Fmr. congressman David Jolly: Trump's comments are an 'impeachable moment'

Former Republican congressman David Jolly criticizes Trump for saying he'd accept political dirt from a foreign power in the next election.


David Jolly, fmr. GOP congressman, calls President Trump's comments to ABC News about accepting info on a 2020 opponent from a foreign government an 'impeachable moment.'

Former Republican congressman David Jolly criticizes Trump for saying he'd accept political dirt from a foreign power in the next election.

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You can't stand the truth ChloeDy_hannya It was his 2020 “Russia if you’re listening...” moment. We should not be naive this time about what will happen next. realDonaldTrump is a traitor and I believe he is already engaging with Russia. Now we will see if Donald Trump could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it.

You are a 'has been dufus.' Just when do we convict someone on something they say, not something they do? Stay retired because we don't need you in congress with dumb comments like that. You have no clue what an 'impeachable moment' means. Another one? In the kingdom of the blinds, one eye clown will always be the king.

Whereas the Hillary campaign paying for a foreign government to fabricate dirt on Trump, and its being used to procure FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign is perfectly acceptable. Trump thinks we don’t get it. What we get is him not getting it. Mueller’s report came from foreigners and Hillary Clinton paid for it. Did you not see pencil neck take information from Russia who was playing a prank on his little ignorant brain. Stop making laws that don't exist.

That is exactly what it is! So let’s ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW At least he isn’t paying for it.

David Letterman Says Trump Is Now 'Psychotic' and a 'Soulless Bastard'The 45th president was Letterman's guest more than 30 times between 'Late Night With David Letterman' and 'The Late Show With David Letterman.' I think Dave was looking in the mirror. Can confirm. When Dave's right, he's right.

We must impeach trump - no matter the political consequences If we do not, we are saying to all the future presidents that they can act with impunity & there will be no repercussions. It is the path to dictatorship So, thing is, most people in politics do these things, it’s just trump admits it. But I guess you guys have to run on a narrative of orange man bad

For once a president is addressing immigration and China exploiting the States and now this guy says we don’t have leadership!? He is the president. He is in charge of the executive branch. FBI, CIA, department of justice all work for HIM. Be has a right, no, an obligation to see 'dirt', over anybody else

cindyrburk YA THINK 🙄 I’ve never witnessed such Stupidity in a 2 1/2 year span In my life ! Get behind your country. Can anyone point out the crime trump committed? Seriously I’m really curious It is most definitely an impeachable offense. However, the Dems have zero spine, so..

Baseball star David Ortiz awake in Boston after surgery for Dominican shootingDavid Ortiz, the retired baseball star who played for the Boston Red Sox, was aw... USA healthcare cant be that bad Glad he's on the mend. It's been said you can't go home again. Big Papi should heed that advice. That shooting was so horrible. Please be strong David, the Lord will aid you if you fight! Thank goodness they caught your attacker! God Bless you!😘🙃❤️💋💜

I wish Nancy felt that way! What? Is this guy for real? Oh ... “former” congressman ... that says a lot! 'former' is the key word here. Or it could be loser There’s been no shortage of those. There is a tremendous scarcity of courage. BenMcAdams RepJohnCurtis SenMikeLee SenatorRomney RosieM1919 I’m so tired of that face he makes, it looks like he’s trying to fill his diaper. I can’t wait for this to be over.

That's so lovely. We don’t need former gop politicians. We need elected now gop politicians to say this. Ukraine — DNC — Clinton Campaign LockHerUp Let’s do this It is called Opposition Research that all Democratic politicians do even HillaryClinton with Russia and dossier but msnbc and Democrats will spin what President Trump said into impeachment. How pathetic. DavidJollyFL nytimes cnn SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer MarkWarner AOC

David Ortiz 'resting comfortably' after second surgery, his wife saidThe retired slugger known as 'Big Papi' was flown to Massachusetts General Hospital after he was shot and almost killed in his native Dominican Republic over the weekend. Well wishes to him!

lovinabox Why r we so lame do we not believe who he tells us he is power that important vs our democracy these peeps in Senate & Cong loyal to him r 21stC Benedict Arnolds none among them R heroes patriots/ethical we r headed down the drain So sad NO CONSCIENCE fools So so so so so so so so so MANY impeachable moments. ImpeachImprisonTraitorTrump

Thanks. GOP. IS.NOT. GONNA. DO. SHIT ... Blah blah blah blah blah Tag! You are ALL it!! When you walk fast into a wall. Desperation on the left is key. 😂😂😂😂😂 he probably ate lunch today. Impeach cry the liberals. Do not underestimate President Donald Trump!! He knows what he's doing & he isn't blind as a Democrat!! You Democrats have an awakening coming! Your Democratic Leaders are going down like dominos!! Trump 2020🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

Jenelle Evans & David Eason Had the Police Called on Them 25 Times This Past YearJenelle Evans and David Eason had law enforcement called on them 25 times in the last year alone.

