Ford debates whether to continue producing police vehicles

Ford employees spark debate on whether the company should continue producing police vehicles; Ford currently produces about two-thirds of the vehicles used by US law enforcement agencies.

7/10/2020 11:20:00 PM

Ford employees spark debate on whether the company should continue producing police vehicles; Ford currently produces about two-thirds of the vehicles used by US law enforcement agencies.

Some Ford employees have been pressing the company to abandon the police vehicle market, while others suggest selling vehicles only to law enforcement agencies that have undergone reforms.

But that has, if anything, accelerated the internal debate. A letter circulated by some Ford employees, and first obtained by technology website The Verge, called on the company to “cease development, production, and sale of all custom police vehicles and products.”

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Ford has long been the leader in the production of police vehicles, a modified version of its Explorer SUV today the overwhelming best-seller. The company recently came up with modifications that it said could be used to reduce the risk of officers becoming infected by COVID-19, via a system that briefly heats the interior to a temperature believed to kill the virus.

In a statement e-mailed to NBC News on Friday, Ford made it clear it was not planning to pull out of the police market.“We are proud Ford vehicles are the first choice of first responders, including with police,” it said, adding that, “We will continue to support these customers because good law enforcement agencies and officers play a critical positive role in our communities, but safety and equal treatment must be inclusive of all, everywhere.”

The statement echoed the contents of a letter Ford CEO Hackett sent to employees on July 1. The e-mail emphasized the company’s position that “there is no room for the systemic repression and racism that have been exhibited by law enforcement encounters gone wrong. We’ve said clearly that Black Lives Matter and I am personally driving a review of our Diversity and Inclusion rituals, practices and behaviors. We do believe strongly that more transparency and accountability is required in police operations.”

Hackett’s letter also stressed that law enforcement officers “play an extraordinarily important role in the vitality and safety of our society. Our world wouldn’t function without the bravery and dedication of the good police officers who protect and serve.”

While some Ford employees have been pressing for the automaker to abandon the police vehicle market, others are proposing alternatives, calling on the company to sell vehicles only to law enforcement agencies that have undergone reforms. Another proposal would see Ford equip all police vehicles with automatically activating cameras.

Many police departments already equip their vehicles with cameras that can be switched on during a traffic stop or other incident.Ford did not comment on whether it might restrict sales or take steps to modify its police vehicles. Read more: NBC News »

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Don't get stupid people If you don't agree to what the company is doing, get out of the company and do not help it do what you don't want to do. This is completely insane! Seriously...your job is to make vehicles. A big contract is for a Police Vehicles. Debating who you build for could see lay-off in your future.

its not the vehicles. its the people behind the wheels. Sick of this virtue signaling. Media and interest groups have convinced many that burning minority businesses and lawlessness is justified, coronavirus is no concern of protesting for BLM, patriotism is bad, and police are the bad guys. U people are insane and weak minded

Next the want to ban donuts Are PeugotPolice cars far behind? The European police siren is way too disturbing. 🚔NAHH nuhh 🚔NAHH nuhh 🚔NAHH nuhh What's next? Hollywood producing spaghetti westerns in Anaheim? dumb Most modern Ford cars are designed to look extremely oppressive and intimidating.That's why many civilians pick up used police Taurus,Explorer, and Crown vics in order to 'assert their dominance' on the road.

stop making the police cars, lay-off those dolts and gm will get the business There's nothing to debate. The police need cars and ford makes cars. No brainer. Don't worry GM will make the humvees that will replace cop cars if people keep complaining about civilian police... Imagine as a business owner if you only did business with the people you liked and thought like you! Yet we buy so much from communist China? Slave labor!

Idiots! Did covid make everyone lose their minds How else could Ford stay in business? can you say layoff because that what will happen fools It’s funny how the left can be stupid enough’s crazy how the left can be smart enough to get away with pushing socialism without anyone questioning it. How can people be taken seriously while arguing to not have a job?

