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Floyd's cause of death, ex-cop's force will be keys at trial

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Minneapolis police officer was swiftly fired and charged with murder after bystander video showed him pressing his knee into George Floyd's neck, ignoring the Black man's...

3/7/2021 11:02:00 PM

Jury selection is set to begin in the murder trial of a former Minneapolis police officer in the death of George Floyd. Derek Chauvin pressed his knee into Floyd's neck for about nine minutes, ignoring the Black man’s cries that he couldn’t breathe.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Minneapolis police officer was swiftly fired and charged with murder after bystander video showed him pressing his knee into George Floyd's neck, ignoring the Black man's...

Chauvin is charged with second-degree unintentional murder and second-degree manslaughter, and a panel of appeals court judges ruled Friday that the judge must consider reinstating a third-degree murder charge that he dismissed last fall. Three other officers, all of whom also were fired, face trial in August on charges of aiding and abetting the second-degree murder and manslaughter counts.

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The second-degree murder charge requires prosecutors to prove Chauvin caused Floyd’s death while committing or trying to commit a felony — in this case, third-degree assault. The manslaughter charge has a lower bar, requiring proof that Chauvin caused Floyd’s death through negligence that created an unreasonable risk, and consciously took the chance of causing severe injury or death.

Exactly how Floyd died is shaping up as a major flashpoint of the trial.Chauvin’s attorney, Eric Nelson, arguesthat Floyd likely died from fentanyl he consumed, or a combination of fentanyl, methamphetamine and underlying health conditions — not as a result of Chauvin’s knee on his neck. headtopics.com

ADVERTISEMENTBut Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill wrote last fall that for the second-degree murder charge, prosecutors don’t have to prove that Chauvin was the sole cause of Floyd’s death — only that his conduct was a “substantial causal factor.”Still, defense attorneys who aren’t connected to the case say all Nelson has to do is raise reasonable doubt in a single juror’s mind.

Full Coverage:Death of George Floyd“Although he had him pinned under his knee and he’s yelling ‘I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!’ there’s an argument that (Chauvin) wasn’t exerting pressure and his inability to breathe was due to the drugs in his system or something to that effect, or his anxiety,” said F. Clayton Tyler, a prominent local defense attorney.

Defense attorneys say it also may not be easy to establish that Chauvin was committing the felony of assault — as required for the second-degree murder charge in this case. That’s because Chauvin is authorized to use force as a police officer, and his attorneys will argue that his use of force against Floyd was reasonable.

Gaertner said the defense will face a challenge of trying to move the jury’s focus off of the video and the strong emotion it generates. They’ll instead try to focus on the medical evidence and Floyd’s underlying conditions while trying to portray the circumstances of the arrest as “justifiable consistent with police norms,” she said. headtopics.com

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Brandt and Tyler said Chauvin will likely have to take the stand to explain why he felt he had to hold Floyd down for so long. Brandt said he’ll likely say he followed his training, and that it was necessary because his experience with other suspects under the influence of drugs shows that things can suddenly become erratic and dangerous.

Prosecutors, however, havesubmitted a list of previous instancesin which Chauvin used chokeholds or similar restraints on the job. Cahill ruled they can admit only one as evidence: a 2017 arrest in which Chauvin restrained a female by placing his knee on her neck while she was prone on the ground.

Cahill also ruled that prosecutors can tell jurors about a 2015 incident in which Chauvin saw other officers place a suicidal, intoxicated male in a side-recovery position after using a stun gun on him. Cahill said prosecutors can introduce that if they can show Chauvin was present when a medical professional said that the male could have died if officers had prolonged the detention.

Brandt said telling the jury about those events will allow prosecutors to show that Chauvin knew the proper way to restrain someone and provide relief, and that he had done it wrong before.Brandt said the third-degree murder charge could be easier for prosecutors to prove if it’s reinstated because they wouldn’t have to show Chauvin intended to commit assault. Instead, they must prove his actions caused Floyd’s death, and that they were reckless and without regard for human life. headtopics.com

The second-degree manslaughter count alleges Chauvin took a risk that a reasonable person would have known could cause death. To defend against that, Brandt said, Chauvin could argue that he had used the same hold in the past and didn’t think it would cause a problem.

However, Brandt said “the whole case” against Chauvin is the video capturing the amount of time he restrained Floyd.“You hear on the video the passersby, the onlookers saying, ‘Dude, he can’t breathe. Let him up. What are you doing? You are killing him,’” Brandt said. “I mean, it’s almost like they are giving a play-by-play.”

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Tyler said if he were a prosecutor, he’d use a still shot of Chauvin’s expressionless face from that video and keep it in view for the jury to see.“I mean, the look on his face,” Tyler said. “If I was prosecuting this case, I have to say, I’d have that picture up there. You want to show indifference? Just look at him.”

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As you watch the development in the Chauvin trial, ask yourself what would be different if the police officer(Chauvin) was a black man and George Floyd was a white man. Death by choke hold for him Does anyone care that joe biden is sending dylan roof who murdered 9 black people a $1400 stimulus check? Isnt that nore important than a career criminal and drug addict being killed while breaking the law?

