Flu is widespread across 44 states, CDC says

CDC reports 14,000 people in the U.S. have died from the flu this season, including 92 children.


CDC reports 14,000 people in the U.S. have died from the flu this season, including 92 children.

The CDC says 14,000 people in the U.S. have died from the flu this season, including 92 children.

Feb. 14, 2020 Read more: NBC News

tammylively My grandson has it. :( This is strange, a great developed and fully medical equipped country have such disturbing death toll or I may not seen any past history but still casualties are huge. GOD BLESS ALL. BevH111 What preexisting conditions did they have? That’s poor reporting to announce this and not give details

People fear the flu shot more This claim is TOTALLY FALSE. CHECK YOUR SOURCES! Lucky we have a flu shot in this country So, no universal health care available to these poor souls? It’s not the flu.. In the US or worldwide ? Any way to find out % of vaccinated people are included in the death number? People should not be dying from influenza here in this country especially not children. notOK

Hospitalizations 'high' for kids as flu kills 14 more children: CDCAt least 14,000 people have died and 250,000 have been hospitalized due to the flu, according to preliminary estimates from the CDC. Okay No one seems to be as worried about this as they are about the Coronavirus. It's the wrong kind of flu for the Americans to care. Call it something cool so the government will devote resources to stopping preventable deaths.

Its not the flu its coronavirus but they wont tell us. Anti vaccination peeps please move to an island. How many died from tamiflu? Where is the data on the actual cause of death, vaccinated or uncvaccinated, treatments that were provided, existing health conditions? No thank you. Here's what we want to know: did they die of pneumonia, or the flu? Were they immunocompromised? Did they take Tamiflu? These factors MATTER!!

stacyherbert Still not taking the shot. My employer tries to manipulate me into accepting the flu shot. I refuse. Then I find myself the only healthy one in the height of “flu season” surrounded by colleagues who are sick as dogs for 3+ weeks. Got my flu vaccine. Doing fine. Enough of these antivaxxer trolls.

I think I should be sharing this to everyone. This woman risks her life to expose the Chinese Government.

Novel coronavirus can be spread by people who aren’t exhibiting symptoms, CDC director saysThe Chinese province at the center of the novel coronavirus outbreak reported a record spike in deaths and cases Thursday. Get the latest updates here. PattyHajdu It took a petition by those quarantined in CA for CDC to finally admit this. This article about those quarantined is chilling in their description of CDC's incompetence.

😢😓😢 You should also point out death rates from the flu are less than .1% and the death rate from Coronavirus is 2%. FAKE NEWS. Is 2020 and people are dying from the flu in the USA 14,000 preventable deaths. Get your flu shot! And the world is going crazy over the corona virus. Geez! tabloid stacyherbert You sure that's really flu? Test for coronavirus.

beat that coronavirus.. I Know ppl are gonna say conspiracy theorist but Idt they're telling the truth about the severity of the Coronavirus, and by the time you get symptoms you've already had it for like 2 weeks! How many other ppl were infected in that time? Has anyone seen the undercover recordings?

The company I work for paid for all the employees to have access to to flu shot. Sad more companies dont go that far, but well worth getting. Now if only we had a cure for the common cold. Lol

CDC Recommends Also Wearing Face Mask On Back Of Head In Case Coronavirus Attacks From RearATLANTA—As documented cases of the disease increased and more Americans wanted to take proactive measures to avoid infection, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reportedly recommended Thursday also wearing a face mask on the back of one’s head in case the coronavirus attacks from the rear. “Given the ruthless efficiency at which the coronavirus can spread, we’re advising all Americans that wearing a face mask over your mouth is insufficient to fully protect yourself from any particularly wily strains of the virus sneaking up behind you and catching you unaware,” said CDC principal deputy director Anne Schuchat, explaining that the coronavirus was a notoriously sneaky disease and put anyone who didn’t adequately safeguard their back and the sides of their body at imminent risk. “Look, this is a disease that plays dirty, and in that respect, it’s much worse than SARS. You’ll need to have all your wits about you if you intend to stay one step ahead of its wicked grasp. You never know when it could creep silently behind you and infect you from the rear, which is why the CDC recommends that in addition to wearing a face mask on the back of your head, you always sit facing the entrance of any room you’re in with your back to the wall. We also strongly caution all Americans to look at any mirror they pass by in case the coronavirus is trying to trail them, and also to wear another face mask on top of your head to shield against aerial attacks.” CDC officials also recommended singing loudly, wearing strings of bells around your neck, or frequently blowing an air horn in an effort to scare off any coronavirus that might be lingering nearby. fuckin duh TritterTurtle Okay this got me. We should have had this idea before Pearl Harbor. Maybe could have stopped that sneak Asian attack!!