Ironically Ford is going to have a huuuuge sales surge in police vehicles thanks to the morons who destroyed so many over the past few months. Who are probably friends and family of the morons calling for ford to stop making police vehicles. Stupidity in the dem party never ends. And they were promptly told to shoosh, cuz they’re going to keep making them. Good for Ford!!

Stupid That's what happens when the police lose the public trust!! But let's give them a chance to change, it's not fair for them, there is good police officers!! Last time, if they don't change then ford can stop making police vehicles!! Can't help laughing. Well, at least Ford knows which employees to lay off first.

Henry Ford was a racist and Nazi sympathizer The one that heats up to 130° to 'kill germs' will not be used that way and they full well know it. Yes! stop producing police cars, then reduce production, cut jobs and the first group to be fired should be those proposing this idea. Stop , elon musk will sell them .keep empowering conservatives that's wonderful .we are already getting all the best people from dem state fleeing the insanity bringing their wealth to us.

Swallow a camel and gag on a gnat. Would they rather produce vehicles for BLM? Dig your own grave Ford. So dumb! Not all police are bad. It's like any group, if you have 10 people, 8 or 9 will be good 1 or 2 will be bad. No since punishing all because if a few. The cars are not the problem. There was no debate. They are still building.

If ford does that I wouldn’t buy another ford again and that’s all I owned or say ok but all employees take a pay cut So if Ford does not get the contract are they going to bed the govt for a bailout? Defund police Ridiculous! Lay ppl off during a already stressful time! For what? Does Ford think that supplying cars has anything to do with police behavior? Stupidity at its finest!

Would they rather be unemployed? Why wouldn't they produce police vehicles, thats stupid Insanity reigns. This is getting too funny. It can not be real story. Could it ? Ford would go bankrupt without the Police First time in history a union is negotiating for putting themselves out of jobs. Oh bullshit!!! When is this gonna end!!! Back the blue

I see a business opportunity. This is the very definition of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Your products are already in bad shape.. I'm not buying another new ford because of things I do not like.. Do not stop making police vehicles--that will end Ford... This is ignorance I guess Ford won't need a lot of their employees if they stop making those cars. Because I imagine the families and friends of law enforcement wouldn't be buying Ford vehicles.

i guess defund ford now. stupid people trying to destroy more jobs. What about the jobs that Ford would have to cut? Didn’t think about that did ya. Lots more unemployment Given that Dodge , Chrysler and even BMW make cop cars ; Ford has a lot to lose and nothing to gain if it abandons that market . DontBeDumb

Now do the companies that make their guns. GLOCKInc this you? They don’t want to make cop cars, they can quit. Thank you, next employee! After they stop making cars for The Police fire all the ones who asked for it and tell them there's not enough demand to keep them on the payroll The mob bullshit has gone waaaaaaaay too far

GM gonna make cop cars again This is when stupid happens. FIVE Ford employees? LMAO Plenty of people looking for work. Ford needs to find new employees who want to make cars. Set the woke ones free. Ford sucks and those over paid plant workers, OMG! The marketplace should dictate that, not the union assembly-line workers. That's a joke.

Don't wanna work then quit They wouldn’t stop. It’s a huge percentage of their sales. It’s what in a way keeps them alive. They’d hit the floor after that. Don't go there Ford. 😕 I have a good feeling they wont, that would eliminate a lot of supply and demand they count on. Why would Ford pass up billions of dollars and years of triditon

What? A couple employees who hate the country are bitching & makes it a story? Utter garbage. Yeah they shouldn’t produce them, and then when demand declines just get rid of anyone who wanted them to stop. People are dumb af. Should be driving Prius to save tax payers some money on fuel cost. 😉 What. The. Fuck.

Of course they should. Bad cops maybe 5%. Should you not sell your vehicles to drug dealers or gang members. ? Might not be the best time to selectively stop selling cars to a particular group. Ford is headed toward bankruptcy and selling no vehicles to anyone. Start looking for another cause or work for a car company that does not sell cars to the Police.