2 fake news contributor trump2020 wakeuppeople Too many “impeachable moments” to count! ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW He should be in prison!!! But if a democrat said that everyone would laugh & day it’s fine. Just like Obama & Clinton did in last election to try to beat Trump & LOST! Trump2020 MAGA🇺🇸 We have a lieing cheating president who has no regard for the constitution,the rule of law or the American people who doesn’t care if he distroys our environment our ideals the very planet we live on and republicans have there heads in the sand . When is enough enough

Keyword is 'former' as in: ' I don't have re-election on the line so my balls have dropped'... Must be a real Rhino. It's funny when Dems pounce to love a Republican who dislikes the President. Such hypocrites. Want to hear this from current GOP lawmakers. What formers think doesn't matter to the Peoples Temple of Trump and their insane god Trump. The 75% of sane Americans already know what the mutant dictator is doing. Need to reprogram the idiot Base.

No they are not here already said that if he was approached he would turn it over to the FBI. So taking snippets of statements and making a false story out of it. Liers How many damn “impeachable moments” does Pelosi need!?

'Awards Chatter' Podcast — David Letterman ('My Next Guest Needs No Introduction')The standup and late night comedy legend, who rarely grants interviews, opens up about why he pursued a public life despite immense shyness, why he adored Johnny Carson and has mixed feelings about Jay Leno, why he retired from 'Late Show' only to return two years later with a longform interview series on Netflix, what he thinks of today's late night hosts and how he feels now about his former frequent guest Donald Trump. Letterman Sweetest Hollywood guy I ever met. David...come back to us. It's called a razor :)

We all do, but we can't get our leaders to take action! We feel trapped by Pelosi. It's time to start impeachment procedures against Shitler the FakeAssPresident because he's daring it to happen...I take it that he's saying fuck you America...This is not acceptable on any level so DO SOMETHING DAMMIT

Of course Kellyanne Conway will be sent out to say he meant “impeccable moment” and spew other AlternativeFacts the dems need to start TODAY to hold hearings on ‘the criminal and unethical practices of Donald Trump” educate americans what he is doing and why having a potus who won’t protect the usa is impeachable. RepKatieHill RepKatiePorter SpeakerPelosi sethmoulton

Has he called for his former GOP colleagues to take action? Absolutely! He's betraying his country, his oath and the American people! Get him out! ImpeachTrumpNow Kath2252 IMPEACH AND INDICT......IMPEACH AND INDICT...........IMPEACH AND INDICT laurajollyfl When you need an income boost... He needs to convince the SenateGOP to stop being traitors.

Among a multitude of impeachable offenses but of course its still is not enough for Nancy, go figure!

A suspect in the shooting of Red Sox legend David Ortiz is in custodyA suspect in the shooting of Red Sox legend David Ortiz is in custody in the Dominican Republic, the prosecutor’s spokesman says They should let him hit 1 last home run, his head being the ball. he’s been in custody the husband of the wife he was banging?

realDonaldTrump could shoot someone on 5th Ave and Democrats still wouldn’t do anything. cowards ImpeachmentInquiryNow embarrassing SpeakerPelosi LeaderHoyer HouseDemocrats RepRichardNeal RepJoeKennedy RepJerryNadler HouseJudiciary ImpeachTrumpNow ImpeachmentHearingsNow Dems who rigged HillaryClinton and botched it? Everyone does research on opponents. But you damn Dems actually make it up - like the SteeleDossier? DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica DemocratsAreCorrupt

Lmfao. Wow these people are stupid. And what Hillarybdid was ok. Haha. Get a life. Why they never let him talk to anyone other than Fox News..... Imagine what he would say if he'd been taking tough questions frim the press everyday? One of many .... armyheromom yeah yeah, just add it to the list,,,, He did not say that, he said he would listen. Liars

Im sure he'll find a plethora of impeachable moments if he paid attention If you put all the impeachable moments together you'd have impeachable hours.

Waiting for him to say “I only names Norway and they are our friends” (not understanding that the prohibition doesnt depend on the country) Well, you can't get much more blatant in disregarding an oath, but I couldn't tell you if this is enough to move 20 Republican Senators, or not, and I know who is in a position to know. So, I trust her, so far.