Except, we have a vaccine for the flu. I mean... it IS flu season so..... That's because they got the flu shot. The influenza vaccine isn’t working it appears. This can be put out there a thousand times but Covid-19 is not the flu and it has a much higher mortality rate. How do you exactly know that it was the flu? Symptoms are so much like Coronavirus right? We dont know it for sure even if this metrics indicate true analysis of the cause.

Colloidal Silver Water kills any virus known to man.Mske it yourself and don’t listen to the big pharmaceutical boys who cover it up as you can’t patent water or a precious metal =no profit..🤔🤔Wake up world and stop acting like Lemings. Yeah oh by the WAY MY NEIGHBOR HAD THE FLU SHOT AND GUESS WHAT SHE GOT THE FLU?..

We all probably have the corona virus 🦠 they just don’t want us to know

CDC confirms 15th coronavirus case in U.S.The first case of coronavirus has been diagnosed in Texas, bringing the U.S. total to 15. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that the patient is one of the passengers who was evacuated from Wuhan, China and flown to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio on Feb. 7. Oh goody. I live in Texas. I mean do we have to have a tyrant president AND a deadly virus at the same time? Come on warm weather 🙄

This news is sponsored by the Chinese Govt. to dilute their inability to tackle the Coronavirus. Such kind of news will divert the mind of uneducated people into believing that coronavirus is just like the flu. Cute. And Republicans don't want universal healthcare...I guess they don't care about the 14,000 Americans including 92 children?

Why aren't there quarantines & martial law. bUt VaCcInEs ArE aCtUaLlY bAd Obi_Uan_Kenobi The media and their hysterical reactions. But coronavirus Disney:Alita Battle Angel 2 Actually Me👇 From the actual flu, or from issues like sepsis, tamiflu, and other? I wouldn't inject flu tbh. Very dangerous.

CDC confirms 15th case of coronavirus in the United StatesU.S. officials reported the 15th case of coronavirus in the United States on Thu... Oh helllllll no worries all 15 still alive If that's what the virus looks like it is clearly engineered. I mean look at it. The symmetry.

Puts coronavirus in perspective. Ranger_Up If only the flu shot actually worked all the time instead of being a prediction. I'm not going to read the article, I'm very busy being lazy, but I'm wondering..of the people who died how many of them got the flu shot? Is this reported? Is anyone even asking this question?

MrsRoboto10 Get a shot fGs. Flucoronavirus? It is every year How many from Planned Parenthood? Corona virus eat your heart out! Ranger_Up Please, get your flu shots!

CDC confirms 15th US case of coronavirus among Wuhan evacuees under quarantine at Texas military baseMore than 600 people remain in quarantine, the CDC said, as the first American evacuees from Wuhan were released from March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, California on Tuesday.

vaccinationworks get your damn flu shot! No freedom of speech here, all indoctrination. Visit here for Blogging COURSE Way worse than coronavirus So 14000 have died from the flu in the last month and a half? Still seems to be a pattern written 环球时报和华春莹又要拿去当素材了 This claim is obviously FALSE. It won’t kill 50million though

But corona virus 😱

My husband went years without getting a flu shot And, sometimes I would skip too. Last year he got the flu end of January & it was awful. It took him a few weeks to fully recover. We both got the flu shot this year. they had the flu when they were shot dead Not true 660k die worldwide every year from the flu.......

If that is the case why is the 🇺🇸 NOT UNDER QUARANTINE Like China 🇨🇳? coronavirus flu influenza But you don't quarantine for the flu. Quarantine is reserved for stolen Bioweapons that have been 'accidentally' released on a population during a time of uprising and protest. Còn chết nhiều nếu không sớm hội nhập quay đầu

Ban the flu Glad I got my flu shot yesterday Where's the rest of the story? Breakdown? Sources? Seems like a very high number for this being the first time I've heard about it and I watch/read the news several times a day.

Didn't kill me but sure made me wish I were dead,,,, Is this supposed to read “the flu is like the coronavirus” 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Annnnd I wonder how many of them were anti-vaxxers Tf ? It's only Feb 😳 Fake News ... I don't want to make this joke but I feel someone has to be cause that's just horrible. At least it's not as bad as the corona virus.