Its sad that 100 workers out of almost 200,000 can cause that amount of trouble. Now the company looks stupid, will lose possible contracts, affect how many workers stocks and money, and investors? That would be a good way to collapse the company. Many people would turn their backs on Ford for making a move like that. But it wouldn't matter, the government would just bail them out.

Again, why is energy being wasted on non-issues like this. An American car company, employing American factory workers are selling cars to american law enforcement. What does that have to do with police reform? It's not a damn Bradley Fighting Vehicle for Pete's sake😲 Speaking about some policemen racist or discrimination and defending the victims is protected by the constitution and laws .but asking Ford to stop producing police cars is against the constitution and law this country can’t be safe without our police enforcement obey law be safe

Ford has 190,000 employees. The letter was signed by 105 of them. If Ford doesn’t then let the layoffs begin. How stupid is that for employees to debate IF the company should work or not? Do they want to keep their jobs or nah? You’ve gotta be kidding me Ford is a business that supplies thousands of jobs. Take your pc shit and shove it up deep then fck off!

As an investor or if your pension depends on them, I would be pissed on anyone that objected to the police cruisers! Come'on now..Only some cops are pretty disgusting..But the city im from..We have the best police dept in the nation..The Toledo Police. Of course they should. It’s moronic not to Of course they should. How is this an issue?

If Ford stops producing their police vehicles, another car manufacturer will produce them instead, that’s useless chitchat between Ford’s employees The cars aren’t the issue. Ford should continue. Employees poke too much nose into management work these days..and then they need salaries too.. Tesla 👀 I couldn’t be more disgusted by this. If they do I’ll never buy a Ford.

Queue all the frothy & enraged bootlickers 👅 How many employees? What employee with a functioning brain would want less business for their company? Someone else will.😒 WriterRater: -5/12 Calvin Peeing on Ford logos. Good move! Keep fighting the good fight! They should the police aren't going anywhere unless this happens...

Any other corporation will be glad to make them 😂😂😂 Ford its part of StopHateForProfit n its on the list of FB Boycott That’s a big cash cow for them. Would be pretty stupid to stop producing those vehicles. They think they're in the car making business. Nope. Seems like something we should teach in schools. Maybe.

AnonsSynonymous Kristenehansen Let's stop makin it an us or them thing. Police are still needed but they need to accept reforms in their procedures and attitudes. Police serve the People, and People uphold the Laws. Wow. I can't believe this is even being discussed. We're living in PEAK clown world. Modern progressives have to be, hands down, some of the LOWEST IQ individuals plaguing our country at this time. Incredible.

Sure go ahead, worst that can happen is you lose your jobs... These same employees will complain after Ford has to lay off a bunch of employees because they killed a major revenue source. Do these employees realize that if they stop, there’s gonna be a lot of layoffs? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 do they not realize, those police cars keep their jobs afloat?

The cops are mostly driving Explorer SUVs now, I see very few still in Taurus Interceptor sedans. Fire those Ford employees They should continue. We don’t need police cars imported from China! Oh this is good. First time I’ve watched a union advocate for their own layoffs. This is ridiculous. You might as well say Scott tissue is pulling its toilet paper out of police restrooms (you'll probably instigate that in an article tomorrow) These are Americans you're attacking, probably many of which are Veterans too You're selling this hate nbcnews

Let's virtue signal and go bankrupt 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Not only KEEP producing, but re-open the Crown Victoria Line. In the meantime the offices at Dodge Maybe ford employees should go look for a job with General Motors. How dumb to even consider the notion. NBC leadership is delusional and broken.

Ford nip their debate in the bud now!!!! Lot of people want their jobs. Freaking ridiculous!! Dear Ford Employees, Stop making police cars Ford. GM or Chrysler will be more than happy to take your jobs. This is what happens when you let the inmates run the prison...... These pigs got enough support from Trump. We don't need these useless pigs for 'protection'.

