For restaurants, the economic recovery is 'moving in reverse' - CNN Video

The Delta variant is holding back the labor market, with restaurants and retail struggling to hiring workers. CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich reports.

9/18/2021 11:31:00 AM

For restaurants, the economic recovery is 'moving in reverse.' And some are bringing in robots to help their human staff. VanessaCNN reports.

The Delta variant is holding back the labor market, with restaurants and retail struggling to hiring workers. CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich reports.

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VanessaCNN Automation isn't a problem, lack of appropriate safety nets to assist laborers displaced by automation is. VanessaCNN 5 weeks paid vacation for every American worker like the rest of the free world! VanessaCNN 14 US military died could not find the murderer, and finally missed more than a dozen innocent people. I don't know what President Biden can also lead the American people to success.

VanessaCNN Love it VanessaCNN Y.Y.. AROUND 1O GETTING RIGHT EYESZ AT NIGHT CRABBY AND ILL WENT TO BED THERES SOMETHING ABOUT FOOD THE PIZZA A BURDIN THE ITALIAN AT LUNCH LUV WISHD FOR MORE VanessaCNN I find it hard to believe that loading food on this robot, and then programming it to go to a table is faster and more efficient than even one single person walking out and doing the same thing.

VanessaCNN You can still get covid from robots man, these people are idiots they must hire humans VanessaCNN When your robot server isn't afraid to pass your sugar momma the bill. VanessaCNN Working in service and restaurants is hard work. I did some service work before COVID at hooters and it was brutal. I can't imagine going back now that COVID has lifted some in Florida.

Walmart introduces self-driving delivery cars in select cities - CNN VideoWalmart is testing a driverless car, in partnership with Ford and Argo AI, that delivers your order straight to your door. HLN's Elizabeth Prann reports. I’m ready to replace elected officials with independent ai’s. I think we would have a better chance but if they turn on us we can all fight them together to save humanity and be one again THE RICHEST FAMILY IN AMERICA IS TOO CHEAP TO PAY HUMAN DRIVERS TO DELIVER THEIR GROCERIES. I fixed your headline for you guys. You're welcome. I'm just here to tell the truth. No thanks needed, really.

First on CNN: White House economists say a clean energy transition will lower consumer costsWhite House economists argue that President Biden's climate agenda will not only cut carbon emissions but also bring down costs for consumers Those would be the ones that took gender and leisure studies that know nothing about economics. This as the price of energy goes through the roof. Provide names, credentials and proof of their theory. Otherwise you are just spewing propaganda crap Are these the same Whitehouse economists, who look at the runaway inflation, and think everything is OK?

CNN's interview with UK House of Commons speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle gets the purr-fect interruption - CNN Video'Go and get that mouse!' CNN's bianca_nobilo met a feline friend while interviewing Speaker of the UK House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle. Patrick 'earns his keep' as the Speaker's Chief Mouser, according to Hoyle. bianca_nobilo If Bianca has mice, I have two cats and can stay indefinitely. bianca_nobilo Riveting bianca_nobilo Typical fake news to keep the Royal Giraffe out of the news. I basically run this place but you never hear anything about me.

This Afghan woman in hiding says she doesn't fear death, she just wants it to be quick - CNN Video'How long can I be brave? ... We are in darkness with no way to get to a brighter future.' This Afghan woman is among the many hiding in fear of their lives under the Taliban.

U.S. Retail Sales Rebounded in AugustSales at retailers and restaurants grew 0.7% last month, a sign of the economic recovery’s resilience despite the Delta variant.

Bureau of Land Management moving back to D.C., reversing a Trump-era decisionInterior Sec. Haaland is moving the national headquarters of the Bureau of Land Management back to Washington, D.C., after two years in Colorado — reversing a decision by fmr. Pres. Trump's administration to move the agency closer to the region it serves. Idiots