Black africans in USA now going to burn down the whole country 🤎 for that street gangsta dead . America is a 💩 🕳️ 😡😁 Overcharged, very stupid Still talking about this? They're going to have a hard time finding people who do not have some kind of pre-conceived opinion on this one. Minneapolis police union is paranoid, paramilitary, assault-oriented club. They are literally taught that children are a threat.

You can just say man He most likely won't testify, but I'd love to know what he was thinking...kneeling on him that long! They're not gonna prove murder. However you might feel about it, the hold is standard procedure. To prove murder you have to prove he intended to harm him or was doing something 'eminently dangerous'. I highly doubt they'll be able to prove either.

First autopsy clearly showed the knee had nothing to do with is death. Heart Attack brought on by the drugs in his system Question for the cops in this comments section: Once cuffed and surrounded by cops, why do you kneed to kneel on someone? Legit question. Really. Explain it, please. do you want to tell people what the cause of death was by an independent autopsy? That would probably go a long way to stopping some riots after his acquittal.

Jury selection Neil_Garcia he murdered george in front of people., and have no remorse about it . Neil_Garcia he was a cop that think he is god. he can kill anyone wearing his badge. He better go to prison for LIFE. He took a life in cold blood and that’s what needs to be done to him. For All The Real Women In Here,

Neil_Garcia hmm well show the video. he killed the man. why do they need a jury to say .oh look his knee was on the mans neck. listen to how to was begging for his life, then they will see. oh my god he died . proof, he killed the man cause he is a cop. Time is always changing and Time Waits for No Body!

Lol. Won’t happen - they can’t even guard the courthouse for a fair trial. No 🧠er. 'The Black Mans cries'.. Who is writing this sh*t🤦🏾‍♂️ “...Ignoring the *black man’s cries...”. That line reads slightly different if one was to replace *black with white. the pronoun *his hasn’t been canceled yet. We demand full Justice World seen videos clearly. Now Biden in WH that shit far right Trump gone hopefully right decision fir George Floyd

If you can speak, you can breathe. (It’s that science thing) George Floyd had no Cerebral Hypoxia in his brain and no Petechia Hemorrhaging in his eyes at autopsy. BOTH are required for a SUCCESSFUL prosecution of strangulation or suffocation. Not guilty verdicts are coming. OD Lies, he was high on fentanyl - I hope there is a mistrial.

And it better not be an all white republican jury. The community is being racial gaslighted again by AmyForliti, who is a white dickhead. How someone can watch the video and not see first degree murder is disturbing. If I sh00t someone as they’re about to jump from a building and commit suicide and they still go over the rail, even though they would have died anyway, guess who would still be guilty for murder?

Why is there a trial? Some nut job on drugs is fighting with the police you are supposed to just get in the car who behaves like this? How many drugs are you on that you are going to fight and wrestle with 4 cops? Craziest thing I ever heard in my life, a 'trial' give me a break. If you don’t like actual police work, join the police and try to do better; everything else is corruption. In Baltimore, when Blacks complain about being mistreated by police, they end up unprotected and killed by black drug dealers. A cop is an authority figure.

THAT BASTERD IS IN A BETTER PLACE! They'll acquit him and it'll cause an uprising. Pay attention. Don't fall for these tricks. Stay calm but be strong in your fight for justice. No way out...Fly free George Floyd, Angels await you Brother! 9 minutes! Sounds like the AP already had the trial and found him guilty. He’s gonna walk.

Lets not waste taxpayer money. Lock him up and throw the key away. Minneapolis How is someone who can’t breathe able to say “I can’t breathe.”? Stop showing his face please. 1. It’s not related to the case. ( -an American in Norway who has become accustomed to the greater ‘temerity’ afforded to the ‘accused’ in media reports- until of course the case gets going or they’re found guilty.) 2. it may embolden others.

Chauvin should not be charged with Floyd's murder. He was not murdered, he was being restrained as he was a huge man and would not do as he was told and was clearly high. If he hadn't have been drugged up he would still be here. Police had to control him, he was off his head. Why does it need to be black man’s cries why can’t it be George Floyd’s cries how hard is that? sayhisname

Given the move has been used by police and caused deaths why is the officer being held to account and not the allowance of the manoeuvre? It got put down to race in a heartbeat even though so many of different ethnicities have died from the same hold. He was saying he couldn't breathe before he was restrained on the ground.

One key question is how many people of Color will be allowed on the Jury! I have no doubt that the Racist's lawyer will challenge Every Black Face that appears. And Prosecutors ALWAYS Prefer White Jurors! It isn't simply that Chauvin pressed his knee on Floyd's neck. He pulled Floyd out of the 'jail' that is the back seat of a police cruiser. It was an unnecessary policing act. Intent.

Ignoring the black mans? How about just man? Why do you people always feel the need to divide? Go to Hell Derek Chauvin!!! That’s murder. He was a man, a person, a human. 'ignoring the Black man's ...' 👀 Leaving alot out-Floyd was saying he can't breathe when sitting in his car pior to the officers being their. It was found that Floyd was full of drugs and that is why he could not breathe

trial should be done by 2030. Lock him up.