This is what happens when you can't find real evidence. I certainly hope you told him about Hillary who literally paid foreign agents to seek out information from the Russian government about her opponent. ImpeachTrumpNow At this point he is trying to get impeached. There is no doubt about it. He thinks this will divide the country and he will win again. Can't do anything legit, always a weasel.

AngelaR28590453 GOP loves democracy almost as much as being in charge. Almost perlmutations Pretty sure Trump’s motto is, “An Impeachable offense a day keeps Nancy Pelosi away.”

perlmutations And yet… With the exception of justinamash all the R's speaking against this traitor are ex. Where the hell are the current GOP? Hold him accountable! Hey David Jolly & Dem impeachment hypocrites, have you heard of the fake Steele Dossier bought & paid for by Hillary & DNC & sourced to officials in Russian gov? MAGA

You would think the R's would realize if they act now they could possibly save their political careers. sure they need to realize 2020 presidential seat is out of reach, but if they don't act they have better odds getting voted out. This just in.... Trump places toilet paper roll with the under lap. And by most sane peoples standards that is an impeachable offense

babytwin59 Anyone who puts their country before their party would call Trump's comments to ABC an 'impeachable moment.' SpeakerPelosi ImpeachmentInquiryNow Trump says he would 'want to hear' dirt on 2020 rivals from foreign governments Hypocrites fine with Fake Steele Dossier paid for by Hillary & DNC are outraged cuz Trump would listen! 😡

That’s crazy to think that the left is going to have 5 more years of obsessing over trump and losing their minds. Definitely will require mental health evaluations to make sure the rest of us are safe ImpeachmentHearingsNow ImpeachmentHearingsNow

Amash 2020 Walkawayfromtrump Please watch this, SpeakerPelosi. You are misjudging the moment. Also, you are risking disaffection & apathy from Democratic voters in 2020. For the sake of our country, you MUST begin Impeachment hearings NOW. This should be an impeachable moment! PutItOnTheList “Impeach, impeach, impeach”...that’s all we hear, but nothing is ever done. These are just words unless something is actually done. Who knows if this is all calculated by Trump, since he is so dishonest.

He’s trolling these dummies more and more every day and they keep falling for it. Haha FAKE NEWS WITH FAKE STAFF WHO WAS A WORTHLESS MEMBER OF CONGRESS but it’s ok for to listen to and believe the BS that was dished out by Michael Avenatti?! Hypocrisy at its best! 👌🏻 Everything on MSNBS is 'an impeachable moment' ..... FakeNews CorruptMedia


His entire presidency has been an impeachable moment. This is treason. What do we do about that? msnbc FAKE NEWS a reminder on Tuesday November 3 2020 TRUMP RE-ELECTED (8) YEARS! Jali_Cat Good luck with that ..... Who hasn’t taken any and all news on an opponent ? CleanseTheOffice The info actually revealed corrupt politicians abusing their office of power longer than some of us have been alive to even vote for them

Lock him up,stop waisting time He did it in 2016 and he will do it again in 2020. Congress needs to start impeachment inquiry! When he said he would never call the FBI- I laughed out loud- of course he wouldn’t , he’s a CRIMINAL-,Individual 1 Infantry0300 and using surveillance to spy on your own citizens for political gain is acceptable?

You can't impeach someone for something they said. He broke no laws now, or then. The Dems, and the media hate him because he is exposing how bias and corrupt they are.

Omg gfy Then have an ImpeachmentInquiryNow on Trump! BillionDollarLoser Yawn Don the Con is an opportunist. So when he had the chance yesterday, he thought while he was sticking up for his son’s actions by taking that meeting with Russians for dirt on Hillary, Trump was also soliciting help, AGAIN, from foreign adversaries to help him win 2020!

Basically this assertion would make the entire Mueller Report based on foreign intelligence given to the FBI under Obama 'oppo research' against the Trump campaign therefore invalidating it if it is illegal for Trump... Sorry girls, not happening. Norway just called with info, including video of Trump with 2 Hookers.

Comments are not 'impeachable offenses' This is Trump working his way to a total discrediting of the Obama administration accepting intelligence from foreign powers regarding his contacts with Russia as early as August 2015...a year before the Steele Dossier was written... whenyourastar What does this picture of Trump remind me of?

