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Whatdoyouthink, Opinion

Forever 21 Bought Following Bankruptcy

Forever 21 Bought Following Bankruptcy #WhatDoYouThink?

2/22/2020 5:34:00 AM

Forever 21 Bought Following Bankruptcy WhatDoYouThink?

Fast-fashion retailer Forever 21, which filed for bankruptcy in 2019 following declining sales, has been purchased by Authentic Brands, with plans to keep nearly 500 stores open nationwide and add new lines of accessories. What do you think?

youthink?“What a waste of money. It’s just going to fall apart after a few weeks.”Gene Barton“Phew, for a second there I thought I would have to just stop wearing clothes.” Read more: The Onion »

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It's funny that the Onion thinks its readers are even close to 21. It's be easier to dress naked, no mystery, but then stalkers would get the wrong idea. If you can wear a Forever 21 small, Goodwill always have tons of their dresses for $5.99. Dump them there because NO ONE is that small. This photo looks like Sean Hannity

Hmm? Does this usually happen in this dimension? I mean I personally wouldn't care, but I'm just curious. I wish they’d open a giant thrift store and sell used clothes instead 'Don't throw me in the briar patch!' pleaded a half naked Edgar Wolfe Lawn care researcher. I LIVE for your job titles. Omfg. James ghosted Veronica and she still wants him. Apparently it makes her want him more.

I wanna party with you guys. Knitter's World bought them out for a laugh *old people cackles in background* No dude there's Thredup.

Blake Lively Used To Lie About Wearing Forever 21 On The Red CarpetBlake Lively is known for her stunning style on and off the red carpet, but that wasn’t always the case for the Gossip Girl alum.

Forever 21 Rises From the DeadIn September 2019, Forever 21 became the latest fast fashion brand to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company announced it would shutter 350 stores in total, including 178 in the United States alone. (That’s more than half their stock—Forever 21 owns around 600 stores, globally.) Fast forward five months and the chain has unexpectedly risen from the dead: according to BBC, three buyers—brand management company Authentic Brands, mall conglomerate Simon Property and real estate company Brookfield Property—have purchased the brand. They plan on keeping the lights on in 448 US stores, and launching new accessories lines. The question is now—why? Just let it die?\n

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