can swing with George W. Cause Your times are coming.

Welcome to Trump's bizarre Washington. PS: Nobody in the rest of the world takes America seriously anymore. I mean how could we? All these photo ops with violence and the military on our soil is creating a ton of propaganda content for his use. He will use this footage to show the world, he has control, he has the power. Just like those other leaders he calls friends (Russia, North Korea)

Remember this is the man who wanted boots on the ground in foreign countries more like a warmonger and disagreed with Trump's policies to bring our troops home Using Troops for such purpose leaves country vulnerable at other fronts. I've had friends that supported different pres. Known husbands & wives 2 have supported dif pres. Trump has taken his idea of support 2 a level of sick allegiance. He's determined anyone who's not a supporter, an enemy worthy of military attack. Your, sis, bros, husband or wife..

Mattis is nothing to boast about, his tenure in Afghanistan led to the Taliban coming back to the government. Or almost back to square one 19 years later. Horrible judgment. Egos unlimited That ‘someone’ adores dictators and authoritarians tells us what we need to know. He has Zero clue how he should act, behave, lead, plan, execute, or show any semblance of empathy. There really should be an executive boot camp, with standards and consequences for violations.

Jimmy what was it like being fired by back to back administrations? He is such a disgruntled xemployee. realDonaldTrump is wanting to save lives and people’s dreams from the rioters that have already destroyed and killed Blacks and others. Please tell me how this is wrong to send in troops to protect all people from the violence

Asshat If it works overseas, it should work at home as well. Another POS Mattis fomented division in Trump staff while inside the WH and now with the public now he accuses others of dividing the people. I wonder what keeps James Mattis going, it's certainly not love of country. (We see you.) Thank you General Mattis for speaking for those of us who’s voices have been silent. No Marine was ever trained to fire upon a US citizen. Marines win wars against the enemies of our country, we are trained for that, we are not trained to kill our citizens. Joe USMC (ret)

Zzzzzz divide et impera This non-analytical thinker is unaware of States Rights aka State Responsibilities. It’s NOT the financial responsibly for North Dakota to have its Federal tax revenue used to repair NYC for example. Each State had own police, own emergency plan, responsible for cost of those. truth

Wrong on Syria and wrong today Shut up already! You had many, many chances to slam this white supremacist and did not. When it would have really meant something! As i see large crowds those are still a minute % of this Country.. Try hemorrhoid cream on those puffy eyes You are a Divider No, you do sir, just like you want us to go to war. I think that's what you want from us now

FULL DISCLOSURE: In 2018 Trump stated Mattis was 'sort of a Democrat'. Mattis later admitted in an interview that he had been contacted by the Clinton Campaign to be her Defense Secretary had she won. Obama dint want you, aren’t you like the unwanted one. They care less about your opinion, only the left wings libs trying to create diversity. Trump 2020

Lies. He tries to unify, but the left is stubbornly opposed to his presidency. Fact. msm divisive psi-op horse manure. Trump2020NowMoreThanEver Says the angry man who leads our young men and women into war! Mathis - go back to retirement and stay quiet. Your time is over. Sour grapes. Theranos YOU WERE THE THREAT AND GOT FIRED

ShameOnYou Mathis for thinking that violence killing innocent people and destroying churches, business and stealing. And he’s right He needs to fix thos bags uner his eyes “Tries to divide us”...sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. How are your words sir, not divisive? 👍👍👍👍👍🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 Mattis needs to use some damn Genucel.

It’s about time he spoke up President doesn’t know the difference between national guard and US armed forces. Once again, a true AmericanHero a beloved hero among service members vs. A pathetic tiny man....embarassed over being a bunker boy afraid of AmericansExercising1stAmendment Pathetic! Thank you!!!

Good for you! I know this did not come easy for you GeneralMattis sense of humor reminds us who the sane one is. Good for you Mattis. Finally someone with some authority calling out this unfit, valueless, disgrace of a ”President” for what he is. I’d buy the con man a one-way trip to Russia, the only country he has any allegiance to.

No he is just weeding out the losers like you. As a former Marine and Navy corpsman, Mattis is no longer my CO. For someone who preaches follow the chain of command and then decides to say something like he did during the current social unrest was just plain stupid. Lousy example of a Marine. Yes President TRUMP should have called in the Military after the second night to stop the destruction that will take over $25,000,000,000.00 to fix all the DAMAGE in our Country.