Ha ha..who...why is this is news

MrJonCryer Key point 'fmr.' Congress will do nothing. R's nor Dems. This will blow over with a couple of days of spin just like everything else Donald does, or says. The media will move on and that'll be that. He's done it before and sees nothing wrong with it... he's the dumbest guy you know. Yawn Ground Hog Day...over and over... Everyone sing, 'Let it go...let it go'...

MrJonCryer SpeakerPelosi RepJerryNadler I would like to hear what ALL THE CURRENT SITTING SenateGOP AND HouseGOP have to say about Trump’s statement on ABC News last night Especially the ones he publicly indicated “do this every day” Again underestimating trump. How he plays everyone is completely remarkable.

BarusArus Outraged until the next outrage tomorrow. Rinse and repeat. Funny, foxandfriends must not have heard about trump’s latest IMPEACHABLE offense. realDonaldTrump is a threat to national security & blatantly admitted it. He is a MORON who has no respect for laws or presidential protocols. He’s asking for Russia’s help.....again. ImpeachNow

David, who! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

'David Jolly, fmr. GOP congressman, calls President Trump's comments to ABC News about accepting info on a 2020 opponent from a foreign government an 'impeachable moment.' I wish the 'former' was the 'current' so we could take some 'action.' Trump is the embodiment of a 40+ year attack on public and Sunday schools across America. If the Trump travesty is not worthy of the highest excoriation that the Constitution allows for, the Constitution is no longer worth the parchment it’s written on. ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW

Only one of many and still in spite of how hard we worked SpeakerPelosi will not act. What Trump is saying in essence is that it worked before and there were no consequences so why not? MagicMark9 What moment of this prick’s time in office hasn’t been an impeachable moment? Depending on what the dirt was it would be President Trump's duty to listen. You sometimes have to wonder if Dems are getting bribed by drug cartels and human traffickers. Why else would they be so against enforcing our southern border?

If this was a democratic president, the Republicans would of Impeach him or HER, January 22, 2017! Wake up Mitch McConnell! The time has come. “former”

What he did in the past election was an impeachable moment as well, but yes, I think that David Jolly is spot on on this and is to the left of DINO Nancy Pelosi when it comes to TrumpRussia and ImpeachmentInquiryNow. impeach45 nancyresign Impeachable moment 6982 You mean Hilary paying for the Steele Docier?

You all have lost your minds, if Canada comes to Trump and has information that one if the Dems has been crossing the border and ? Gambling, doing drugs, or whatever non crime shit people do he should not bring that to the American people’s attention? You are nuts. Idiots who think a comment is a crime.

YOU BETTER KNOW IT They said ( Trump suckporters) they didn't want a 'Politician' as potus, can he at least know the 'Law'? goodgriefman, Smdh, lmao And no collusion . The nerve of .realDonaldTrump seeking out 'dirt' on potential opponents by coordinating with foreign agents, to gather information from foreign Nations! Wait. We're sorry. That was EXACTLY what Hillary Clinton did the last General Election. Where's HER indictment?

passhell2007 MobsterWhiteHouse Impeach this MF Yet when you listen to the entire exchange in context, it makes perfect sense. And these headlines sink in the mud. 🙄 Anyone asking CURRENT congress members what they think? Or are they too busy polling their money-sources for directions? 🖕💩🖕 What about Adam Schiff on the phone accepting dirt from Russian pranksters? No honor amongst thieves.

So why don’t the US citizens take to the streets like they do in other countries? Why aren’t we storming the damn WH? Why aren’t we demanding that he be removed? Why are we just tweeting about it? laurajollyfl neeratanden watch this before you call dems trump puppets. Dips$* Donald blatantly admits possible Treason!

No, they aren’t.

its god damn treason. All Intel heads and fbi should resign in the a.m. The work they do to protect the usa has gone down the drain with this president. He just invited all foreign countries to help him Nice of DavidJollyFL to call DelusionalDonald out but almost all of the GOP has remained silent! Silence = acceptance of Donnie’s criminal, unethical, unhinged, dangerous, uneducated, disrespectful, impeachable, treasonous, deceitful, greedy, bigoted conduct!! ImpeachTrumpNow

ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW If that is the case then quite a few of the DEMS need to be removed from office starting with Schiff and his Ukrainian shenanigans.. David Jolly is a paid MSNBC contributor that has been pushing Russia Hoax. His word means 💩 Everything he says and do is impeachable So what, Jolly is a “former” politician, but who we really want hear from is Where’s Waldo McConnell! Any day now McConnell is going to slither out from under the rock his is hiding under to uphold his oath he swore to the US Constitution, that’s if he can stop kissing Trumps xxx

Who was Hannity In 1776? Who was the person telling other Americans that the British were right to tax American. Someone tell me. What a fool.. LesRhoads How many Impeachable moments have we had already? Yeah!🙄 yawn! Nothing to see here, move along🙄 ImpeachTrumpNow already!

