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Former Child Stars Describe Growing Up In The Industry

“It’s tough because you grow up thinking that there are craft services tables everywhere you go. And then you learn they’re just on movie sets, not at the DMV or Home Depot or other places like that.”

6/10/2021 6:00:00 PM

“At first I resented my parents, but now that I’ve grown up, I see that it really only makes sense to have children if they will be lucrative sources of revenue to support you and your entire family until the day they die.” - Lindsay Lohan

“It’s tough because you grow up thinking that there are craft services tables everywhere you go. And then you learn they’re just on movie sets, not at the DMV or Home Depot or other places like that.”

Mara Wilson“Okay, I’ll tell you what it was like growing up in the industry, but you can’t publish this in the slideshow, okay? I’m serious. This is on deep cover. There are powerful people in Hollywood and I don’t want to shake that hornet’s nest again. Promise me. Alright, so here’s what I’ll say about Hollywood—but again, keep this on the down-low: Hollywood is a little fame-hungry and people there can be superficial.”

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Installing a Critical System for Our Orion Spacecraft on This Week @NASA – July 16, 2021

Installing a critical system for our Orion spacecraft, the latest engine test for our Artemis Moon missions, and working to give spacecraft propulsion a boos...

What the fuck happen to her?! After your three season run is up, to the Epcot ball with you! annaseeeslack Monsters Inc. I freaking knew it. Epcot is too cool. Poor raven. Jesus... Raven is about to be eligible for AARP. I hate getting older. Some of these people are not like the others. It’s true they’re all in spaceship earth

isn’t this a miley cyrus quote or something

Charlie Dimmock reveals truth about friendships with former Ground Force co-starsThe BBC presenter and garden expert has opened up about her friendship with former Ground Force co-stars…

look at these weirdos Chachi! Vavavavoom, blue eyes. Ok, whoever wrote Ron Howard and Viggo Mortensen... pfffft, please, scottbaio is merely proof that anybody can wind up in a cult, or, at minimum, capitalize on one. justsaynotocults No - get a lawyer and write contracts and get a management they you trust

'In Los Ageless, the mothers milk their young...' I thought this was supposed to be satire

Hot car deaths: 7 tips for preventing child deaths in hot carsDuring the worldwide pandemic in 2020, 24 children lost their lives in hot cars. That pic is totally classy 🤦🤦 Why does someone need 7 tips? How about people just not leave their kids in a car? I can’t be the only one who finds this story a bit strange. Tip 1. Dont have a kid. The End. Great pic of a dead kid Savannah.

Biden Administration Says Child-Care Assistance Will Help Economy GrowThe Biden administration says its plan to subsidize child care and preschool would bring more parents—especially women—into the workforce. But some Republicans and economists question the benefits to children. to serve children horrible 😆🙌🏾 I hope he gets ALLLL up in Elon and Jeff’s ASS! Ha!

Stacey Solomon is pregnant with her fourth childStacey Solomon has shared that after trying for a new baby with Joe Swash that they are going to be blessed with a 'little pickle'

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Covid crisis threatens to push millions into child labour – latest updatesHere are the latest developments in the global Covid-19 crisis: 🦠 Covid crisis threatens to push millions into child labour 🇰🇷 S.Korea considers vaccinating workers at major firms 🇦🇺 Australia's Victoria state records slight rise in cases For more: Pfizer-BioNTech to supply US with 500 million doses of their Covid19 vaccine. Here are other updates 🇩🇪 Germany logs 3,187 more cases 🇮🇳 India reports record daily deaths 🇹🇼 Taiwan reports 263 new infections For more: