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For Harry and Meghan, No More ‘Royal’ in Their Brand

After protracted negotiations with Buckingham Palace, the couple agreed not to use the word “royal” in their philanthropic and commercial activities.


After protracted negotiations with Buckingham Palace , Prince Harry and Meghan agreed not to use the word “royal” in their philanthropic and commercial activities

After protracted negotiations with Buckingham Palace , the couple agreed not to use the word “royal” in their philanthropic and commercial activities.

Harry and Meghan, who are also known as the duke and duchess of Sussex, had planned to use the name SussexRoyal as an umbrella brand for their new charitable foundation and social media accounts.“The preference of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex was to continue to support Her Majesty The Queen, albeit in a more limited capacity,” they wrote in a lengthy description of their new status, including the loss of the royal designation.

Britain’s tabloids ran headlines about a rift between Harry and his brother, Prince William, and reports that Meghan, an American actress who married Harry in May 2018, was isolated and unhappy in her new family.Losing the royal designation could theoretically diminish their earning power, though people close to the couple point out that Harry will remain a prince, sixth in the line of succession to the throne. The couple will also continue to be able to use the titles of duke and duchess of Sussex, including in their new ventures.

“While there is precedent for other titled members of the Royal Family to seek employment outside of the institution, for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a 12-month review has been put in place,” they wrote.Harry and Meghan will formally step down as working members of the royal family on March 31, the palace said this week. Their new status, under which they are allowed to retain their residence, Frogmore Cottage, on the grounds of Windsor Castle in addition to the Sussex titles, will be reviewed after a year.

They also said they would repay at least 2.4 million pounds ($3.1 million) in publicly funded renovations to Frogmore Cottage. That funding had come under sharp criticism even before they announced they wanted to switch to part-time status.Later this month, Prince Harry will visit a recording session with the rock star Jon Bon Jovi, who plans to re-record his hit song, “Unbroken,” in honor of the Invictus Games, which Harry created for wounded and ill service members. Next month, the couple will attend an awards ceremony for service members.

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Bye byeeee Good nothing royal about her Harry should of married Sophie winkleman she's lovely Wtf would they want to use the 'Royal' name anyways? Harry dumps on his family, Meghan the fony waited till she got her 'Royal' wedding.. Hahahaha, 'they agreed.' That's a funny way of saying they were rejected. Turns out the Queen is gonna put up with their celebrity driven goals. Leave the Royal family. Don't expect to make money off the Royal family. Pretty simple math on that one.

NYT EXCELLENT WORDING REPORTING PRINCE HARRY AND MEGHAN DEEPLY SIMPLY RESPECTFUL BRAAAV NYT Its about time someone had the courage to leave. Monarchical rule should be dead. Its completely wrong. How can anyone that believes in democracy support such nonsense? Ya know most of us just don't care. Stop giving airtime to unimportant people

I'm appalled by Prince Harry & Media Meghan! Piss off to Canada and no, you can't be Royal! His mother would be ashamed by this.... My thoughts 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 It makes sense They remain royal till they die

Can Harry and Meghan Keep Calling Themselves Royal?They have filed to trademark “Sussex Royal” even as they step away from royal life—but the queen might force the couple to rethink their plans. I am losing interest in this shitty topic... Do you know if they want to continue calling themselves royal , if not this is moot LafayetteParkPlaylist 2.0 MOOD: PTXofficial - “Royals” (Lourde) 23:39hrs CONUS PST 2.19.20 HouseSpencer PrinceHenry marklesparkles

Yes. That is correct. No royal duties. So no 'royal' in brand I wish HarryandMeghan all the success in the world. They are a Diana’s revenge on that awful & ridiculous family. And here the rest of us dreams of living the life of a prince the RACISM! Who wants to stay in a situation where their being called N word and their baby referred to as a niglet? How much respect and love does harry's mom have for him? A black woman married a white man and that's all yall see. Its STUPIDITY yall dont know megan personally.

A pissing contest between 2 wealthy entities that only cares about themselves. How awful for them to have to rough it and survive on the 40 or 50 million the queen gives them to 'get by on' in Canada or California. Stop changing the narrative, they were forced to drop the name. Well yeah, I agree with that. She wasn’t really excepted with the Royals. Princess Kate was hardly ever seen with her. I don’t blame her. Princess Diana got the same Treatment that Harry’s wife has gone through. They need to be on this side of the pond.

Queen Elizabeth: Harry and Meghan are being a royal pain in the arse. Prince Charles: Pain in the arse, mum. No royal. QE: Whatever.

