Forbes EQ BrandVoice: Why Diets Don’t Work And Experts Do

Why diets don’t work and experts do Sponsored by @Wellory_

7/23/2021 3:00:00 PM

Why diets don’t work and experts do Sponsored by Wellory_

If you’re still looking to lose some pounds or to start building healthy post-Covid habits, the answer isn’t to respond to ads that will guarantee your year of change can be fixed in under a week.

Diet culture has been destructive and, quite frankly, lonely. The worst parts of diet culture can prey on your emotions, trigger your insecurities and poke at your sensitivities. It can be ruthless, shameful and flawed. The last thing we all need is more shame, more self doubt and more pain. So ignore the pills that guarantee you a lifelong change, ignore the fad that promises you fast results and get the support you need. 

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You’re 95% more likely to hit your goals when you team up. Find a nutritionist, a dietitian or a certified health coach to help you get to where you want to be. The simple answer is that diets don’t work, but experts do. Ready to get the support you need? Sign up for

Wellory, get matched to your very own personal nutrition coach and start building healthy habits that last. Use promo code FORBES for 50% off your first month.This is a content marketing post from Wellory, a Forbes EQ participant. Forbes brand contributors’ opinions are their own.

Wellory is the anti-diet nutrition app that delivers 1-1 personalized nutrition coaching. We’re on a mission to create an accessible and affordable solution that disrupts… Read MoreWellory is the anti-diet nutrition app that delivers 1-1 personalized nutrition coaching. We’re on a mission to create an accessible and affordable solution that disrupts diet culture to make our relationships with food — and ourselves — healthier.

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