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Florida woman gets prison for $1.6 million family curse scam

The woman took huge sums to remove a 'curse' from her victim's family.


South Florida woman who claimed to be psychic fortune teller jailed for taking $1.6 million from Texas woman to remove a curse from her family.

The woman took huge sums to remove a 'curse' from her victim's family.

A South Florida woman who claimed to be a psychic fortune teller has been sentenced to three years and four months in prison for taking $1.6 million from a Texas woman to remove a curse from her family. Court records show that 28-year-old Sherry Tina Uwanawich was sentenced last week in Miami. She previously pleaded guilty to wire fraud. She must also pay restitution. Investigators say Uwanawich met the victim in Houston, Texas, in 2007. Uwanawich gained the woman's trust and convinced her that a curse had been placed on her and her family. Uwanawich claimed she needed large sums of money for crystals and candles to perform meditations that would lift the curse. The scheme ended in 2014 when Uwanawich admitted to the victim there had been no curse. Read more: ABC News

Tyler Henry after reading this...😂 How do people go for these things 😢 Lol she was the curse what a fake 😤 People pay for that all the time as humans we are not as bright as we think we are lol Why if some one is how to put this nicely....if someone is absolutely dumb enough to give someone that much money she or they deserve to lose it and the lady should not be arrested how do we know if she did or didn't remove the alleged curse 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Tough to prove. This one only cost a quarter and it gave a happy ending in the movie “Big”. How come she's going to jail for her scam, when Trump is scamming BILLIONS from American taxpayers pretending to be a president. Trump will pardon her and ask her how she did it.

Michael Jordan Donating $1 Million to Bahamas Hurricane ReliefMJ says he's 'devastated' and wants to help ... Please tell me this is also the plot to a Space Jam remake!! mjgoat pocketchange

Let the buyer beware. Presumably she was the curse It must be nice to have almost 2 million to remove a curse. If you believe in a curse then you deserve it. Preachers spout crap every Sunday and you give them tax breaks, and parishioners give their tithing. Imagine getting scammed like this 😂😂😂 How does it reach the point of $1.6 million? After a couple hundred, if the curse is still there, try something else.

Somebody please remove the curse of stupidity because she dumb enough to give this psychic that much money Let her secure the bag how can people prove she isn’t a psychic fortune teller, and how would people prove the curse existed or not?

Michael Jordan pledges $1 million to help the battered BahamasNBA legend Michael Jordan has jumped into the Bahamas relief effort by announcing he will give $1 million to help the islands impacted by Hurricane Dorian. belikeMike Thank you Micheal Jordan has always given to needed causes but he just never publicized it all the time.But since people criticize him for not doing enough when it comes to given back he now feels the need to do things out in the open.

Anyone dumb enough to give that much money is at fault . Innocent She could have gotten the cure from the Bible for FREE God help broken confused people If the Texas woman chose to believe the 'psychic' and gave her some money because of it, it's her own damn fault. I don't feel bad for the woman who got duped.

Let me take a guess at this, the lady that got swindle. I bet you that $1.6mil she got taken for votes for “TRUMP”..just saying..👏🏿 I’d fight this that’s not even stealing that’s a verbal contract. If person was that stupid enough to even believe this crap than so be it this is not ok...however how is someone that naive have the authority to or access to spend that kind of money...🙄 on a side note..dishonesty sucks..I hope that lady gets a cute jumpsuit to wear for a long time🙌

Why is she in jail? The lady from Texas gave her the money. No one stole it. She's a 'mark' and got conned. Probably voted for Trump as well. Hick's How is this f******* news? How is this a crime? Can they prove she didn’t? Hold up. People pay for psychic bs all the time. So this swindler gets some dummy to fork over a lot and is jailed? If you're dumb enough to pay someone to remove a curse you deserve to lose your 💰. Yet Joel Osteen has a net worth of $50M for saving souls? What a world!

Michael Jordan Donating $1 Million to Bahamas Hurricane Dorian ReliefMichael Jordan Donating $1 Million to Bahamas Hurricane Relief He must have lost a bet 🐐🐐🐐 That's it

Well she doesn't have a curse but she really has to buy my island and move her entire family living and non living there in order to maintain her mental health. That'll be $60,000,000.00 Thanks a bunch lady 🙄🤑 I’m 100% she saw that money in her future! She is a psychic... Religious freedom. Churches do the same bullshit and no one is arresting them.

What...she didn't remove the curse? Why do they want the wealthy to profit yet not the poor. If they have that disposable capital let them use it as they see fit! 😂😂😂 That's bullshit! If that person believe in her service then that's the patron fault not the fortune teller! $1.6 million? That's nothing. Evangelists preaching prosperity take in 10s of millions from hopefuls.

Many people buy that crap. Literally. Smh. How does someone get that much $ & be so Dumb? A lot of Morons come fr Texas. I guess, there is some meaning in the Song-'All My Exes live in Texas' Did she get rid of the curse? Maybe the curse was the money?

Peloton fitness startup seeks to raise over $1 billionIndoor cycling startup Peloton is looking to raise approximately $1.1 billion as part of its initial public offering, according to a regulatory filing on Tuesday. I can't hate the word 'startup' enough. From whom? MEem?

Nah, this should be 100% legal. That family def has a curse. Well. She kind of deserves it if she is stupid enough to believe someone could do that and also believing in curses. Not to be outdone by “Florida man.” I bet she didn’t see that coming. I guess she was under the 'I HAVE TO MUCH MONEY CURSE.! '

Only in Florida and Texas, say no more. Hmmmm .. I wonder what kind of horrible curse she was under that allowed her to HAVE 1.6 MILLION DOLLARS! 🙄😂 Just think the woman that gave her money up might now be broke. I think I’m in the wrong line of work... Trump can get away with scams. Seems unfair.