Prince Harry and Meghan confirm last day as working members of Britain's royal familyHarry and Meghan 's last day as working members of Britain's royal family will be March 31, a spokesperson for the Sussexes confirms. School's out for summer Bye! Your loss. I can’t wait for this episode of TheCrownNetflix

Free to live as humans, blessings. Born royal, die royal motherfucker! No one cares Ban all non blacks from using the N-word If they are stepping back from their Royal roles why would they want or need do use that in their brand How long before she drags him down to LA to live the Kardashian lifestyle? Flip-flops in yoga pants forever 🤣 She’s got him in the time zone...Just a short trip south…

Such old and foolish way to deny a title that supposed be by birth! Ignorance run deep not allowing see Life in a modern and fulfilling way! Do their “philanthropic endeavors” actually involve helping people directly, or mostly hopping around to various fundraisers and photo ops? How many rights you have depends on how many duties you take, remember that

Which shows you how pathetic Buckingham Palace is. They don't even want charity in their name, when in fact they are the UK's biggest charity. Old bat.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Apparently 'Besotted' With Each Other Amid Their Royal ExitTheir relationship is reportedly better than ever since ditching their royal duties.

Except for “royal pains in the arse.” This girl has been bad news for this family. Sad. Sounds like a business having you sign a NDA. The Queen going hard. Looks like Harry really messed up this time my they sure hide from the spotlight...what a scam they are...ol' meghan will dump him once they get to cali...and if she

This is a very brave deseson to go ahead in the future and keep the on semble with out the Queen keep it up

We Now Know the Timeline for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Final Royal Days Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially confirmed the timeline for their final royal days. Who cares? Would they go away already? Give them a boot in the ass on the way out i want to break free.....

The Queen has dealt them a royal flush don’t you think ma lud? If I see her in that brown sweater one more time🤧🤧 That is the pettiest shadiest move for the Queen to make. I understand if they want to go and live their own lives but it doesn’t negate the fact that they are still Royals. Set them up for success and give them their share of the inheritance, send them off well. Queen is wack

I think when his father and his brother become kings he maybe could be back at least to some royal duties Good for the royals. As for those two commoners... Not even Royal Pain in the Ass? They won't last. ... negotiations...? In this pic, her head is held high and she looks lighter. I think they gone be alright!

Are Meghan and Harry Going to Have to Stop Using the Word 'Royal'?The Sussex fam might not be so royal anymore—at least when it comes to titles

Nor should they. You think your Mother-in-law is difficult. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN THEM❤️🙏 Wow. This is big news. What will they put on their mailbox. 'Commoners Live Here' The Humanity. I’m so disappointed in them two. It’s really not the time to grow up, really! May use Queen Screwed brand instead.

When the pussy is so good ya drop the crown. They got what they deserve. Be happy.

Meghan and Harry are returning to the UK next month

Renegotiated or was this resolved weeks ago Tantas cosas que hay en el mundo más importante de resolver y esto baboso andan farándula Who cares I am tired of hearing about them. Keep them in Canada... People care?🤷‍♀️ yashar I am surprised they're letting him keep the name Harry. More commercial than philanthropic, trust me on this one 💁🏻‍♀️

I love you two 💜❤️🌈🙏 For all the haters and trollers - Harry and Meghan will still hold their titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but they will drop the formal “His/Her Royal Highness” that precedes it. (Princesses Diana and Sarah, lost their HRH titles when they divorced their royal husbands.)

'We' ll never be royal, royal...that isn't in our blood.. I don’t care

Some people gets softer in old age . Remember how his mother was treated. I see why they got the heck out of dodge town. They will do just FINE. What a pair- apparently they didn’t get the message first time around They are absolutely within rights to move on, but move on means dropping all titles and entitlement.

can't find anything to it boring or not. Pretty sure they will never have a private life, especially given the increased attention they have brought on themselves. So they are cutting them out from the franchise RoyalNonsense The Queen can stop family from using the word royal but the MSM pundits call Trump the King. Should the Queen intervene?

Obviously. Good luck to both of them. Canada is a wise choice. Wish them a happy future. Agreed? They had no choice. It was an order. Not an offer.

They don’t need it. Thumbs up and I amBritish Whatever. In the eyes of the world they will always be 'royal'. No one can take that away. Finally, still exemptions allowed for 'royal greedy'! They are a brand without the 'royal' ,such pettiness This has started a worrying trend. Where will it all end? Harry knew it was trade marked, so it’s a law the Queen has to follow. She is bound by certain laws as well. It would be churlish of them to have carried on using it the word considering they want to break away for a ‘quiet life’ and be ‘private citizens’.