WoW.... RepAdamSchiff SpeakerPelosi RepCummings does he really have to shoot someone on 5th -Ave to get our justice system to take notice? .. it is time to get him out 😱 Jolly never was very smart. TRE45ON Yea, yea, I got over 400 pages to read about the same old stuff. 🤬idiot 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😊😊

It's sad when a former congressman doesn't know the definition of impeachment, yet we vote this idiot in office.

That makes 100 and 1 Impeachable Offense Trump has made going bace to the Start of his Presidency! Past Time to Impeach! HILLARY CLINTON ACCEPTED INFO ABOUT TRUMP FROM A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT and she paid money for it. If she was President she would have been compromised by the Russians. How many “impeachable moments” do we need before we act? Have we no courage, no conviction anymore? Is this Republic of so little value? Shame on us for letting a vile little man do so much damage. Shame on us if we let him continue. Shame on us.

I guess it’s illegal to speak to 75 % of the population in the United States 😩.. don’t get information from anyone it’s illegal 😂 Right now. Enough. 'Former'. So he's free to speak the obvious truth. So doesn't this make about 10,001 or so impeachable moments? Thank you!🇺🇸 Russia has things that are damaging to Trump hanging over his head mainly because of Trump's lying has made him vulnerable. Trump tower in Moscow for instance.

Pelosi, if you're listening...

This is indeed much ado about nothing. Kosovo already interfering in the United States presidential election. It is just that a 'moment' mid day tomorrow forgotten, not one GOP(besides Amish) will even respond. We are doomed. There have been dozens of “impeachable moments”, but nothing gets done. Congress -hello?

'the walls are closing in' 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 Ask The V.P Pence what he would do Don't think so but isn't accepting info regarding political candidates from a foreign power a treasonable action? To even suggest that he would accept this type of info & announce it all over social media is highly treasonable & therefore an impeachable act. What are you waiting 4 dem's?

schiff is on tape ACTUALLY doing going to go after him or nah? Why is it that everyone that speaks out against trump is a fmr GOP congressman or fmr. This or that? What good are you ? JustAsking

Trump’s setting our constitution and laws on fire, all the while the Democrats and Republicans stand idly by and say nothing. Will this change tomorrow morning and will they finally start ImpeachmentHearingsNow Unbelievable what Trump said and is doing, he’s a traitor! Trump That’s funny He needs to convince his GOP buddies.

Add to this list !!!!!! trump would be just fine and dandy with ewarren kamalaharris RepSwalwell Corybooker JoeBiden PeteButtigieg etc. ALL doing the same, right. maddow Lawrence AriMelber JoyAnnReid chrislhayes if Russia/China/Saudis helped ONE OF THEM GET ELECTED in 2020 instead of him Keyword.... Former Answer from trump... A total loser. GOP doesn't exist anymore. Didn't you get this?

Too bad today’s GOP is too corrupted to care “There he is, Mr. America.”

Just add this to the longgggggggggggg list of Impeachable moments!!! SpeakerPelosi ImpeachTheMFTraitor DavidJollyFL, listening to dirt is impeachable, but selling to uranium to our sworn enemies who want to reduce us to dirt is just foreign aid? Trump2020 tRump is proving again that there are no consequences for his actions.

Do any of you recognize the Hillary Clinton PAID someone to get dirt on Trump from a foreign government? Astoundingly unbelievable that you can't see the hypocrisy in your idiotic critique. This is why Republicans are letting Trump denigrate our democracy: they're preparing for the next chapter in US history - dictatorship. And they're along for the ride.

Mother may I 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 Bull shit He’ll just claim that he’s an idiot, hard to argue, and didn’t really mean it Yep

it’s always a former gop congressman. Never the courage of an active one to say this shit. Good thing a former congressman has a hot take. That will sure fix it. And there are, so many impeachable moments these days. So quit talking and do something about him. He has done and keeps doing it time and time again and all you do is talk.

You guys like that Steele dossier? Guess where it came from... Traitor! LIKE HILLARY ACTUALLY DID? Clinton PAID a foreign agent(Steele) to go to Russia and BUY Russian propaganda that they used in a FAKE dossier, slipped to the FBI, who used it to get a FISA warrant to SPY on the opposition party in a Presidential election.


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