Former Cleveland school therapist charged in Capitol riot

Cleveland school therapist, charged in Capitol riot, resigns.

1/16/2021 10:31:00 AM

Cleveland school therapist, charged in Capitol riot, resigns.

Christine Priola resigned 'to expose the global evil of human trafficking and pedophilia' allegedly supported by government agencies.

, photographed at Vice President Mike Pence's desk during last week's deadly attack at the U.S. Capitol, was charged with multiple criminal counts, officials said.Christine Marie Priola, 49, resigned her post as an occupational therapist with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District the day after her image was famously captured at the riot that

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left at least five people dead."I will be switching paths to expose the global evil of human trafficking and pedophilia, including in our government and children's agencies," Priola wrote in a Jan. 7 resignation letter released by the district.

She's been charged with three federal offenses: Violent entry and disorderly conduct, knowingly entering a restricted building and unlawful activities on Capitol grounds, according to a criminal complaint written by Deputy U.S. Marshal David Kasulones.

Priola made an initial appearance before a federal judge on Thursday and was released on a $20,000 bond, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Cleveland.A tip to FBI agents in Cleveland apparently led Investigators to Priola.Priola was inside Senate chambers"holding a sign, reading, in part, 'The Children Cry Out for Justice'"while"occupying the seat of the Vice President of the United States," according to the criminal complaint.

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What a joke She need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law So her plan to do that was to illegally storm the capitol and take hostages and traffick them ? Damn karen So terrible! She must be a something else not therapist... what a pity! Karma, actions must have consequences mitchellreports Certainly this woman has the intelligence to discriminate between fantasy and reality. What is it that has blinded these individuals to jeopardize careers, relationships, and reputation? Did the liars and instigators of this coup put something in their water bottles?

This Cleveland School therapist should not have been allowed to resign. She should have been fired immediately she was identified. Nevertheless, she should not be allowed to profit from any Retirement Benefits from the Public Service. She should forfeit it. mitchellreports I’m sure her family is very proud of her. Good luck finding a new job.

Where will these fired and resigning rioters going now? Maybe best to allow them to stay in greater society and employed? mitchellreports Good mitchellreports Shit...these virus really are everywhere mitchellreports RESIGNS? Why wasn’t she fired immediately? mitchellreports LockHerUp mitchellreports You mean she was fired ahead of her arrest?

I wouldn't want anyone working with my kid who wasnt rational enough to know all that Q stuff is batshit fruitcakes....I mean... really SAVE THE CHILDRENS! I definitely wouldn't want that trash teaching my kids! A ruined career for a man who does not give a damn! The 'therapist' needs a therapist. Someone in journalism should to a followup with these troubled individuals to see how they fare in five or even ten years.

A therapist who fell for dystopian propaganda ? Now that’s a big fail. One by one, but all of them will go down But those who burned down Minneapolis you bailed out. Weird how the Club shows only what they want. Some mean tweets here, but honestly I feel bad for her, she's been completely brainwashed and has essentially lost her life to bogus conspiracy theories.

So much crazy. Lady it’s going to hard for you to get and job Yeah, but she paid ZERO BAIL GuantanamoBay HighSchoolTerrorist Another right-wing looney tune Sounds like she has been in need of a therapist herself Not good enough. She’s a traitor and should be treated as such. I’m sure she’ll have an easy path to whatever career she’s going to choose...NOT

🤣🤣🤣 She should also lose her license Guess they are tired of all that 'winning' so now they're gonna try out 'losing bigly' I would be suing the school if she ever talked to my child Think of the 💩 she said to young kids! Wtf Hopefully she loses her license and is never allowed to be a therapist again.

She should resign. Idiot That’s disgusting The 17 Republican AGs, including Ashley Moody (the daughter of a federal judge), who backed Trump in the far-fetched election lawsuit should be held accountable. ResignMoody Imagine going to therapy with this person!? Your anger issues just get worse and worse 👍🇺🇸🏛🕵️‍♀️

'Priola made an initial appearance before a federal judge on Thursday and was released on a $20,000 bond, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Cleveland.' When you can buy freedom then meh... Who cares! Just show up and give them the money! “I will be switching paths” she most certainly will . . .

Best for the bitch! I am not putting up with any of their explanation! Jail these bitches period! Jesus Christ these are some whack jobs out there. Fucking republicans She should lose her pension Why let her resign, she should be fired. A therapist to kids? 👏👏🥰👏👏 It's so sad people think law and order applies to some but not them. This sort of behaviours is understandable when the head of the country is dodging those principles and they are taking cues from him. But they should know better!

Bahaha This is good stuff for a short story. School district therapist has mid life crisis and is drawn into onlike conspiracy that leads her to a life of rebellion black ops. They should wait until the 21st to charge these people. This is giving Trump a chance for one last big FU to the country. Please remove/cancel her therapist license. She should not be near children.

This therapist just need a therapist! Sounds like another subject for deep programming Therapist* god have mercy on us all So, unemployment is expected to have a HUGE spike as Trump-rioters get caught and fired. This one really gives therapists a good name. Christ, how can we heal people when the people who are supposed to help are this f*cked up?

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So sad to be brainwashed by a reality tv star. Resigning looks better than getting fired, on a resume. Nutcase 174! I feel sorry for anyone who was treated by this whack-job. Are you calling all the Data experts, computer scientists, sworn testimony eye witnesses etc liars? The election was a fraud. TRUMP WON easily.