For Elon Musk, a space taxi is just the first step for life on Mars

Elon Musk is planning to build a city on the red planet, and live there.

5/24/2020 12:38:00 AM

Elon Musk is planning to build a city on the red planet, and live there.

Elon Musk's vision, morphed into a shake-up of the old space industry, and a fleet of new private rockets.

Musk"is a revolutionary change" in the space world, says Harvard University astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell, whose Jonathan's Space Report has tracked launches and failures for decades.Ex-astronaut and former Commercial Spaceflight Federation chief Michael Lopez-Alegria says,"I think history will look back at him like a da Vinci figure."

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Musk has become best known for Tesla, his audacious effort to build an electric vehicle company. But SpaceX predates it.Growing a rose on MarsAt 30, Musk was already wildly rich from selling his internet financial company PayPal and its predecessor Zip2. He arranged a series of lunches in Silicon Valley in 2001 with G. Scott Hubbard, who had been NASA's Mars czar and was then running the agency's Ames Research Center.

Musk wanted to somehow grow a rose on the red planet, show it to the world and inspire school children, recalls Hubbard."His real focus was having life on Mars," says Hubbard, a Stanford University professor who now chairs SpaceX's crew safety advisory panel.

The big problem, Hubbard told him, was building a rocket affordable enough to go to Mars. Less than a year later Space Exploration Technologies, called SpaceX, was born.There are many space companies and like all of them, SpaceX is designed for profit. But what's different is that behind that profit motive is a goal, which is simply to"Get Elon to Mars," McDowell says."By having that longer-term vision, that's pushed them to be more ambitious and really changed things."

Everyone at SpaceX, from senior vice presidents to the barista who offers its in-house cappuccinos and FroYo,"will tell you they are working to make humans multi-planetary," says former SpaceX Director of Space Operations Garrett Reisman, an ex-astronaut now at the University of Southern California.

Musk founded the company just before NASA ramped up the notion of commercial space.Traditionally, private firms built things or provided services for NASA, which remained the boss and owned the equipment. The idea of bigger roles for private companies has been around for more than 50 years, but the market and technology weren't yet right.

SpaceX: 'A child of NASA'NASA's two deadly space shuttle accidents – Challenger in 1986 and Columbia in 2003 – were pivotal, says W. Henry Lambright, a professor of public policy at Syracuse University.When Columbia disintegrated, NASA had to contemplate a post-space shuttle world. That's where private companies came in, Lambright says.

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After Columbia, the agency focused on returning astronauts to the moon, but still had to get cargo and astronauts to the space station, says Sean O'Keefe, who was NASA's administrator at the time. A 2005 pilot project helped private companies develop ships to bring cargo to the station.

SpaceX got some of that initial funding. The company's first three launches failed. The company could have just as easily failed too, but NASA stuck by SpaceX and it started to pay off, Lambright says."You can't explain SpaceX without really understanding how NASA really kind of nurtured it in the early days," Lambright says."In a way, SpaceX is kind of a child of NASA."

Since 2010, NASA has spent $6 billion to help private companies get people into orbit, with SpaceX and Boeing the biggest recipients, says Phil McAlister, NASA's commercial spaceflight director.NASA plans to spend another $2.5 billion to purchase 48 astronaut seats to the space station in 12 different flights, he says. At a little more than $50 million a ride, it's much cheaper than what NASA has paid Russia for flights to the station.

Starting from scratch has given SpaceX an advantage over older firms and NASA that are stuck using legacy technology and infrastructure, O'Keefe says.And SpaceX tries to build everything itself, giving the firm more control, Reisman says. The company saves money by reusing rockets, and it has customers aside from NASA.

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