GM right now... This is ridiculous. You might as well say Scott tissue is pulling its toilet paper out of police restrooms (you'll probably instigate it in an article tomorrow) These are Americans you're attacking, probably many of which are Veterans too You're selling this hate nbcnews F O R D O N O A U A I N D L D Y

When did employees start running Ford... Cars and Trucks aren’t selling right now, you want to lose your 50.00 hr jobs Ford Do you really want your cars to be seen running down BLM kids in the streets? The story is a made up lie. I work in the assembly plant that makes the vehicles along with 5000 other Ford employees. And we are proud of every vehicle we build. Ford UAW

Wow.....what a disgusting comment to have. Next they will whine when factory cuts hours. Boycott Ford if they continue to make police vehicles Without the contract those employees think they can keep the job?🤡 Prius. The police have radios so they should have Elements and Prius as police units. Imagine the gas cost the community would save!

As long as they aren't surprised when the company has to close factories and lay off workers due to lost revenue. Ford has not debated this and has said they will keep making the cars stop with this nonsense and try some journalism for once SIMPLE solution the people who object to Ford making police cars can find another job

I truly get it but, I don’t know if this is an ideal idea. Wouldn’t that be like “cutting off your nose to spite your face”? Revenues would go down in that department and most likely result in lay-offs. No debate, they will continue to build. Ford produces the majority of fleet vehicles in the US, in every industry

While many will scream F the police cause they are quick to qrite and skow to think, one MUST think of the ford workers. If 2/3rds are made by ford and they stop how many ppl get laid off how many familes are affected are the f the police crowd gling to help them all? I think not Put them in a Flintstone Mobile.

fordmotor_co I've only owned one ford; the iconic '65. But I may become a vocal supporter of 'It's a Better Idea.'

Ford declares war with all-new Bronco as Jeep Wrangler demand spikesThe new Bronco has been in the works for years. Ford has made it clear the company plans to go after the market dominated by the Jeep Wrangler. Why would I buy a Mexican made Ford when I can buy a Polish made Jeep- fiat? ¨Ford declares war with all-new Bronco as Jeep Wrangler demand spikes.¨ WAY TO GIVE ME MAD MAX NIGHTMARES Phoebe Wall Howard, Detroit Free Press.

Ford CEO resists employees’ push to stop making police vehiclesFord Motor Co.’s top executive has pushed back against some employees calling for the top seller of vehicles to U.S. police departments to exit the business. good for him. take a stand against mob mentality makes me want to buy a ford...except for the shitty quality Fire them. Ford supports police violence & systemic racism?

Ford says restrictions at Mexico plants 'not sustainable'Ford Motor Co on Thursday said new staffing restrictions imposed on plants producing car parts in the Mexican state of Chihuahua were 'not sustainable,' the latest sign U.S. automakers are still reeling from coronavirus lockdowns in Mexico. Your chairman Wetangulam alitolewa kwa chama so who is representing the ford company in kenya guys You could always come back to Ontario fordnation FORD enojados con el gobernador Panista Javier Corral por sus restricciones laborales en Chihuahua por Covid. A FORD no le interesan las vidas humanas (que raro..)

Ford says restrictions at Mexico plants producing auto parts 'not sustainable'Ford Motor Co on Thursday said restrictions imposed by Mexico's Chihuahua state on staffing at factories producing vital car parts was 'not sustainable', but that it would not impact production next week in Ford's U.S. plants. FLINT MICHIGAN would enjoy a factory. Or Detroit Well gee Ford MAYBE BUILD A FACTORY IN THE USA Gee, I wonder if it's going to work out having factories in countries and having to pay living wages? Hmmmm.....

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Ford employees ask if company should stop building police vehiclesAn estimated 100 employees of Ford Motor Co. have asked the automaker to reconsider building and selling police vehicles. When you're so woke that you want to lose your job just to virtue signal. Yes, the car is the problem. The stupid is off the charts. Seriously? Without production = potential layoffs?