And ppl are freaked out about Coronavirus!!!! Yet we don’t stop traveling in the US... But let’s all talk about the coronavirus.... the flu could be mostly prevented if people just got their flu shots...

crampell I never get a flu shot but boy was I sorry this year! Trump pontificates about how bad this new virus is while he continues to fire scientists. He also has no clue about the relation between climate change and the emergence of new pathogens. How many of those people refused to get a flu shot ? There is no shot against coronavirus

But let’s worry about Wuhan... JFC... crampell But stick to your religious beliefs and don't vaccinate your children. It didn't kill me but it made wish that I was dead! crampell and still you chose to continueyour waragainst clinton. you must have wanted those people dead, because we told you and you treated us like crap

BudVirus is more deadly than CoronaVirus. I wish I could help all the sick children from the viruses :(

HuPing1 TOTALLY FALSE. CHECK YOUR SOURCES. WTF.... Bu sezon Birleşik Devletlerde 14 bin kişi grip nedeniyle hayatını kaybetti. Henüz sezon tam olarak bitmedi. Gribin tetiklediği komplikasyonlar ile de yine binlerce insan öldüğü muhakkak. Aslında grip insanoğlunun en ölümcül ilk 3 hastalığından biri desek yanlış olmaz.

How many w/o shots? How many elderly? How many with immune issues? Flu is preventable. How do we prevent coronavirus? Healthcare affects everyone. It just does. Really? Stop the comparison. NOT THE SAME. About 9.3 million flu cases a year. 30,000 death on the high end. Usually around 15k. If coronavirus infected that many, 500,000. Minimum. Dead

Sooo 14,000 have died from the flu and 1200 have died from coronavirus? Which one should we be worried about? But they didn't have autism....

My neighbor got her flu shot yeah guess what she got yup the flu She went to the doctor her doctor that is what they tested her for!!!!!!!! And ppl panic over the Coronavirus Hi I am ebook cover designer. check my design below 👇 Which states are the worst? Hi, I'm ebook cover designer. check my design below 👇

This is terrible. This is how you know the Chinese Gov reporting on the Coronavirus are fake... Esta epidemia, más cercana a nosotros y más letal que el nuevo coronavirus. But corona The herb is the way too go people must try to get rid all virus

deray And people are worried about coronavirus 🙄 Flu is little dangerous 14,000!!!! But they got us looking out for the Corona virus? 😱 14K They were probably vaccinated Wednesday I got a flu and pneumonia shots. I felt bad Thursday but felt much better Friday. Please pay attention to the flu, as we freak out over Coronavirus.

Why are t we quarantining cities? It gets on their lungs. Mostly old and infants are dying. 💔

BUT CORONAVIRUS What’s the death rate? Very scary And we’re worried about the corona virus? morgfair How many were elderly? How many didn't have flu shots? Taniflu is time sensitive and must be taken within 36-48 hours to be effective in reducing the severity. Every house should have the drug available. Time to Doctor ,time to fill an Rx may be the difference. 14,000 dead.

Not credible. leoluminary Oh look, I didn’t get the flu because I was smart and got the vaccine in October. Come on people, it’s typically free. If you see FLU SHOTS HERE on a drug store sign go inside and get the vaccine. It’s not hard. It’s a bee stings worth of pain for protection from a killer virus

14000 died from the flu, however only 92 child-deaths have been reported. Children are more susceptible to influenza than adults, which should be a serious incident. 92 in 14000, this is not a high percentage. Many things are not logical. What problem does CDC want to explain? That’s like more than corona

Don't believe that number... the higjer number that's mean vaccine doesn't work.

Whoa This is the REAL epidemic!!! So why is vaping a bigger story, it shouldn't be! Immunization! Man I can’t believe that we don’t have a vaccine for the flu!!! O wait.... But we should freak out over the crononavirus wonder if really the flu or just said to be witnesses first hand back in 2003 some one dio with so called flu later low behold was that sars and yes the person is no longer alive dont just take docs word for it demand test over and over

Of that number, I’d like to know how many of them were vaccinated. Is the CDC ready to handle the Corona Virus in the United States. ? And yet the us president is restricting flights to China for fear the coronavirus will become pandemic in America. 14,000 dead from the flu in USA. How many dead in China from the coronavirus? 1,000.

Yes but you only talk about COVID-19 THE FLU SHOT IS A HOAX That’s crazy. I know the flu shot doesn’t always cover certain strains but still get the shot So maybe cutting the CDC budget by almost 20% isn’t a good idea? People,Are we forgetting that Trump cut the budget for the CDC I wonder how many could have been saved with timely, affordable healthcare?

14,000 dead?!? That seems insane? Is that normal?

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