Forget Champagne, Toast With This Effervescent Italian Antacid

You need this one.

9/25/2021 8:17:00 PM

You need this one.

Galeffi is the perfect way to end an indulgent meal.

This Italian antacid comes in the form of lemon-flavored granules of sodium bicarbonate. Sprinkle a spoonful into a glass of water and the granules will tinkle and fizz away, creating a delicately carbonated alkaline solution that’ll calm a roiling stomach. There isn’t so much a

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lemonflavor as there is a faint suggestion of one—if you drank a plain glass of water and imagined a lemon orchard in Capri, you’d probably get a similar effect. However, Galeffi’s stomach-soothing capabilities are very apparent; they have aided me after bouts of overindulging.

While there’s nothing ingredients-wise about Galeffi that makes it particularly better than other antacids, I find that preparing a glass of Galeffi after dinner is a far more pleasant ritual than ambling over to the medicine cabinet to administer myself a few chalky tablets to chew on joylessly. Instead, I enjoy the sensory pleasures and the ritual of preparing a glass of soothing,

sparkly liquid. There’s the plink of the grains as they fall into the glass, the clink as the spoon plunges into the jar to stir, and, of course, that glittering fizz that invites the first sip. In a way, Galeffi is Alka-Seltzer’s distant Italian cousin.

However, unlike Alka-Seltzer, Galeffi doesn’t carry the same geriatric connotations; instead it feels more like adigestivo Read more: epicurious »

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