Bloomberg Takes on Vaping After Giving $1 Billion to Fight TobaccoMichael Bloomberg, who has committed nearly $1 billion to aid anti-tobacco efforts, is now stepping into the campaign to combat vaping, announcing a $160 million push to ban flavored e-cigarettes If only they took the gun epidemic as seriously as vaping. Why politicians are so stupid why they can just Say No more sells of Electric Cigarettes And Flavored oils .people are dying because Of their Incompetent behavior Finally!! YES!! ENOUGH OF THIS MADNESS!!

But Republicans can scream about religion night and day. How come JoelOsteen isn’t behind bars too? The lady got a deal. She only paid money to remove a curse? Usually it involves a lil more sacrifice... What about olsteen? a fool and his money are soon parted But had they made that contribution to a church?...all good.

she proved they were cursed with too much money and no sense (cents) If they were dumb enough to pay her... Wait til they find out how much money churches take from people! That’s on the TX woman. Who could be so stupid to give someone 1.6 million to fall for this garbage ...sigh

Wyclef Jean Hopes MJ's $1 Mil to Dorian Relief Gets in the Right HandsWyclef Jean says Michael Jordan's $1 million donation to Hurricane Dorian relief is '100% a big deal.' Well Make it happen Captain He means his hands, right? Like in Haiti? Says the guy who took money from the Hatian relief... GTFO with that Wyclef

And yet churches ......... oh never mind. If anyone needs a curse removed, I’ll do it for the low, low price of $25,000. Clearly we are unable to read the article. What about the stupidity of the Texas woman giving away her millions? Sometimes the magic doesn't work ! Did they pay her voluntarily ? This just reflects the cost of their stupidity.

Oh no. Florida outsmarted Texas? Wow. Do Joel Osteen next. Her last name is u-wanna-witch? Oh my. The woman from Texas should be jailed Had she been a doctor would have been ok ...

She deserves all of the money and an extra $500 from the State of Florida for fucking with her game. But is the curse gone..... How's that different from televangelists...? That is the longest scam running...🤔😑 How is this different from Joel Osteen? How is this different than every church? Sarah Huckabee Sanders found another job.

Was it the curse of gullibility? No good deed goes unpunished If you believe in psychics you deserve to be conned. Churches do it every day

A fool and their money Those of you who say if people are scammed, they deserved it must all be republicans. But why was she jailed? That woman willingly believed in her psychic abilities and paid her. I don’t see the issue here. Whoever wrote this article clearly has never had a curse put on them. This is money well spent

She should move to Nashville where they know curses are real! I know a sales staff that could use this broad. How cursed could you possibly be to pay $1.6 million to some “psychic”? Wait a minute, how is this any different than the television evangelicals promising kingdoms in another life? I dedicate this song to Uwanawitch, hold ya head up baby FreeUwanawitch

MrsJellySantos Free this woman. Jail the person who paid 1.6 million.

The only way she should be in jail is if the prosecutor can show that the woman is still cursed other wise how do they know the South Florida woman didn't remove a curse? There’s a lot of this Scam about The UK has an attempted Brexit Scam right now I will remove a curse for half that Preachers do this every Sunday 🤷🏼‍♂️

Unless this woman has a mental illness, then she is responsible for herself and the way she spends money. My dog shat all over the place, so I consulted a fortune teller as well and she turned him gay for some reason. I thought about suing her ass but I'm not a homophobe. Good news is that he finally stopped shitting in the house.

Marriage rates down women will turn to these kinds of ways for the provisioner dollars they’re missing out on, metoo assault claims the other avenue used. If you're looking for Life, why do you seek the dead? Like what did she do wrong? Took advantage of someone’s stupidity! FreeUwanawitch You Won’t Fail. We Promise. A bold approach to business, but one we strongly stand behind. We have never seen someone fail at Web-talk that didn't quit. Join us now by clicking on the link or image thursdaymorning

Yeah well you better round up that family and out them in a mental institution PT Barnum said, 'There's a sucker born every minute'. You liberal fascists live by that creed. She can’t sell you a curse removal but anything else goes .... America selling only what addicts you “ She deserves the $$$ I could have removed the curse for a quarter of the price.

I guess she didn't see this coming... She’s Still Cursed If She Got Scammed For That Much Money😬🤷🏽‍♂️ Dang I would have lied to her for half that..... Would be curious to know what laws were broken here. When the Pope goes to jail so should she!... the Texas woman sought her out and willingly paid her... Frankie got a spare Exorcism? alternative misjustice Catholic

Florida swindling Texas. How fitting. Really. People will go at any measure to steal from people. She sure removed n got on her. I’m genuinely impressed, she should be working in sales it sounds like. Does she work for Trump? Maybe the lady's curse was money!! She shouldn't be jailed for this. Anyone who falls for a scam like that deserves to lose their money.

she didn't see that one coming🤣 All fortune telling is a scam. Even the $10 sort.

She couldn't see this coming? 😂 Chaiii so not only in Africa some of these things happen You mean she really wasn’t psychic. 😂😂🤪 🤪 They were cursed with stupidity She should have seen this coming. 🤣🤣🤣both should be jailed. 1 for conning and 2 for being that dumb😡 Repost 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

Things like this should not be criminal. Being stupid is being stupid. A fool and their money...

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