Well General Jim if you want to join the debate be prepared for the blowback. The folks who will want to hug you will the ones who hated you for most of your career. Be polite, be courteous, show professionalism, and have a plan to kill everyone in the room. Gen. James Mattis Who cares what this old “dog”James Mattis has to say.....He needs to go back herding the “sheep” he has come to love. Trump2020 AlwaysTrump Trump2020VictoryNowMoreThanEver Trump2020NowMoreThanEver realDonaldTrump MAGA KAG Trump Americans

Disgraced marine, really would have never believed this if I hadn’t seen it. You commanded troop to fight endless wars, I’m beside myself you turning into a turn coat. Take your saggy black eye's home and retire for good. A MAN OF HONOR No, President Trump tries to protect us from anarchy, something evil & corrupt people never try to protect us from.

Have another drink General. That was BarackObama that created the division and hate that exists today. Who the hell finally woke him up? He is a disgrace for his silence allowing for this president to continue without public check of behavior. TheLastWord SenDuckworth EverythingTrumpTouchesDies AMazing he didn’t say that years ago. there’s a reason he is EX defense secretary

The Almighty Creator heard General Mattis words against His Anointed Trump! Bad move on his part. FakeNewsMedia a Man like Mad Dog Mattis would have signed His Statement- Not Buying It! He’s was fired, Now he’s taking a cheap shot at the President, these Military Officers don’t want to admit the local were completely overrun inmost cities! It’s started out in a completely Democrats run stare.

LizSzabo Oh no! ⬇️ Good thing he's fired. Political POS 🇺🇸 Opinion not needed. The wall street journal is as corrupt as the new York Times Hes got 4 states in 2 of his eye bags and a he's dispicable failure. Needs money? TraitorsOfAmerica FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople Lawrence morningmika JoeBiden JoyAnnReid JoeNBC. Let’s get this out there so real Donnie will talk about Mad Dog Mattis, a General realDonaldTrump praises to no end when he hired him! Honestly, I like Generals’ who don’t consort w/ Russia & China! I like MadDogMattis45

So what did Mattis say about the rioters trying to burn down the church? NOTHING! He doesn't give a dam like President Trump does! The terrorists will not win with President Trump in charge! 70 million Americans love Trump! realDonaldTrump foxandfriends FoxBusiness CNN There is hope for America after all! Bunkerbaby is losing his allies more and more each day! VoteOutTheGOP VoteOutHate VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 VoteBiden CNN MSNBC JoeBiden SenKamalaHarris SpeakerPelosi maddow ChrisCuomo donlemon 11thHour Lawrence

Well of course he does he got fired from 2 administrations. And he probably will look for a book deal.... Title: I got fired from 2 administrations 1 democrat 1rebublican. Lmao... Not everyone in military is good but there are good ones in there. Americans are done being murdered by Republicans Too late Mad Dog. You even participated for a while and gave him cover. I hope that eats at your soul.

Mattis is retired. Mattis needs to be indicted That's way he resigned. Different views. Wow! Really? That only took you 31/2 years to figure this out? G-E-N-I-U-S Jim Mattis should be more concerned with getting those bags under his eyes taken care of! Mattis just did what he blaming Trump for. Coming out during a crisis by throwing fuel on the fire.

I agree with my president realDonaldTrump because we don't negotiate with terrorists! LAW & ORDER! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump does NOT divide anyone..You are insighting this violance..you hear the police saying they are losing control of city. Mattis totally wrong. Division in country caused by Trump’s enemies trying to overturn 2016 election.

25th Amendment now. Mike Pence will do a better job. Or even Mike Pompeo. You mean the disgruntled war monger that was fired!? Hmm wonder why he’s criticizing the President? He’s obviously suffering from Biden’s disease. This is anarchy and Trump has every right to send in the military. realDonaldTrump ICYMI

That is the reason you are and EX a FORMER. PRESIDENT TRUMP GIVE YOU AND OPPORTUNITY AND YOU BETRAYED HIM .PIECE OF C....... This guy reminds me of Palpatine from Star Wars...up to no good! I thank him for his service but just seems bitter now. Wake Up Take a breathe And look what is going on!!! Did Mike Tyson hit him with a left right combo, or is it just the light?

Sour grapes because Trump fired him !! He wanted to continue fighting alongside Alqaeda in Syria. no matter how you pose you are still ugly Judas lives.... Mad dog is not acting cool Wikipedia Sour grapes The worst bags I’ve ever seen Dear mad dog from the appearance of the bags under your eyes it appears that you are not getting much sleep. I wonder why hypocrite.

