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Mel Gibson

'Force of Nature' Review: Mel Gibson Thriller Is One Toxic Shock

Forget the art-theft plot and Hurricane Maria backdrop — this downpour of offensive stereotypes is a total washout

6/30/2020 5:29:00 PM

Forget the art-theft plot and Hurricane Maria backdrop— Mel Gibson 's toxic thriller 'Force of Nature' is a downpour of offensive stereotypes and a complete washout. Our review

Forget the art-theft plot and Hurricane Maria backdrop — this downpour of offensive stereotypes is a total washout

Lethal Weaponcharacter had turned into a grumpy old man. Ray needs a dialysis machine to function, but he has no intention of returning to a hospital where his next operation is a fecal transplant where he claims, “somebody else’s shit is injected in my ass.” Despite the pleas of the beautiful Dr. Troy (Kate Bosworth), who is also Ray’s daughter, the hardass won’t budge. There is also a barely-caged wild animal on the premises. Her name is Janet and if her owner, Griffin (William Catlett) — the film’s one major black character — doesn’t feed her 100 pounds of raw meat, well … even Joe Exotic couldn’t sooth this savage breast. It should be mentioned that Janet is a cop-hater since Griffin had a previous run-in with white police that left him vengeful.

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What to do? Screenwriter Cory Miller, who spent four years as an investigator for the NYPD Internal Affairs unit, had many topical themes to develop here. Instead, Miller contrives to have a gang of San Juan thieves, led by — and the name’s for real — John the Baptist (David Zayas), bust into the apartment complex to retrieve millions in art treasures from Bergkamp (Jorge Luis Ramos), a German senior who Cardillo terms “an old man Nazi fuck” when he hesitates to give up his precious art to save lives. Did you know that Van Gogh’s stolen and still missing

Poppy Flowersis worth $55 million? John the Baptist does. And when this crook is not casually slaughtering everyone in sight, he shows off his knowledge.The actors are helpless against a script that forces them to trade simpering backstories when they’re not shooting to kill or making bad jokes. “Take off your uniform,” says John the Baptist to Cardillo in an effort to disguise himself as the law. “What — I just met you,” smirks the cop in one of the film’s feeble attempts at banter. For many, the film’s shocking incompetence can only be rivaled by the greater shock of learning that

Force of Natureis directed by Michael Polish. For the past two decades, the filmmaker (along with his identical twin, Mark Polish, who often co-writes and takes an acting role in the films his brother directs) have been constants on the art-house circuit. From their 1999 debut feature

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mrpford Hmmmmm so it's not PC, got it.

'Force of Nature': Film Review Mel Gibson , Emile Hirsch and Kate Bosworth get wet tangling with a gang of violent thieves trying to pull off an art heist during a hurricane in Michael Polish's action thriller set in Puerto Rico Had the worse ending👀👀 the story was all good until the ending!! No. Mel Gibson Hard pass.

‘Force of Nature’: Film ReviewA category five hurricane is the least of the perils confronting characters in “Force of Nature.” Set in Puerto Rico during such a tempest, this diverting thriller from director Michael Polish has … I knew Hollywood moved quick but.. I wish I could get enthused about a Mel Gibson film, but his antisemitism spoils everything he touches. It’s a trash movie❤️

‘Force Of Nature’ Review: Mel Gibson Is Gruff And Ready To Get Back In Cop Action With Rain-Soaked Crime FlickIn light of daily protests following the death of George Floyd and others at the hand of police, it might not be the optimum time for a brutal cops-and-robbers action picture starring Mel Gibson . B… About that Mel Gibson. As a COP. Read the room. Literally no. Can we not?

Why New Jersey wants to block civilian oversight of Newark’s troubled police forceIt underscores the challenges facing progressive leaders who cast themselves as reformers but stop short of brokering changes. Race & religion biasis. The statement by the former president of the FOP that “we know how to police our police” has got to be the biggest bullshit line in a year that has been constant bullshit. How come no Mosque have been looted or burnt, why?

Pols face ire of 'Defund the Police' force, from Seattle to New York CityAs unrest over the death of George Floyd and racial inequality in general reverberates across the United States, local politicians are facing an intense new wave of pressure from protesters demanding police budget cuts as they attempt to balance keeping order in their cities and enacting reforms. “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” – Winston Churchill

Floods in India's Assam force a million from their homesHeavy flooding triggered by monsoon rains has forced more than a million people to flee their homes in the northeast Indian state of Assam, authorities said on Monday, warning that the crisis was becoming more critical by the hour. India would love to forget 2020. How did those straw houses not withstand flooding?! Could be Trump fault?