I would much rather a monarchy who brings money into the country and does a lot of good than a president. A lot of people jump to conclusions about the monarchy when they know nothing about how it works. instead they will use “bitchin’”

The Public has the power to persuade government and could if a referendum was to be applied to question, do you want Harry and Meaghan to have the titles of Royalty Yes or No. 🤔🙄 'Agreed' or were ordered? They can't call themselves Royal but the public can😁 Happy Beautiful Couple ❤️ Princess Diana Lives on🌹

Good for the Queen. They can use SoMoney Sounds right. Boa constrictor And people wonder why newspapers are becoming extinct and/or bankrupt. NEXT! deathOFjournalism

They can still use the word 'nazi' Meghan the grifter can’t shlep her tacky bullsh*t on tea towels and T-shirts’ for profit. We just don't care! Once Harry and Megan conquer Canada with their charm and grace they can expand their kingdom to Australia and have an endless summer. From the Gold Coast for Christmas to the tranquil June turquoise waters of Lake Louise.

WGAF? Petty AF 😂😂😂 Can these two go away now Who gives a squishy shit? But we can still ring the bells for perverted disgusting Andrew!!! We all know they are royal so none of this even matters

They didn't 'agree', they were TOLD not to use it by The Queen. ?AGREED Did they have a choice? Since they like to file in courts, maybe they would file against the Crown. But they can still use “Royale with Cheese” So Christ and the Prophets were right all along.We are ALL made in the image and likeness of our Divine Creator,not just the uppity gangster elite,who seized power and gave themselves titles and privileges.

They don't need the Royal title to prove their worthiness and the good they aim to achieve. I believe in H&M fully. They can and will go much farther without having any baggage of being connected to that small-minded family and jealous envious individuals there. Reach higher H&M yashar imagine being a prince and your wife still want to change you 🤔

Could they use XRoyal Sussex? Who cares? That’s fine!!! We still know they are royal. They’re just Meghan and Harry.

How about royal pain in the ass? So sad 😭 Charles probably would’ve made it with Princess Diana if he would’ve just left the palace to be alone with just HIM, HER AND THEIR SONS. It’s Harry’s bloodline. That can’t be taken away. We all know what he is. Dropping Royal won’t take anything away from H&M. Their treatment of Harry is a true turnoff.

How is this relevant to the rest of us? when you're trying to make ends meet and achieve your goals under difficult circumstances. The Queen shouldn’t let negative people lead her to make unjust decisions. She should’ve known her grandson Harry is like his mother. He don’t like being locked in when the world has so much to see and do. She need to get out and not just go to a picture party!🎥🥂🍽📸

How about Royale?😂 Okay, they can't use the term 'Royal' but thank goodness they can still use 'Oil,' which means they can go into biz selling Snake Oil. Just don't call it Royal Snake Oil, okay? They are a beautiful couple! He’s fine and she’s beautiful.They want happiness and the opportunity to let other people who are less fortunate, know someone want the best for them. I hope they find the space and place to be whom God meant for them to be to each other and the world

what. is. harry. doing. Your life now is more interesting and free than being royal, you are already rich enjoy it Good for them .. Hola CasaReal. Estaba aquí en Tuiter y me he acordado de vosotros. It's only fair that if they don't want to be senior royals anymore, they shouldn't be allowed to capitalize on royalty.

I hate when oligarchs I don’t care about get in arguments about unearned wealth because nobody has ever put their egos in check. They agreed. Right. As if they outranked his grandmother, if not 🤦‍♀️ One day she's going to have to explain this to her kid. Imagine how that's gonna go. 'Mom, you're telling me I was gonna be a prince and get a huge allowance, forever, and you screwed it up for me?!! WTF mom'

Yes! They’re free now. They did not ask for royal bullshit. Meghan & Harry thought this through, they just showed the royal bunch 'we have zero fucks to give'

The world is burning down outside the palace and this is the file they’re on. Glad Harry and Meghan walked out. 'protracted negotiations'.They were told they could NOT use 'royal'. Check out Brit law. 'Royal'cannot be used for merchandising - referring to the Crown. The duo has already copyrighted dozens of 'SussexRoyal' items. M copyrighted Archie Harrison before announcing her pregnancy!

Look at GAWD Looks more like his dad James as he gets older Meghan is bad news for royal harry . This is just wrong! You can't change the blood and its Royal blood that Harry carrys! Perky. yashar Can’t wait for the post-divorce apology tour from Harry. Why is this news?

Now if Britain would simply stop using the word ‘royal’ and abolish the monarchy. How about SussexRegal? yashar Jeeez Louise. The Royal Fam seems to be in quite the tizzy. What next? Please refrain from referring to yourselves by the names Harry and Meghan ? I want to like the princess (I don't), because she is black. Is that wrong?

yashar Bueno así como agreed, agreed .. no creo yashar Jesus talk about petty Compared to the rest of the royal houses of Europe, the British one is truly one messed up affair. launches H&M RoyL two weeks later Royal detox is near completion

The queen has got to be the worst grandmother ever.

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