Mattis also pushed Theranos. He is well-known to be corrupt. Sorry you have bitterness toward being release from Washington. Mattis loves him some war and I guess he’s still mad about Theranis taking his money mattis Mad dog got neutered and apparently not happy about it. Thank you soldier, you’re dismissed

Maybe if he wasn't such an idiot he could unpack some of that luggage his eyes are carrying. Talk about going after low-hanging fruit. Idiot. That is why he is out of a job I can pick a putrid smell of 'George Soros'and the OpenSociety Foundation in this wholeSATANIC 'PROFACIST'ORDEAL.I believe Floyd's death was a whole filthy setup commanded by Communist Stablisment to fuel a Civil war in America.They paid terrorist rioters all overUSA to ignite it

Mattie is disgraceful... must be auditioning for a place in the next Democratic Administration 🔴President Trump,has it ever crossed your mind that Floyd's death might have been a setup by the satanic stablishment just to ignite a civil uprising?They could have paid some groups of anarchists all over the Nation just to fuel a civil war.PUT THE MILITARY TO WORK IMMEDIATELY!

orwell4ever I've heard of bags under the eyes but this fella has wheelie bins. Mattis is mad dog after all. Glad he’s gone. Undermined our President. Very disappointed especially knowing Mattis tried to get Nikki Haley to basically stage a coup. Mattis doesn’t understand he was not elected President Trump was. Trump is Commander in Chief.

He is plain mad now! ...Did not vote for Secretary Mattis… President Trump has done many thing to bring us together. Not the least of which is the improvement of our economy across all demographics of people. WE are getting along very well with one another. But we do have some issues w/policing Gosh why do people hate Trump? There has been no other President who has had 99.7% negative stories 24Hrs day, for 4 years by CNN MSNBC NBC PBS NPR. NEVER a positive story! I watch Trump make a speech & MSNBC changes the words he JUST SAID, adding & deleting words!

No, if anyone was good at using the military for photo ops it was General Mattis. You don’t get to the elevated positions in the Pentagon without “good press coverage”. Proof is that there are many retired Generals that remain anonymous to the public. These are the true warriors. It is Obama who is trying to divide . It is the duty of Trump to let the law of the land be established, he is doing that. In the pretext of one unfortunate death you can't punish the millions of innocents. This is nothing but terrorism and any nationalist can't tolerate this

Remember when Trump told the world that there were good neo Nazis he was far more familiar with them than you knew then. Divide and conquer is his play book but as the General said not in America. United we Stand and when we do we win. United States of America Lol Many ppl say many things AMERICA LOVES PRESIDENT TRUMP The Left is planting fear, don’t fall for this sht

Thanks for speaking out. Where are the rest of our former leaders. This man...whatever you call him just have two days to trend.... After which CNN will look for another thing to antagonize President Trump. That's right Jim, You don't have to obey law officers. Just push them out the way. He voted for the Hilldog too so who gives a shit

I voted for President Trump, our Commander-In-Chief. General Mattis should enjoy his well deserved retirement. Watching Trump supporters try to throw Matthis under the bus now is cracking me up so hard. lol. He has, and always has been revered by both the left and right. Suddenly he speaks out against Trump, they go all ReeEEEeEEEEEeEEEEE 🤣😂

finally. finally. someone shows he has a spine. Mathis statement is actually divisive. To tell the truth Obama is the president in our life time to divide our nation, also created chaos around the world. Sad to see a once respected General whining, & lying. Why would that be? Troops weren’t used. That was a media lie. Mattis was always a never-Trumper, leaker & cancer in Trump administration. Sad because Obama fired Mattis & treated him like cr*p. Trump treated Mattis with respect & this is the thanks he gets. Mattis stabs him in the back.

Until I read the comments in thread, I was of the opinion that WSJ had intelligent readers. Now I am more worried about the future than I was yesterday. The pettiness, vitriol, and absence of thought in the majority of them demean a serious subject. Klhoe9 Jim Mattis, a true American patriot. Thank you for speaking out.

Fmr Sec Mattis should manage his own business! Trump simply wants law and order to be respected as all other President did. Extreme Leftwingers, reporters & Mainstream Medias want to divide the USA. Sorry. Not Trump. How is opinion going to play this? They've been complicit so far. Thanks Sir, Semper Fi.

America is stuck with a dictator to be .. come on guys !!! Be going worldwide to remove dictators can’t even get rid of his own tyrans and Demons VoteTrumpOut2020 What's up with these baggy-eyed bitches....lol . So he wants the cities to burn and put us even more in a vulnerable position for enemy attacks?

Off the battlefield, and apart from military matters, his opinion is on equal footing with everyone else. Mattis is not an expert on the Constitution. So the Neocons have grabbed him and encouraged him to attack the President. Your opinion is noted general. You are dismissed! It’s hard to be a US. general would be bought off. Who would have done it?

cristianliu This is too important to put behind a paywall. Please open access to EVERYONE! ReuniteAmerica Didn’t Mattis get fired? I thought so. Another former “hurt” trump admin official. HE IS MAD AT PRESIDENT TRUMP BECAUSE PRESIDENT TRUMP REMOVED HIM. GO PRESIDENT TRUMP. It is annoying how they can get away with such a little vocabulary.

Oh I so agree! What the hell happened to you, Gen. Mattis? I thought you were above sour grapes. You were a hero of mine for years. A soldier’s soldier. Apparently you think you know better these days. THIS!!! Eyebags isn’t getting enough sleep. Did he get fired? Mmm no credibility Obama fired Mattis. Trump gave Mattis a chance and he quit in a huff over Syria. I call Mattis sour grapes.

Where was Mattie during the Obama years. IMO Obama blames republicans for everything vconstantly which divide us much more. It’s unfortunate that President had reduce respect and opinions of generals! When in power, they remained silent. And what are you doing? What does Mattis suggest we do to unite? Make a “commission” like Biden recommends? Trump does attack the deep state & the elites who try to control the American people & profit off it.

Well done,Sir. The final nail in his coffin. He should see a doctor about those eye bags. I mean, a medical doctor Really. Where the hell was this swamp creature when Obama was dividing the damn country and still is trying to divide us? peterjhasson Mattis is regurgitating the media's talking point of troops being used for a photo op, which Park Police statement says is not true, & that the crowd was moved because of violence. 55 officers were injured. But by all means, publish his inaccurate statement.

Jim, you sound like a mad dog Is that the Mattis guy that got fired because he loved war more than peace? All the stuff he resigned for allegedly hasn't come to pass, so maybe he's not the best go-to. Troops were not used and the President has done more to unite us then the past w administrations. Where has he been?

peterjhasson He needs some sleep. Then we can talk. President Ttrump peterjhasson Gen James Mattis is sadly another retired general selling his honor to the highest bidder Oh Jim, you’ll find someone new. You’re venting like a bitter ex. Those bags are stunning his vision. 'WAAHHH! He would do what I ordered him to do! I hate him! I hate him!'

How about offer to help opposed to joining the chorus of critics...criticizing is easy....much harder to lean in and so something about it.... Wow...great job Secretary Mattis! Anyone high-profile in government who doesn't speak out against the dicktator trump is complicit. F Mattis. The irony of his divisive comment must be lost on himself.

This guy beat him to it... peterjhasson Meh. Next UniteAmericanAgain❤️🤍💙 Guess he is still mad about getting FIRED 🤣 Why didn't all this General speak up about Obama when he left our troops to die in Benghazi? It seems Mattis is a creature of the Swamp. Their deaths divided them from their families, forever. When did the pentagon speak up?

Disgruntled. peterjhasson And now liberals love him bc all they care about is Trump Subscribe to TheAtlantic Remember why Mattis left - the Prez would not let him go around killing people in vast new wars for corporate interests - both neo-liberal ( Obama ) and neo-con ( GW) Go back to sleep Jim! Looks like you could use some!

❤️ Still pissed he wouldn’t let you continue fighting. Jim looks like he needs some sleep. You are a very wise and i applaud your response! When evil had bloodied the Earth, the books were burned. Now one man protects himself with the Bible to sacrifice himself in defense of his black and white brothers. In truth only love between races (as between religions) will save from Lucifer:

Jimmy boy go enjoy the PX and the Class Six, oh, I see you found that already lol His comment is dividing Clase de traidor. Inconcebible Sounds like he hates our .realDonaldTrump .....but we love our .realDonaldTrump

Former Defense Secretary Mattis breaks silence and tears into Trump: 'He tries to divide us'Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis ripped into his former boss President Donald Trump in a scathing Wednesday night statement. Remember, McClellan denounced Lincoln on similar themes when Lincoln was running for re-election in 1864. Stick to the markets.. we already get enough propaghanda as it is. Try calling Mattis a liberal snowflake. Bigger issue than red or blue.

Former Defense Secretary Mattis blasts President Trump: '3 years without mature leadership'BREAKING: In rare public comments James Mattis, President Trump's former Defense Secretary, has blasted the commander in chief for how he has handled the wave of protests following the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer. 25th amendment now What courage looks like! realDonaldTrump and his enabler yes-men need to resign

Former Defense official resigns from Pentagon post, slams Esper for role in Trump photo opIn an extraordinary resignation letter, provided to The Washington Post, a Pentagon official resigned citing Secretary of Defense Mark Esper's role in President Donald Trump 's photo op. Don is the next, resign! lookner RIP David Dorn DavidDorn

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